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Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The disinfectant spray “YASIORI x Rooo Lou” collaboration label edition that you want to carry around is now on sale on Amazon

Sonnebodo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Disinfection spray that you want to carry around “YASIORI x Rooo Lou” collaboration label edition is now on sale on Amazon

A collaboration label product with Rooo Lou, who was appointed as a key visual illustrator for YASIORI fragrance-free type, will be released in May 2021 and sold out on the same day. Since then, YASIORI has been highly evaluated for its product quality and brand, and is now on sale in various fields. We want to spread the culture of comfortably carrying disinfectant sprays to a wide range of genders and ages.
The Sanitize & Care brand “YASIORI” produced by Sonnebodo
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Hachioji City, Tokyo, CEO Toshiyuki Yasui) has been active in Japan and overseas for the original illustration of the key visual of the alcohol disinfectant spray unscented type. Appointed illustrator and artist Rooo Lou. The unique and simple touch expresses the minimal charm of “YASIORI”. The YASIORI x Rooo Lou artist collaboration label product released in May 2021 was sold exclusively on Rooo Lou’s EC site and sold out on the same day. This collaboration label product is currently sold exclusively on Amazon. [Image 1d80111-9-871bf58c59e2de7161f3-0.png&s3=80111-9-c05a2af4e77efbbe55ae1fb90a6673bc-383x321.png
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Refreshing type
   Moist type
Unscented type key visual artist profile | Rooo Lou
Living in Tokyo. An artist / illustrator who specializes in simple portraits created with minimal expressions, and handles a wide range of projects from planning to production, such as advertisements, apparel promotions, and collaboration goods. His distinctive lines and colors have won him a lot of support. Main activities include Onitsuka Tiger x Street Fighter collaboration visual, JR East “Mamo Rail” main visual, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION TOUR 2020 goods design, Kyoto Daimaru Fujii entrance art wall design.
[Image 2d80111-9-cd26bca47e0771f10527-4.png&s3=80111-9-57877c528e1288934c089e43097c994a-1281x502.png
YASIORI has a stylish and minimalist design that does not make you feel like you are living.
Now that hand disinfection has become a daily habit, we aim to bring disinfectant sprays comfortably and deliver items that are more familiar to the lifestyles of working people. This collaboration label edition is finished in a package that makes the most of the simple and minimal taste of RoooLou’s key visual.
YASIORI is a brand that has been designed to be comfortable and one of fashion items for those who have their own work style and lifestyle. We are receiving suggestions for novelties and collaboration goods such as products.
We are always available for customization as novelties and
collaboration goods, as well as OEM consultations.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.
[Image 3d80111-9-4e7f505044e9fb50d025-1.png&s3=80111-9-45db757332f8e17e3ba35bcbbf939a86-383x321.png
[Image 4d80111-9-db51f4c3df94c8c548ce-2.png&s3=80111-9-67d828f6c0925fcce1d1a1ea9cf67961-599x501.png
-YASIORI brand 3 commitments-
[Image 5d80111-9-cc83a1db4040e0563a76-5.png&s3=80111-9-fe7bba68314b0d1914e83e02ce00f654-92x124.png
The “YASIORI” brand puts human skin first and formulates only with carefully selected ingredients.
Manufactured in a domestic factory, all raw materials are also domestic products.
That is why we have developed two types, “light” and “moist”, so that you can choose according to your skin type, concerns, and usage scene. Even if you are concerned about stickiness or dryness, you can choose the most suitable item according to your comfort.
[Image 6d80111-9-f156d86565eb47f08d2b-6.jpg&s3=80111-9-7964b32ce86b5fe9bcd17a8d745fc2c1-251x206.jpg
In addition, it contains 79.15 vol% (± 2.25), which meets the alcohol concentration* standard recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for hand virus countermeasures.
* Alcohol (ethanol with a concentration of 70% or more and 95% or less) [Image 7d80111-9-2ddffdd505cbff66968b-8.png&s3=80111-9-b8e427be284615513eb70db93ef2cdd7-310x598.png
Because we are particular about items that we use every day, we are also pursuing detailed designs.
In addition to minimal packaging and a sophisticated silhouette that fits comfortably in your hand, we also pursued the usability of the spray itself. The overcap has the practicality of preventing the cap from coming off while carrying.

-Brand Story: About YASIORI-
[Image 8d80111-9-0b143ce45302be641e9e-7.jpg&s3=80111-9-e7bf9791839de2e39fdaed4f855125ac-594x389.jpg
I want you to feel safe and secure in your activities.
Hands that work in your own way.
“Sanitize & Care for your own style” YASIORI
I hope that every day will return when everyone can look forward and be active.

The Sanitize & Care brand “YASIORI”, which is produced by a
pharmaceutical company, created anxieties in the scenes of “meeting”, “talking”, and “contacting” that were commonplace for everyone, and because of that, they became unable to act as they wished. It is a brand that was born from the desire for people to act in their own way. Our mission is to provide disinfection and hand care goods developed in pursuit of reliable quality and usability that meets your needs for daily disinfection habits.
Precisely because hand sanitization has become a daily routine, we have pursued a formula that contains ingredients that are effective in combating infectious diseases, and eliminates the concerns of hand skin and dissatisfaction with sanitizing items. And we are particular about design and design that is highly compatible with any scene of your own work style and lifestyle.
“YASIORI” will continue to aim for a finish that will satisfy both those who want to choose their own items as one of their lifestyle choices and those who want the real thing.
-Product Summary-
Product name: Designated quasi-drug Portable antiseptic spray    YASIORI×RoooLou edition DRY TYPE
   YASIORI×RoooLou edition MOIST TYPE
Brand name: Disinfection spray D C2H5OH by Z
   Disinfection spray M C2H5OH by Z
Contents: 50ml
Active ingredient: Ethanol (76.9-81.4vol%)
Other ingredients: glycerin, sodium hyaluronate
Effect/Efficacy: Cleansing and disinfection of fingers and skin Product features:
・Portable antiseptic spray for fingers
・Alcohol concentration 79.15vol% (±2.25)
・Domestic materials, domestic manufacturing
・Contains alcohol (ethanol) as an active ingredient
・Two types, moist and refreshing, that you can choose according to your skin type
・Collaboration product with artist Rooo Lou
Store: Amazon Marketplace
Price: 1,100 yen each (tax included)
-Company Profile-
Sonnebodo Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company in Tokyo that has been in business for over 80 years and manufactures and sells prescription drugs and quasi-drugs. We have been working on
dermatological drugs for many years, and our prescription drugs are prescribed by medical institutions nationwide.
In addition, Renovigo, a medicated toothpaste that can be used on babies, is a long-selling product that was born in 1991. It has won the “Mother’s Selection Award 2019” and the “1st Japan Child-rearing Support Award 2020” as a product that supports the child-rearing of dads and moms.
Sonnebodo Pharmaceutical is a group company of Nissha Co., Ltd., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. Nissha Co., Ltd. has its roots in high-end art printing, has created many innovations with unique core technologies derived from printing, and is expanding its business globally, such as medical equipment, cosmetics, and touch panels for smartphones and tablets.
We will continue to develop pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and cosmetics that are loved by everyone.
・Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: ・Nissha Co., Ltd.:
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