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What would you like to receive as a housewarming gift? 1st place “money / gift certificate”!

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-Survey results-What would you like to receive as a housewarming gift? 1st place “money / gift certificate”!
research report

“Ideal House” ( operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. conducted a survey targeting people over the age of 18 all over Japan, asking “What would you like to receive as a housewarming gift?” We conducted a survey. We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 people (teens: 2 people, 20s: 28 people, 30s: 89 people, 40s: 53 people, 50s: 23 people, 60s and over: 5 people)
Research Subject: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ideal House
Survey period: December 20, 2022
Survey report: Announcement date: February 5, 2023
* When citing the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Ideal House” (
Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What would you like to receive as a housewarming gift?”, the first place was “money / gift
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1st place: money and gift certificates
・First of all, it is something that can be used.
・I really need cash.
・I was very grateful to receive a gift card as a housewarming gift. ・Because I don’t wear what I have, and I can think carefully and buy what I really need or want.
・I thought it would be better to use a gift certificate and buy what we like rather than duplicating the items we received.
・I want to choose according to my taste.
2nd place: catalog gift
・The other party doesn’t have to worry about the gift, and the recipient can choose what they like, so I think it’s easy for both parties.
・When you use cash or a gift certificate, you can see the price, so you have to be careful.
The best advantage is that you can choose your own. Above all, when you’re flipping through the pages, it really makes you feel like you’re shopping.
・Because you can get what you like and enjoy choosing.
3rd place: Consumables (detergent, etc.)
・Sooner or later, it’s good to have what you need, and it’s easy to feel light without any aftertaste.
・I appreciate it because it can be used up immediately.
・Because it helps with the household budget.
・Because I have to clean up, I don’t want to have more luggage. It’s hard to prepare meals after moving, so I’m happy to have snacks and stuff to fill my stomach.
・I like things that don’t last because I have a preference. I was really happy to receive the diffuser, so I try to give it to myself. ・Consumables such as detergents are used frequently, so there is no loss. 4th place: Food and sweets
・Because it will disappear. At worst, it is thrown away as raw garbage. ・While I was busy with moving work after building a house and greeting new builders, I felt that the most happy gift would be “sweets”. I thought that “light items” would be good in many ways, because sometimes I’m exhausted from caring for the other person who gave me. ・I like furniture and miscellaneous goods, and consumables are good because I can’t get enough of them.
・Because I think it’s good to have something that can be digested. 5th place: Home appliances
・Since the home appliances are often changed when building a new house, we present home appliances that match the atmosphere of the house. (such as a carbonic acid maker)
・I think Bruno’s hot plate is very useful. There are grills, takoyaki, and deep pots, so I give them to housewarming gifts.
・I want to make it suitable for new construction.
・Since the number of rooms has increased, the number of home appliances to be arranged will also increase accordingly.
・Electric appliances are quite expensive, so I’m very happy, but I need to have a meeting at the beginning so that I don’t overspend. ・I would like any number of air purifiers, etc.
6th: Household Goods
・I was happy to receive something that I would not have chosen for myself. ・I’m very happy with home appliances, but I’m sorry that they’re expensive. I’m still happy if it’s a clock (especially a sonic clock). ・When you receive scented items such as aroma oil, you feel at ease. ・I’m happy to receive it because it’s unexpectedly difficult to arrange. 7th place: Liquor
・Because you can enjoy drinking and celebrating together with the person who received it. It’s hard to keep if it doesn’t suit your taste, and it’s hard to throw it away.
・My husband loves alcohol and often asks to invite people over for a drink, so I’m happy to have delicious sake.
・Because I’m a drinker…
8th place: Other
・”Towel” can be used at any time.
・The clock I received is still active in the entrance, the living room, and the study on the second floor. I don’t think I can buy home appliances, but the clock is useful because I forget about it. ・”Blizzard Flower” can be displayed for a long time.
・”Foliage plants” I don’t buy them myself.
[Summary] What would you like to receive as a housewarming gift in this survey? 1st place was “Money/Gift Certificates”
Housewarming gifts of “money and gift certificates” are a blessing because you can buy what you don’t have or what you like. Of course, even if it’s something else, I’m happy to think that they chose it for me.
It’s a little intimidating to say, “I want this!” ?
If you are planning to give a new housewarming gift, please refer to this survey result.
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