Walking balloons took the world by storm SG Balloons Co., Ltd. Exhibited at the “95th Gift Show Spring 2023 ”

SG Balloons Co., Ltd.
Exhibited at SG Balloons Co., Ltd. “The 95th Gift Show Spring 2023” Exhibit of “QooSo Plants (TM)” ~Kuuso Plants~

SAG Balloons Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuhiko Yabe, hereinafter referred to as S.A.G.) will be held from February 15 (Wednesday) to February 17 (Friday), 2023. We will exhibit at Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023 (venue: Tokyo Big Sight). [Image

S.A.G. Booth: East 3 Hall Booth number: East 3-T24-28 (inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Corporation Pavilion Commercialization Challenge Dojo booth)
Simultaneously held: 13th LIFE x DESIGN, 33rd Gourmet & Dining Style Show Spring 2023, LIVING DESIGN 2023
*An invitation is required to attend.
Invitation request: https://www.premiumshow.jp/form/tigsvisit/ ■ Walk balloon details
The buoyancy of the balloon floats the main body, and the attached legs are called the walker type balloon. In 1999, we launched the world’s first pet-shaped balloon in that category. Thanks to you, this is a long-selling product that celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. In Japan, in the 2000s, it exploded in popularity at festivals and fairs, and was loved by many people. Since the beginning of the 2010s, exports have become popular, gaining popularity in the United States, one of the export destinations, and are familiar with the name “MyOwnPet(TM) Balloons”.
We are developing a wide variety of series, including dogs and cats, livestock, zoo animals, dinosaurs, insects, and fictional animals. https://www.sagballoons.com/business/online-catalog/index.html With the help of the technological progress of the patented “SBLM” (Super Balloon Linking Method), which we have obtained both
domestically and in countries where we export, we have now evolved further and have now released 43 types of series. (Approaching 50 product numbers including renewals and discontinued models)
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