Yapone Sound LLC CBD products that are close to your life! ? Many people are addicted to CBD x herbal bath salts! The usual bath becomes the ultimate relaxation time

Yaponesound LLC
CBD products that are close to your life! ? Many people are addicted to CBD x herbal bath salts! The usual bath becomes the ultimate relaxation time
February 2023 Yaponesound G.K. and Pharmahemp Japan’s collaboration product launches designer collaboration package

It’s kind of scary to put CBD in your mouth… I want to use CBD every day, but it’s all expensive! It is a product that responds to the feelings of such people.
For the first time, “warm, moist, and sound” The usual bath becomes the best relaxing time
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[What is CBD]
It is a type of cannabinoid, a physiologically active substance contained in cannabis. CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive, and many health studies have been published.
The medical efficacy is recognized by WHO, and there is no illegality in Japan. Selected as one of the most recommended products in the magazine anan’s sleep and autonomic nervous system feature, and has become a hot topic for use by Instagrammers!

Posting on anan sparked popularity
Upload your own story that beauty Instagrammer michan.1126 also loves it About CBD x herbal bath salt from Yaponesound LLC
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・Provide safety and security by sticking to natural ingredients and organic ingredients
Uses CBD from the world-famous Pharma Hemp company. We use varieties designated by the French government and comply with the laws and regulations of each country. 100% organic medical grade with no pesticide residue.
・Organic Herb Powder
Cultivated on farms that comply with European and American organic standards. What was raised to make this powder, not scraps. More than 1000g of raw materials are used to make 100g of powder. Quality used for supplements in Europe and the United States.
・Achieving prices that are close to people’s lives while being particular about quality
Offering CBD products, which tend to be expensive, at a price that fits your lifestyle without compromising quality
Why CBD as a bath salt?
By inoculating CBD through the skin, it takes less time to feel the effect and the duration of the effect is longer.
According to research results, although there are individual differences, it is easy to feel the effects after 15 to 30 minutes, and many people seek the relaxing effect of CBD, which is why bathing is an activity that goes well with time.
Why We Stick to Pharmahemp’s CBD
I sometimes get the opinion that if you are particular about the price, you should use cheaper CBD.
There is a reason why Yaponesound LLC chooses this CBD.
・Be organic
Affinity with our 100% organic products
・The world’s highest level concentration of 99.9%
Highest concentration of natural ingredients, unique extraction method ・High safety
Uses seeds certified by the French government, thorough THC-free inspection, and legal compliance
More new series! CBD bath salt that you can choose the combination depending on the effect
[Image 3d76301-30-967ca5597b774ef64641-1.jpg&s3=76301-30-b8344867025ef47b9631b31fd1ed121a-1516x2700.jpg
Organic CBD&HERB Bath TokyoBlend series
We are continuously developing new products.
Have a blend that suits your mood!
・Mugwort & ginger
・Mugwort & cinnamon
・Mugwort & Lemongrass
・Mugwort & Miracle Neem
・Miracle Neem
*CBD bath salts in the old package are still on sale.
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https://www.rakuten.co.jp/japonesound/Corporate inquiries to info@japonesound.net

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