We will issue the Sagamihara City PR booklet “City Promotion Book”

Sagamihara City
We will issue the Sagamihara City PR booklet “City Promotion Book”
A city PR booklet “Sagamihara City Promotion Book – All my city Sagamihara -” will be published in order to let many people know about the charm of Sagamihara City and the environment suitable for raising children. Ai Tominaga, who was born in Sagamihara City and is also active as a global supermodel, celebrated her 25th anniversary, and cooperated with the cover and opening interview. Please take a look. [E-book] https://www.townnews.co.jp/data/book/sagamihara_cpb/ [Image 1d72959-166-9003499d1f684249c59d-13.jpg&s3=72959-166-0cd4de28329f9c7d0d87d075a35dcce9-3900x2646.jpg
Introductory interview
Ai Tominaga lived in Sagamihara City from elementary school to high school graduation. We asked her to talk about her feelings as a life-sized woman and mother in this place where she has cultivated the foundations of herself, such as work, raising children, and SDGs, and is filled with many memories.
[Image 2d72959-166-5af468e6aa3d1aaaa71d-14.jpg&s3=72959-166-a0165b5a9430720d552f6c642aac2ef4-3900x2768.jpg
Feature article
We introduce the attractions of Sagamihara City, such as the SDGs future city, Sagamihara Asamizo Park, which is popular both inside and outside the city, the JAXA Sagamihara Campus, and the rich nature of the campground, together with the smiles of children and parents. [Image 3d72959-166-168fe5d9c60851d11bed-15.jpg&s3=72959-166-baaa71611a3a73026d7ed0784b5ca090-3900x2754.jpg
Distribution method
・Distribution at the window of Tourism and City Promotion Division ・Distribution by mail (Please check the application method on the city website.) https://www.city.sagamihara.kanagawa.jp/shisei/city_promotion/1027644.html * In addition to the above, we will also distribute at various events. Booklet overview
Booklet name: Sagamihara city promotion book – All my city Sagamihara – Number of copies: 25,000 copies
Specifications: B5 size, full color, 20 pages (including front and back covers) Details about this release:


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