Unifa press release Specialists in childcare and early childhood education, Dr. Takashi Muto and Dr. Hirotomo Omei Ikuta, will be on stage. Round-trip “Documentation Utilization” course will be held again in 2023

Specialists in childcare and early childhood education, Dr. Takashi Muto and Dr. Hirotomo Omeikuta, took the podium. Round-trip
“Documentation Utilization” course will be held again in 2023 100% participant satisfaction! Changes in the use of photographs in the park after training

Unifa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuyuki Toki, hereinafter “Unifa”), which solves social issues related to childcare and child-rearing with the power of technology, provides “Lukumi Mirai Childcare School” inter-internal “documentation” Application” course has started recruiting for 2023 from today, February 17th (Friday). [Image 1d31858-84-7d6e27c2d3623db0d7b8-0.jpg&s3=31858-84-731addfb26e605f8a3a213becc62d412-649x341.jpg
1. About the back-and-forth “Documentation Utilization” course ■ Background
The declining birthrate in Japan continues to progress rapidly, and according to data from the Japan Research Institute, in municipalities affected by population decline, many childcare facilities in the relevant areas are running out of capacity, making it difficult to continue operating. It is becoming a situation*1. As the number of children using childcare facilities is decreasing, it is more important for nursery management to consider improving not only the “quantity” of childcare, such as the number of facilities, which has been an issue until now, but also the “quality” of childcare. I think it will be watched.
At Lucmy, we want to accompany the improvement of the quality of childcare at childcare facilities. In the back-and-forth
“Documentation Utilization” course held last year at “Lukumy Mirai Childcare School,” participant satisfaction was 100%*2. In this course, we will contribute to improving the quality of childcare by visualizing childcare through the use of photographs. Lucmy has decided to hold the event again this year in 2023, and will start accepting new applications from today, February 17, 2023 (Friday). * Exhibit: “Survey Research Report on Childcare Provision in Population Declining Areas” (The Japan Research Institute, March 2022) * Exhibit: Questionnaire after the 4th round-trip type “Documentation Utilization” course (in-house research, January 2023)
■ Overview of the round-trip “Documentation Utilization” course for 2023 In the round-trip “documentation utilization” course, you can learn “documentation utilization”, which is considered an effective means to improve the quality of childcare, through lectures and group work. At Rukumi, we have adopted a “return type” training style that is believed to be more effective and lead to the establishment of practice at the kindergarten. By watching the provided videos, taking pictures, creating documentation, etc., and proceeding practically, practicing what they have learned in the training at the kindergarten, and repeating the process of gathering and learning at the training, the retention rate after the training is improved. Connect.
 ▼ Overview of the training (4 times in total)
  ・Special lecture “What are the important points for improving the quality of childcare?”
・Work “Challenge theme setting” (Mr. Naoko Kawabe, Childcare Design Institute Co., Ltd.)
  · Work “How to use photos as a record 1.”
  The 3rd
・ Work “How to use photos as a record 2.”
・Documentation results presentation (Professor Emeritus Takashi Muto, Shiraume Gakuen University,
Professor Hirotomo Omeikuta, Tamagawa University, Naoko Kawabe, Design Institute of Nursery Co., Ltd.)
・ Alumni association (Mr. Naoko Kawabe, Nursery Design Institute Co., Ltd.)  ▼ Date
  June-September 2023 (scheduled to hold monthly group online training) *You can check the specific dates on the application website.

 ▼ Target
  National nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, and nursery teachers who fall under the following
・ Those who want to learn how to take pictures in childcare, how to read the appearance of children, and how to create documentation · Managers who want to activate communication in the workplace ・ Those who want to take on the challenge of reviewing using photos to improve the quality of childcare
・A childcare facility that wants to foster a culture of creating better childcare through photographic documentation throughout the school
  *We recommend that you participate in a team of two who can demonstrate their ability to improve the organization.
▼ Price (tax included)
  1 participant: 20,000 yen
  2 participants: 30,000 yen (limited to participants from the same kindergarten)
  * Special discounts available only for gardens contracted for the basic functions of Rukumi
 ▼ Holding format
 Online (Zoom)
▼ Flow until participation, other details
Please apply from the application website below. For those who have confirmed their participation, we will inform you of the details of the training.
▼ Application deadline
  Until Sunday, May 7, 2023
* Recruitment is scheduled to end as soon as the capacity (first 50 gardens) is reached.
 ▼ About supervisors and instructors
[Image 2d31858-84-4a17b9965dc36383e5e4-1.jpg&s3=31858-84-c453f9c9e35fc9f0aa021fa282382e9d-132x132.jpg
Professor Emeritus, Shiraume Gakuen University Takashi Muto
Graduated from the Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo. After working as a research assistant for newspapers at the University of Tokyo, an assistant professor at the University of the Sacred Heart, and a professor at Ochanomizu University, he assumed his current position. As a social activity, former president of the Japanese Qualitative Psychology Association, former president of the Japanese Society of Developmental Psychology, former president of the Japanese Association for Early Childhood Education and Childcare, former member of the Central Council for Education, former Cabinet Office Council for Children and Parenting Chairman, National Institute for Educational Policy Research Senior Fellow, etc.
[Image 3d31858-84-7e214da4b54bbdefe034-2.jpg&s3=31858-84-f6000e7e4d7faaa9c7cfa4c06ee2cc83-132x132.jpg
Tamagawa University Professor Hirotomo Omameuda
Professor, Faculty of Education, Tamagawa University. Specializes in early childhood education, childcare, and childcare support. After completing the Graduate School of Education at Aoyama Gakuin University, worked as a kindergarten teacher at Aoyama Gakuin before taking up his current position. Vice-president of the Japan Society of Early Childhood Education and Care, Director of the Society for Children’s Environment, etc. He is active in a wide range of activities, including TV appearances and lectures, including NHK E-tele “Sukusuku Child Care”.
[Image 4d31858-84-9fd8c3f801279b95527b-3.jpg&s3=31858-84-d5240440a70c17786bc343cd9444ba01-133x133.jpg
Ms. Naoko Kawabe, Nursery Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin Junior College and Waseda
University. Completed master’s course at Ochanomizu University. He has worked as a teacher at a private kindergarten, a kindergarten attached to Ochanomizu University, and a part-time lecturer at Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University. Currently, as a researcher at a childcare design institute, she conducts training that leads to the improvement and improvement of daily practice, such as childcare content in general, especially photo recording and environmental improvement that can be used in planning.
■ Reference material: 2022 participant survey results (partial) In the 4th post-completion questionnaire conducted in January 2023, 100% satisfaction was recorded, and the following changes were observed after the training.
[Image 5d31858-84-8354b69bcd2f766c1ff4-4.png&s3=31858-84-56cb9c5fcf09607daa4337542597e17a-560x297.png
In a questionnaire about the changes they felt after the training, many of the respondents felt changes in their actual use in the field, such as situations in which they wanted to keep pictures of childcare, increased frequency of looking back, and a deeper understanding of children. increase.
[Image 6d31858-84-36bc19d3f62d6f408556-5.png&s3=31858-84-3b19c3ebf05fae8dcc93ccbad84913ce-704x296.png
・There were more scenes during childcare that I wanted to take pictures of… All participants realized that the response rate was 100%
・The perspective of understanding children has deepened … … 96% · The frequency of looking back using photos has increased … 83% · The frequency of talking with colleagues has increased … 71% ・ The content of childcare has become richer … … 88%
Regarding the frequency of reflection using photos, 38.5% of the respondents answered that they “reflect at least once a month” before the training, but after the training it increased by about 1.7 times to 68.3%. .
[Image 7d31858-84-7f340339d6cd585767e7-6.png&s3=31858-84-111307ed84b9c067a63dae0488ec4d03-782x411.png
At Lucmy, we will continue to contribute to improving the quality of childcare by improving the retention rate at childcare sites by implementing active learning that incorporates a back-and-forth style. ▼ Comments from participants (partial excerpt)
・I had an image that writing documentation would be difficult, but through the training, I came to think that it would be better to take it more casually.
・It was my first time to learn about documentation, but I was able to realize that it is so useful not only for parents but also for improving the quality of childcare.
・I was surprised every time by listening to what the teachers at each kindergarten valued and what they noticed.
・Being able to share my worries through group work was a great opportunity, and I was able to think positively about improving childcare. In addition, I was able to discover more about children by listening to the lecturers’ stories and reviewing how they take pictures.
・Through the four training sessions, I was able to listen to stories from various perspectives and experiences, and have other teachers recognize what I saw and felt, and what I thought about my children. I feel fulfilled. It was a really fulfilling time.
2. About Unifa Corporation
Unifa is a startup in the “Childcare-Tech” area that aims to solve social issues related to childcare and childcare. With the purpose of “creating a new social infrastructure that creates happiness for families around the world”, we are developing and providing “Lukumi”, a comprehensive service for childcare facilities that utilizes IoT and AI. Currently, it has been introduced in about 60 local governments, and the number of users of the Rukumi series service is about 15,000 (*As of January 2023, according to our own research. It is not the number of facilities that have been introduced). Through the development of “Smart Nursery School (R), Smart Kindergarten (R), Smart Children’s Center (R)”*, we are contributing to the creation of a prosperous society where it is easy to work while raising children. “Smart nursery school” won the 2021 Good Design Best 100 and the special award Good Focus Award -New Business Design-. ” won the advanced technology award in the social industry-specific ASP / SaaS category. In addition to being selected as the first Startup World Cup champion in 2017, it was selected as a J-Startup company in 2021. Also, as of January 2023, he is the lead manager of the Impact Startup Association.
*Smart Nursery School (R), Smart Kindergarten (R), and Smart Children’s Garden (R) are registered trademarks of Unifa.
[Image 8d31858-84-785a2ff979e3ab9ed98f-7.png&s3=31858-84-1a60dddd39d2565e6a5fdc809cfab365-1111x210.png
■ Company profile
Company name: Unifa Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO: Yasuyuki Toki
Established: 2013
Location: Sumitomo Realty & Development Chiyoda Fujimi Building 2F, 1-8-19 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Planning, development, sales, and operation of the “Lukumi” series of childcare support services. Development and promotion of “smart nursery schools, smart kindergartens, and smart children’s centers.”
Company URL: https://unifa-e.com/

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