Wizleap Co., Ltd. Chosen by 88 insurance professionals Money career announces the 2023 recommended insurance rankings!

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[Chosen by 88 insurance professionals] Money carriers announce the 2023 best insurance rankings!
Announced the 2023 recommended insurance rankings based on the data of responses from 88 active insurance solicitors. The first is “medical insurance”

Wizleap Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Shohei Tanigawa), which operates the money consultation platform “Money Career”, is based on a questionnaire survey of 88 insurance solicitors who are currently selling insurance. We will announce the best recommended insurance rankings in 6 categories: life insurance, term insurance, income protection insurance, whole life insurance, foreign currency-denominated insurance, and variable insurance.
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■ What is the “Recommended Insurance Ranking 2023 Chosen by Insurance Professionals”?
“Which insurance policies are really recommended in 2023?”
This simple question was answered by 88 active insurance professionals in their money careers.
The fields are the following seven fields.
medical insurance
cancer insurance
term insurance
Income protection insurance
whole life insurance
foreign currency insurance
variable insurance
This time, as the first step, we will announce the ranking of medical insurance. *
-Summary of Survey-
[Survey target] 88 FPs (insurance agents) affiliated with “Money Career” [Survey period] January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) to January 30, 2023 (Monday) [Eligibility conditions]
·Gender Male Female
・Survey method: Conducted an e-mail questionnaire to money carrier affiliated FPs (insurance sales representatives)
* Please see the results of this survey and the comments accompanying the results for reference only. The products handled, the name of each insurance, and the details of coverage differ depending on the underwriting insurance company, so be sure to carefully read the “Description of Important Matters” and each insurance pamphlet (leaflet) before signing a contract. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company or agency.
*This ranking does not indicate superiority or inferiority among insurance products. Please be sure to check the pamphlets and contract summaries for details of the products, and the alert information for other items that you should be aware of. Please note that this ranking is for insurance products as of February 1, 2023.
■ First round: Medical insurance ranking
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In the medical insurance ranking, Medicare Life’s new Medifit A [Ace] shone in first place.
Below, we will introduce excerpts from the comments of insurance professionals about the insurance from 1st to 5th place.
1st place: New Medifit A [Ace] (Medicare Life)
It is possible to accompany medical treatment requested by the patient, and the degree of freedom in design is high. Easy insurance premiums.
Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, etc. have the same guaranteed magnification as laparotomy and thoracotomy.
The special contract for women’s hospital visits is unmatched by other companies.
There are many variations of special contracts, and the payment terms are also the latest.
2nd place: FWD Medical (FWD Life)
Most of the special contracts are available, making it easy to meet your needs Reasonable insurance premiums if you are in excellent condition This one is OK with a large security for nursing care and disability during working life with life support special contract etc.
3rd place: Whole Life Medical Premium Z (Zurich Life Insurance) Competitive in premiums
How to count one hospitalization is each disease, and detailed design is also possible
The 30-day type can be selected, and there is a special contract for unlimited hospitalization for 8 major diseases and unlimited stress-related diseases, and the P-immune type II is better. 4th place: Neo de Iryo (Neo First Life)
Health insurance premiums can be subscribed at a low cost, and there are a wide variety of special contracts, making it easy to customize according to customer needs.
Places where mental illness can be accepted in a healthy body Balance between coverage and insurance premiums, and enhancement of payment exemption riders
5th place: Nanairo Medical Foundation (Nanairo Life)
The waiting period after using the days of hospitalization is as short as 60 days, making it easy to handle long-term hospitalization. In addition, premiums are reasonable and underwriting standards are broad.
Notifications are slower than other companies, and hospital lump-sum payments can be set up to 200,000 regardless of the daily amount. Next time, I will make an announcement about cancer insurance. ■ Ranking criteria
For various insurance products, we asked them to select the top three “recommended products”. 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 7 points, 3rd place = 4 points, and the total points are ranked as “scores”. In addition, this time, the item “I can not recommend the corresponding insurance type” is also subject to selection.
■ Detailed data and citations for this ranking
If you would like detailed data on this ranking, or if you want to quote this data in the media,
Please contact
■ Wizleap’s efforts
[money carrier]
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【Company Profile】
Company name Wizleap Co., Ltd.
Location: Aoyama Seven Heights 606, 1-7-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Representative Director Shohei Tanigawa
Established February 10, 2017
Capital 30 million
Business description: Money consultation platform business “Money Career” Pet insurance comparison and consultation business “MOFFME”
Number of employees: 70 (including outsourcing contracts) *As of the end of December 2022
URL: https://wizleap.co.jp/
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