Uchino Co., Ltd. A new work has appeared in the “Marshmallow Gauze (R) Pajamas” series, which is indispe nsable for sleep beauty.

Uchino Co., Ltd.
A new work appears in the “Marshmallow Gauze (R) Pajamas” series, which is indispensable for sleep beauty
Beauty too! Good for your health! Marshmallow gauze pajamas are a hidden beauty item known to those in the know

Uchino Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / President: Nobuyuki Uchino), which proposes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle from bath time to good sleep, is a patented material suitable for a good sleep that brings beauty. Marshmallow gauze (R). We are pleased to inform you that new pajamas have arrived. (https://www.uchino.co.jp/) [Image 1

Beauticians and sleep experts who are familiar with the relationship between beauty and sleep value daily sleep more than anything else. In order to get a good quality sleep, the items that these experts are particular about are pajamas! Pajamas touch your skin all the time and improve the quality of your sleep, and are a hidden beauty item known to those in the know. Among many pajama products, marshmallow gauze pajamas keep the temperature and humidity of the pajamas comfortable, eliminating stickiness and stuffiness. and create healthy beauty while you sleep.
Sleeping time is an esthetic time with outstanding cost performance [Image 2

■ Sleep Consultant Nao Tomono
Japanese Society of Sleep Research / Japanese Society of Sleep Environment Regular Member / Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced Preventive Medicine Doctoral Course / Juntendo University Graduate School of Sports and Health Science Master’s
■By improving his sleep, he specialized in sleep research based on his experience of losing 15kg, overcoming severe panic disorder, and improving his constitution. Through many media such as TV and magazines, we disseminate information related to health, beauty and sleep both domestically and internationally.
Sleep has a maintenance effect that repairs damage to the body, brain, and mind, and has the power to prepare the foundation of mental and physical health that refines beauty. Sleep is something we do every day, and its importance is often overlooked, perhaps because of our everyday habits. However, this sleep is the “cospa best beauty method” that everyone can incorporate. When the quality of sleep changes, the power of unexpected “beauty” is exhibited. In order to maximize the power of sleep, there are many sleep goods, but “pajamas” are absolutely indispensable. However, not all pajamas are good, and the material of the pajamas is an important point.
[Indispensable points when selecting materials]
1. Gentle on the skin → Reduces irritation to the skin!
2. Comfortable to wear → Brings a sense of security and releases fatigue and stress!
3. Moisture wicking and moderate heat retention → Reduces stuffiness and stickiness & prevents coldness!
Marshmallow gauze pajamas, which combine these three elements, surprisingly bring out the original “sleeping power”. The design does not make you feel tight or resisted in any sleeping position, so it works to reduce muscle stiffness and blood flow stagnation, promotes tossing and turning, and improves the quality of sleep.
Product introduction
[Image 3d69648-41-0a0be894089eae69ade4-9.jpg&s3=69648-41-bd503edfd115fe5fa194d0d3c096a1a3-891x605.jpg

Features of marshmallow gauze
[Image 4d69648-41-4f56aa921f8d1a23d0cb-8.jpg&s3=69648-41-bfa94dfd6cdc4d043a225f02634aa74c-1477x592.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: Uchino Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-7-15 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 Established: August 8, 1947
Representative: Nobuyuki Uchino, President and Representative Director Items handled: Towels, towel handkerchiefs, bathrobes, pajamas, relaxing wear, baby items, etc.
Main clients: National department stores, mass retailers, specialty stores, catalog wholesalers, mail order, etc.
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