You can order tropical fruits from Taiwan “Natsume Natsume” at “”! Freshness made possible by direct delivery from Narita Airport

Shokubunka Co., Ltd.
You can order tropical fruits from Taiwan “Natsume Natsume” at “”! Freshness made possible by direct delivery from Narita Airport
The fruit looks like a small green apple. It is a fruit that is said to have been favored by Yang Guifei in the olden days, with its refreshing taste dripping with fruit juice.

Shokubunka Co., Ltd. (Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Akifumi Hagiwara), which mainly operates the Internet sales of gourmet and fresh food, will launch in February 2023 the EC site “” operated by Taiwanese “ We have started selling Natsume Natsume. This is the fourth year that has been selling it. In 2023, we plan to ship from February 28, and we are accepting reservations. For more information on ordering “Mitsujuku Natsume” from Taiwan, please visit the website [Image 1d6293-238-12b1d6b47bab53f7bfc8-0.jpg&s3=6293-238-e4dd45f505e290940a881f82f8868de8-774x605.jpg
A fresh fruit that looks like a green apple with a smooth green skin Natsume, also known as Indian jujube, is a popular fruit in Taiwan. The size is smaller than an apple, and round bites are standard locally. A unique tropical flavor with a refreshing taste of pear. It’s a fruit that’s great for the dry winter months, with its rich, slightly thick juice that quenches your throat.
“One-day meal three jujubes for life never appearing old” (Eating three jujubes a day prevents aging)
The word still remains. It is said that Yang Guifei, who is counted as one of the three most beautiful women in the world, liked to eat this dish.
In Taiwan, in addition to being sold at street stalls, it is a popular fruit that is also used as an ingredient in salads and sweets. [Image 2d6293-238-bf53aee84f9cf03933d4-1.jpg&s3=6293-238-d40b900182aaad82279aadc0f4d53d81-774x605.jpg
In 2018, for the first time in 2018, raw shipments of Natsume from Taiwan to Japan began.
Many fruit fans are interested in the taste that cannot be compared with any domestic fruit, and in 2020 we delivered 400 boxes
nationwide. In 2021, we ended up handling only 200 boxes due to a sharp decrease in airmail due to the effects of the corona virus. We were preparing 300 boxes this year, but we have already received pre-orders for 100 boxes.
In order to make it possible to order fresh Taiwanese fruits, we have realized direct shipment from Narita!
After being harvested in Taiwan, they are stored for a certain period of time before arriving by air and passing through customs after quarantine. Therefore, we wanted to deliver it while it was as fresh as possible, so we created a route to send it directly from the cold storage facility adjacent to Narita Airport.
Order Taiwanese honey jujube Natsume at
[Image 3d6293-238-65f0ef182b7b7f27422b-2.jpg&s3=6293-238-f84f430e0ff67dc0e1422c492e00d407-774x605.jpg
Food Culture Co., Ltd. “” and “Toyosu” In 2001, he built an online sales system to support producers who cannot use the Internet or personal computers, and opened, an e-commerce gourmet business targeting middle-aged and older people with the mission of revitalizing Japanese people. .
In 2004, we partnered with the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market (Tsukiji Fruit and Vegetable Market) and launched Tsukiji (former) and Toyosu (now), an e-commerce directly connected to the market that delivers specialty fruits and vegetables nationwide. For inquiries, please contact Shokubunka Co., Ltd.

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