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toridori Notice of business alliance between influence platform business toridori and INFORICH Co., Ltd.

Notice of business alliance between influence platform business toridori and INFORICH Co., Ltd.

Toridori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takayuki Nakayama, hereinafter toridori), which develops various influence platform businesses such as the influencer marketing platform “toridori marketing” with 300,000 PR results , at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 14, 2023, formed a business alliance regarding the signage service business with INFORICH Co., Ltd. We have decided to do so, so we will let you know.
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Purpose of this partnership
Toridori’s mission is to be a “leader of the ‘individual era'”, and we support various influencers who are active on SNS (social networking services) such as Instagram and YouTube. We aim to maximize the value of influencers and realize a world where everyone, including companies, consumers, and influencers, can easily enjoy the power of SNS.
Currently, we are developing multiple influencer marketing services such as the performance-based advertising system “toridori ad” and the influencer tie-up advertisement “toridori promotion” centered on the influencer marketing platform “toridori base”. It is used by a wide range of advertisers, mainly in food and drink, leisure, apparel, beauty and health foods, and tourism.
 INFORICH aims to become Japan’s first global sharing group with a management vision of “discovering diverse possibilities, fostering borderless value, and connecting the world”.
Currently, as the ChargeSPOT business, we provide a mobile battery sharing service, which is Japan’s first portable smartphone charger sharing service, and a signage service that provides advertising services using the battery stand itself as a sharing medium. As a future growth strategy, we aim to grow the signage service that we are currently developing as one of our main businesses.
INFORICH provides signage of a battery stand installed in a good location as a real touch point as an advertising medium, and toridori recruits advertisers who wish to be posted on the signage and their advertisements, and also conducts advertising. We provide recruitment and supply system development and operation.
In this way, by mutually utilizing the strengths of both companies, we aim to establish a new, detailed signage advertising platform that has not been possible with conventional mass advertising.
For details, please see the news on the toridoriIR site.
INFORICH Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 2d32261-75-ce177ed80d6b604d07ad-1.png&s3=32261-75-0f5337840cc1cdaaddb5967db9fb58fd-1477x214.png
Trade name: INFORICH Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hironobu Akiyama, President and Representative Director Location: 6-31-15 A-6A Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Business: Mobile battery sharing
About Toridori Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d32261-75-ed6949116125ec4762a0-2.png&s3=32261-75-6a34546dd8d0a9ccef85063e9a194024-744x181.png
Toridori’s mission is to be the leader of the ‘individual era’. is a marketing company that provides influencer performance-based advertising “toridori ad”, YouTube consulting “toridori studio”, and brand launch support “toridori made”).
In an era where everyone has a social networking service (SNS) account and the influence of individuals drives society, we provide services that maximize the individuality of influencers and utilize them for corporate promotion by making full use of our own network. I’m here. 【Company Profile】
Trade name: toridori inc.
Location: 28-1 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takayuki Nakayama
Established: June 1, 2016
Phone number: 03-6892-3591 (representative)
Business description: Influence platform business
▼ Company website:
▼ Influencer marketing platform “toridori marketing” official website:
▼ YouTube consulting “toridori studio” official website:
▼ Influencer performance-based advertising “toridori ad” official website:
▼ Brand launch support “toridori made” official website:
▼ Influencer tie-up advertisement “toridori promotion” official website:

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