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XYMAX Co., Ltd. Miyagi Prefecture and XYMAX Co., Ltd. signed a partnership agreement to promote immigration without changing jobs

XYMAX Co., Ltd.
Miyagi Prefecture and XYMAX Co., Ltd. signed a partnership agreement to promote immigration without changing jobs

Miyagi Prefecture (Governor: Yoshihiro Murai) and XYMAX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and CEO: Masafumi Shimada; hereinafter referred to as “XYMAX”) signed a partnership agreement today to promote migration without changing jobs. rice field. [Image 1d72716-12-17792458104a635c6d3c-0.png&s3=72716-12-b50ea5276e55f36fda21ce5bda14f603-1187x242.png
As part of regional revitalization efforts under the government’s “Digital Garden City Nation Concept,” Miyagi Prefecture is
disseminating information on immigration and providing immigration support funds to those who meet certain requirements. On the other hand, XYMAX opened the Sendai base of the satellite office service “ZXY” in August 2022, and has provided a work place where remote work after migration is possible in Miyagi Prefecture. With this agreement, Miyagi Prefecture and XYMAX will work together to promote “migration without changing jobs” to Miyagi Prefecture.
In promoting this, we will work together to disseminate information on immigration. Specifically, by utilizing the digital signage at ZXY267 bases in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the digital guidebook function of the smartphone app service “MEQQE”, office workers working in the metropolitan area among the approximately 520,000 ZXY members By providing information on migration to Miyagi Prefecture, we will promote migration without changing jobs.
Miyagi Prefecture and XYMAX will collaborate to work on regional revitalization through the realization of “migration without changing jobs” in terms of both providing a place to work at the migration destination and supporting the dissemination of information on migration.
[Image 2d72716-12-37c8d8d443a0cb43523a-1.jpg&s3=72716-12-f405ff2cc4d92edef6959337b604af34-3900x2601.jpg
ZXY Sendai (13 private rooms for 1 person / 1 private room for 6 people) Overview of satellite office service ZXY
This is a corporate membership-based satellite office service provided by XYMAX based on the concept of “making your work style custom”. It is widely deployed from the city center to the suburbs, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and has a total of 273 locations. It incorporates many single-person private rooms that are ideal for personal work and web conferences, and features a secure facility and a unique reservation system, and is used by about 3,300 companies and about 520,000 people. (As of February 3, 2023)
Official website:
■ Overview of MEQQE
This is a smartphone application developed and operated by Jizymekke Co., Ltd., a XYMAX group company. Businesses engaged in regional revitalization (regional financial institutions, TV stations, radio stations, sports clubs, etc.), local governments, and spots
recommended by famous influencers are collectively distributed as a digital book linked to a map, and users can use it at any time. You can easily view it on your smartphone anywhere.
App here:
Details about this release:

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