A first in the wooden interior materials industry! The ikumori project, which “returns the amount of broadleaf trees received from the forest to the forest,” won the Social Products Award at the Social Products Awards 2023!

Nisshin Ix Co., Ltd.
A first in the wooden interior materials industry! The ikumori project, which “returns the amount of broadleaf trees received from the forest to the forest,” won the Social Products Award at the Social Products Awards 2023!
ikumori, an ethical interior project that plants saplings to match the amount of raw wood used to make products

Nisshin Ix Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shunan City, Prefecture, Representative Director: Hiroshi Kato)’s ikumori project and its products won the Social Products Award at the “Social Products Awards 2023” sponsored by the Social Products Promotion Association. Awarded. This award is a system to commend social products that lead to the realization of a sustainable society, and it is the first award in the industry of interior materials that use wood such as flooring. The ikumori project is a project that has been working on the sustainable use of domestic broadleaf trees since 2021, with the slogan of “returning the amount of broadleaf trees received from the forest to the forest.”
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■ Judge’s comments
I would like to commend the use of domestic lumber for all parts and the insistence on domestic manufacturing throughout the entire process, from procurement to processing. In addition, it is
interesting that they are working hard to protect forests by making products that include tree planting, based on their unique idea of ​​”returning the amount of broad-leaved trees received from the forest back to the forest.” Increasing the domestic demand for broadleaf trees is expected to lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In the future, I would like to expect the construction of a mechanism that further involves the local community and customers.
■ What is the Social Products Award?
The Social Products Award (SPA) is Japan’s first commendation system that evaluates excellent social products (*) that lead to the realization of a sustainable society from both social and
marketability. Started in 2012, this is the 10th time.
(*) Social products are a general term for products and services that are friendly to people and the earth, such as eco (environmentally friendly), organic, fair trade, and donations from part of sales. (social contribution) is possible.
■ About the award-winning product (ikumori)
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A project to manufacture and sell flooring and paneling (wall materials) that use Hokkaido-grown hardwoods as efficiently as possible, and to replant seedlings in Hokkaido that match the amount of resources used. At present, broad-leaved trees are popular for interior decoration due to their rich expression, texture, and beautiful wood grain. When using domestic materials, there was no choice but to rely on naturally regenerated broadleaf trees, and resource sustainability was a major issue. Through ikumori’s cycle of “cultivating, using, and planting,” we will nurture a richer ecosystem and pass on precious forests to future generations. And we propose ethical options for those who are considering interior materials. The target products of the project are 6 items of flooring and paneling using 3 tree species that represent Hokkaido: oak, elm, and sen.
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■Relationship with SDGs
The ikumori project will focus on the SDGs introduced below and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
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15. Let’s protect the richness of the land
The ikumori project realizes the sustainable use of forests by planting hardwood saplings that match the amount of Hokkaido hardwood used. In addition, through tree planting, we aim to conserve the soil and nurture a rich ecosystem.
12. Responsible consumption and production
The ikumori project reduces waste wood by using parts that are normally removed, such as heather and knots, as designs. We will also use our website and social media to communicate forest conservation and ethical consumption to raise interest in ethical lifestyles. 13. Take concrete action on climate change
By promoting the ikumori project, we will contribute to the fixation and absorption of carbon dioxide. Since ikumori products are made of 100% domestic materials, transportation energy = CO2 emissions can be reduced compared to using foreign materials.
17. Partner for goals
The ikumori project will be developed not only by our company, but also in collaboration with various people such as manufacturers, forestry cooperatives, and experts.
■ Achievements of the ikumori project
As part of the first phase of the project, we will plant 170 Hokkaido broad-leaved trees in October 2022 to match the amount of products used, based on product sales performance from December 2021, when product sales began, to June 2022. Completed on May 15th. In addition, as an activity to continuously observe the relationship between the planting of broad-leaved trees and living things, we conducted the first ikumori living thing survey. Currently, we will enter the second phase from July 2022, and we are preparing for sales and the next tree planting.
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ikumori special site: https://ikumori.jp/
Annual Report 2022:
https://ikumori.jp/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/c2123aa44d645a8123c7479da67ab075.pdf Creature survey report: https://ikumori.jp/archives/533
ikumori flooring construction example: https://ikumori.jp/archives/122 Social Products Award HP: https://www.apsp.or.jp/product/spa2023_023/ -Company Profile-
Company name: Nisshin Ix Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-118-63 Koumi, Shunan City, Prefecture
Representative: Hiroshi Kato
Established: October 2000
URL: https://www.nissin-ex.co.jp/
Business description: Import and sales of various flooring materials and sales of other building materials for housing. In particular, based on the concept of “reflecting nature,” they are making natural products that make the most of “nature” as a design.
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