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TOMPLA Launches Drone Delivery Package Service for Logistics Companies and Local Governments

TOMPLA Co., Ltd.
TOMPLA Launches Drone Delivery Package Service for Logistics Companies and Local Governments
Started sales of “TOMPLA sky delivery system”, which provides necessary functions for each package for businesses planning drone delivery-related businesses, such as delivery drones, route design, and operator training.

TOMPLA Co., Ltd., which handles the implementation of drone delivery in Japan, has launched the TOMPLA sky delivery system, a service that packages the functions necessary for realizing a drone delivery business, in addition to the drone-related new business support service that it has provided so far. ” will be provided from February 23. Regional logistics companies, drone schools, local governments, resort operators, etc. can use this service to start a drone delivery business.
TOMPLA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-1 Tenjin, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture; Representative Director: Takashi Fujimoto) will start drone delivery from February 2023 for regional logistics operators, drone schools, local governments, resort operators, etc. We provide the TOMPLA sky delivery system, a service that packages the functions necessary to realize related businesses.
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As of 2023, companies and local governments are working towards the practical start of the transport of goods by drones, as legislation such as the aircraft authentication system and license system has progressed toward the realization of flight beyond visual line of sight (Level 4) in manned areas. Full-fledged examination and preparations for the start of business are underway.
Among them, drone home delivery is being put into practical use mainly in remote islands and mountainous areas as a means of solving problems in depopulated areas.
Drones are suitable for transporting small and light objects, and are most useful in processes close to the last mile. Therefore, in addition to regional logistics that handles light cargo, demand is also expected for smart logistics such as in-factory transportation, and for new user experiences such as automatic delivery in vast parks and resort facilities.
TOMPLA Co., Ltd. aims to commercialize drone delivery services, and has been conducting demonstration experiments mainly for providing services in urban areas. Drone delivery for commercial services requires know-how specific to urban areas, such as the population and needs of the area, and we have the top-level knowledge and
achievements in Japan.
Support for combination according to requests such as “personnel development”, “route development” and “operation design”
[TOMPLA sky delivery system]
It is a program that allows you to start a smart delivery service using drones with peace of mind by utilizing our knowledge accumulated by demonstrating drone delivery in urban areas.
We provide a one-stop service for the functions necessary for the commercialization of complex drone delivery business for businesses planning to launch a delivery business using drones.
After confirming the customer’s needs and current situation, we support from the selection of the most suitable package.
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sky delivery system menu
It will also meet the needs of businesses that have already started drone delivery services. Provide training curriculum for delivery operators for drone schools. In addition, we will provide individual services for each functional role, such as the provision of drones for delivery and the design of logistics operations incorporating drones. Expected customer
“Regional Logistics and Light Freight Transportation Company” Promoting Smart Logistics
drone school
Local governments looking to commercialize drone delivery
Resort facility management company
Service providers aiming to implement automatic delivery
Other businesses aiming to commercialize drone delivery
Along with the launch of this service, the program that has been provided since August 2010 to support the conception of new businesses related to drone logistics has become “TOMPLA sky delivery engine.” Request for service materials
We would be grateful if you could send us an e-mail to the following e-mail address with a request for service materials.
Various TOMPLA services
・TOMPLA sky delivery system
・TOMPLA sky delivery engine
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[TOMPLA sky delivery system service introduction video]
[About TOMPLA]
“Tonpla” is an infrastructure company that delivers peace of mind in the drone society. By allowing anyone to use air transportation easily and with peace of mind, we will release people’s physical and physical constraints, make efficiency and the impossible possible, and create happiness for people. After the demonstration experiment in front of the station in Japan’s first ordinance-designated city in June 2021, we have a proven track record of drone delivery in collaboration with governments and companies nationwide, such as demonstration
experiments at Hajimari Hiroba on the Shinano River and Kobe Port Island. increase. (Niigata City 2022 Proof of Concept Support Project Adopted / Hyogo Prefecture 2022 Drone Social Implementation Promotion Demonstration Project Adopted)
[Past demonstration experiments]
・ Japan’s first drone delivery coffee shop opens for a limited time
・ Japan’s first drone logistics demonstration experiment in front of a station
・ Food delivery in Shinanogawa, Niigata City using the Demae-can app
・Drone delivery, started targeting 6,000 Kobe Gakuin university students and general customers
【Company Profile】
Company name: TOMPLA Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1 Tenjin, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Representative: Takashi Fujimoto
Established: March 26, 2021
Business description: Business using drones
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Representative: Takashi Fujimoto
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