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Warashibe provides NFT creation and distribution tool “BADGE” to Daihatsu

Warashibe Co., Ltd.
Warashibe provides NFT creation and distribution tool “BADGE” to Daihatsu NFT distribution at Virtual Osaka 1st Anniversary “DAIHATSU Midget Tenku Campsite”

Warashibe Co., Ltd. (Higashinari-ku, Osaka, CEO: Hideaki Imoto) has developed a no-code tool “BADGE” that allows anyone to easily create and distribute NFTs in just one minute. Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Soichiro Okudaira, hereinafter referred to as Daihatsu). From February 25th to 28th, “NFT Gacha” will be held to distribute original NFTs at Daihatsu’s “DAIHATSU Midget Tenku Campsite” booth, which will be held on the 1st anniversary of Virtual Osaka.
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About “NFT Gacha”
What is NFT gacha? Read the QR code specially set up at the “DAIHATSU Midget Tenku Campsite” booth, and it is a mechanism that randomly gives out hits and misses. Visitors who have won will receive a limited number of 200 special NFTs as a souvenir of their visit. [Image 2d55902-8-436e72ec335a580da109-4.png&s3=55902-8-2fc23ad57ba4cb530838dab70dbccaa5-1607x756.png

[Image 3d55902-8-49d959a446aaf1c5c0c0-0.png&s3=55902-8-4c205d59f2d8bf2d552a544c58b89737-208x183.png
Limited to 200 NFT midgets (Midget) as a gift
Midget is a light vehicle standard three-wheeled vehicle produced and sold by Daihatsu Motor from 1957 (Showa 32) to 1972 (Showa 47). Midget is an English word meaning “ultra-compact”, and was named with the idea of ​​a compact car. (Quoted from Wikipedia)
“Virtual Osaka” is a city-linked virtual space pre-opened in December 2021 by Osaka Prefecture and others.
Full-scale operation started in 2022, and we are celebrating our first anniversary. Participating companies exhibited booths in the virtual space at the 1st anniversary event.
Daihatsu will exhibit a nostalgic midget at the “DAIHATSU Midget Tenku Campsite” booth.
Click here for DAIHATSU Midget Tenku Campsite:
Click here for more information on “Virtual Osaka”:
NFT creation and distribution no-code tool “BADGE”
It is a no-code tool that anyone can easily create and issue a round badge-like NFT developed by Warashibe. You can visualize and accumulate various “proofs of rights and history” such as souvenirs of events, purchase history at stores, educational background and work history as NFT. Originally, a “wallet” is required to store and manage NFTs, but it is possible to easily create a wallet on the spot using an email address or SNS sign-in, issue and hold NFTs. I made it So far, it has been used not only to commemorate the visit of the actual store, but also to distribute NFTs as NFT stamp rallies and online event participation certificates.
《Examples of using BADGE》
BADGE can create various elements necessary for marketing with NFT. [Image 4d55902-8-11cb759d5d8572610cb4-1.png&s3=55902-8-287a25c1b5d10741738ad5cc13cab70f-2923x2281.png
《Things you can do after BADGE is distributed》
BADGE is not “finished by handing out NFTs”. By issuing and
authenticating the BADGE after creating and distributing it, customers can receive benefits provided by the company, receive discounts, etc. By holding the BADGE regardless of whether it is online or offline, it can be used in various situations. be able to enjoy the benefits. [Image 5d55902-8-6b300ee777c0fed04fdb-2.jpg&s3=55902-8-816bc28ae621de96e76c55ac95d3f589-2048x899.jpg
After creating and distributing the BADGE, companies that use the BADGE authenticate the BADGE and offer benefits to customers who visit the store again and visit the web page, leading to repeat customers. You can implement marketing measures such as advertisements and direct mail. In this way, by increasing the number of touchpoints with customers, you can expect them to become loyal customers.
As mentioned above, we will utilize BADGE issued by customers themselves as zero-party data (customer’s tastes and preferences data) to realize web3 marketing.
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Phone number: 090-5649-0924 (representative)
Address: 3-17-2 Fukaekita, Higashinari Ward, Osaka City
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