Wandstrine Co., Ltd. Fujiyoshiwara store limited Limited campaign for Obihiro pork bowl and yakiniku!

One’s Tryin Co., Ltd.
《Fujiyoshiwara store limited》Limited campaign for Obihiro pork bowl and yakiniku!
Ganso Butadonya TONTON / Taishoku Yakiniku Arata Fujiyoshiwara Store will carry out a limited-time campaign

At the Ganso Butadonya TONTON Fuji Yoshiwara branch (address: 1-2-12 Yoshiwara, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture; TEL: 0545-57-3301), which is popular for Hokkaido’s Obihiro pork bowls, until February 28, they are offering pork bowls [ Nami]” will be offered at a limited-time price, and skirt steak and hormones will be offered at half price from February 10th to 28th at “Public Yakiniku Arata” on the 2nd floor of the store.
[Image 1

“Ganso Butadonya TONTON Fujiyoshiwara Store”, operated by 1st Line Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-3-16 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka,
Representative Director: Hitoshi Yamauchi), is popular for its authentic pork bowl from Obihiro, Hokkaido. A limited-time campaign will be held at the “Public Yakiniku Arata Fujiyoshiwara Store” where you can enjoy a large amount of carefully selected meat.
TONTON’s Butadon is the ultimate bowl of pork bowl, which preserves the flavor of Hokkaido’s Obihiro specialty, while condensing the umami of the grilled pork. The secret sauce will whet your appetite, and each bite of the carefully grilled meat will fill your mouth with the aroma.
At Arata, we have prepared 3 kinds of special sauces, and you can enjoy the special taste on all meat menus.
Both stores on the 1st and 2nd floors are proud of their volume. Please come and visit us for this opportunity to eat at a great price. TONTON campaign details
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[event name]
Fujiyoshiwara store limited time
“Original Butadon-Normal-500 Yen” Campaign
[Target store]
Ganso Butadonya TONTON Fujiyoshiwara
[Implementation period]
Until Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Arata campaign details
[Image 3

[event name]
Fujiyoshiwara store limited time
“Halami and hormone half price” campaign
[Target store]
Public Yakiniku Arata Fujiyoshiwara
[Implementation period]
February 10 (Friday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023
Ganso Butadonya TONTON Fujiyoshiwara store details
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/61742/table/88_1_426b7388731a8aaa1ea5241587aaed04.jpg ]

□Original Butadonya TONTON
Our pork rice bowl retains the flavor of Obihiro, Hokkaido’s specialty, while condensing the umami of the grilled pork into the ultimate dish. The secret sauce will whet your appetite, and each bite of the carefully grilled meat will fill your mouth with the aroma. [Image 4d61742-88-646dd0b36020eb6f5cfb-2.jpg&s3=61742-88-27e63a6e05f7bac32aed1f6b5c738c9e-827x1169.jpg
[Image 5d61742-88-17a85d439786a4a3137f-3.png&s3=61742-88-4baff8eaf46209a8bb4c7064e1c57eb5-1039x400.png
(Left) Pork Loin Bowl -Mega- (Right) Broiled Cheese Pork Belly Bowl -Normal- [Image 6d61742-88-10bc55a87a6cdda94523-4.png&s3=61742-88-c1806d45266dba763846daf51cf5706b-1039x400.png
(Left) Half & Half Donburi -Normal- (Right) Pork Belly MIX Bowl -Normal- [Image 7d61742-88-79b20a8bd462d8219326-5.png&s3=61742-88-89a7f4dd880740583d5539ffc09e277d-1039x400.png
(Left) Kimchi Pork Belly Rice Bowl – Average – (Right) Pork Belly Plate – Average –
[Image 8d61742-88-99115a34ed90e7607a4f-6.png&s3=61742-88-56f1682238cdd9e59a21a84b3c2d3560-650x252.png
(Left) Ganso Karaage Donburi -Normal- (Right) Pork Belly Curry-Normal- □Public Yakiniku Arata
In addition to the meat menu where you can choose the fir sauce, the menu also includes standard menus such as vegetables, seafood, foil grill, and kimchi, as well as “meat bowls” such as “Arata specialty kalbi bowl”, bibimbap and jjigae soup. . At Ganso Butadonya TONTON on the 1st floor, you can also eat their famous pork bowl, so I want to eat meat! Please come visit us when you have time!
[Image 9d61742-88-630271915ec3a87c4b0a-9.jpg&s3=61742-88-f2fe5f6d7f5fa8d315212c4b23d53f3a-1300x720.jpg
Famous Kalbi Donburi -Normal-
[Image 10d61742-88-fc80f20da00f76c1da85-10.png&s3=61742-88-221ed973a697db819373b5d5ecd3efa6-1039x400.png
(Left) Skirt steak bowl – Average – (Right) Loin bowl – Average – [Image 11d61742-88-804585b0018dc4d8f768-12.png&s3=61742-88-5e65e2cd6e79be053d90f33897e7218f-650x252.png
(Left) Stone-roasted Kalbi Bibimbap (Right) Kalbi Jjigae Soup

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