Which house item improved QOL? 1st place “household appliances”!

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-Survey results-Which home items have improved QOL? 1st place “household appliances”!
research report

“Ideal House” (https://arinna.co.jp/rakuraku/) operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. is a questionnaire survey targeting people over the age of 18 all over Japan, asking “What home items have improved QOL?” was carried out. We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 people (teens: 2 people, 20s: 44 people, 30s: 83 people, 40s: 53 people, 50s: 15 people, 60s and over: 3 people)
Research Subject: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ideal House
Survey period: December 20, 2022
Survey report: https://arinna.co.jp/rakuraku/survey-report-4/ Announcement date: January 31, 2023
* When citing the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Ideal House” (https://arinna.co.jp/rakuraku/).
Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey asking “Which home items have improved QOL?”, the first place was “household appliances”.
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1st place: Home appliances
・Because the convenience is completely different when you take in the latest and good things, you can feel that the quality of life is improving.
・The home appliance with improved QOL is the ReFa dryer. Since there is a large amount of hair, there is a strong air volume and moisture, so it can be shortened considerably.
・I bought an automatic electric cooking pot, but it saved me time. ・The temperature of the room became comfortable with the AI
​​installed in the air conditioner.
・I bought a drum-type washing machine, and washing became very easy. ・Time, water and gas bills are saved, and disputes with elderly family members due to unwashed items have disappeared.
2nd place: Furniture
・I bought another large legless chair and placed them side by side with a table in between, which made it very comfortable and made it easier to watch TV with my family.
・Since I started tidying up at home, the room became easier to spend. ・Because it’s soft and comfortable and seems to be warm enough to get through the cold winter.
・By using good furniture, time efficiency and cost effectiveness are very good. ・Because it is a rental property, there is no built-in furniture. ・The curtains are forest-like and soothing.
3rd place: subscription
・Although I have more time at home due to the coronavirus, I am having a great time thanks to my subscription.
・No need to go out.
・In this case, the subscription is especially imaged for video works (movies and TV programs) and music. When there was no subscription, I used to use rental video stores a lot, but now I don’t even have a membership card. The biggest reason is that the time and trouble to go to borrow and the time and trouble to go to return have disappeared. It’s really easy. I didn’t need to manage the return deadline, and I was released from that stress. From a cost performance perspective, it may not be that great, but I think it’s worth spending money on because it’s easy to use.
・By subscribing to video distribution, the time spent visiting rental video stores has been reduced. In addition, there is no need to worry about where to place DVDs or the like.
・Because you can enjoy unlimited movies and dramas at home without getting bored.
・I spent more time at home watching video streaming services such as Netflix. When I go out, I end up spending a lot of money…
4th: Household Goods
・I bought thermal room socks that can be charged with a USB. When my feet are cold and I can’t sleep, it’s very good and I can get a good night’s sleep.
・Everyday life becomes convenient.
・I bought a blanket to wear. I was unable to move due to the cold winter, but now I can move without using a heater.
・Among household items, I like cooking utensils. It’s something you use every day, so you can enjoy cooking by using things that are easy to use and things that you like.
・When you are surrounded by your favorite miscellaneous goods, your heart will be satisfied and your sense of happiness will increase. ・I bought a new beer glass and started drinking at home like an izakaya. It’s hard to eat out in this world, but I feel like I’m living in a better mood.
4th place: plants
・Cultivating and regenerating vegetables, as well as harvesting fruit trees, has clearly made life easier. Water is fine if you give it water from the bath.
・Since I started putting pachira, I started to care about watering and sunlight, and the house became brighter.
・When I look at plants, I feel relaxed and my QOL improves.
・It is soothing to have greenery such as foliage plants and cacti in the house. ・I feel gorgeous. I also feel that the air is getting better. ・Originally, I wasn’t very interested in plants, but since my mother started raising them, I’ve been able to act more calmly than before, and I’ve been able to heal my heart. Since there.
6th: Other
・”Bedding” I decided to change to a good quality mattress and comforter, and now I can sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. ・”Candle” It is important as a healing item when you are irritated. ・”Aroma” has increased the time to be healed by the scent.
・”Oil stove” It’s convenient to get warm and boil hot water. ・”Puncture-free tires for bicycles” can reduce the risk, cost and time of punctures.
・”Cooking appliances” Shortening cooking time and freeing from troublesomeness. 7th: Food
・All food prices are rising.
・Eating delicious food makes me happy.
・Because I ate my favorite food and felt happy.
・Because it was quite stressful to cook while taking care of children. 8th place: Gadget
・This is because the work has become easier.
・It is a tablet. It’s easy to watch videos that are a little hard to see on a smartphone, so I’ve been able to enjoy watching dramas while standing in the kitchen or watching sports in the futon.
[Summary] Which house item improved QOL in this survey? The first place was “household appliances”
Overwhelmingly, “household appliances” was the first place.
The electric pressure cooker will cook at the reserved time if you put the ingredients in it, and the washing machine with dryer saves the time of drying the laundry. It is very helpful to have convenient home appliances. It is also surprising that recent air conditioners and washing machines have AI functions.
I hope you can rely on what you can rely on and increase the time you can be satisfied with.
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