A new bread course is now available in the cotta communication course! Supervised by Chef Eitoku Go “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course”

Cotta Co., Ltd.
A new bread course is now available in the cotta communication course! Supervised by Chef Eitoku Go “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course” To commemorate the opening of the course, live distribution will be decided on Friday, March 31!

Cotta Co., Ltd. (Location: Oita Prefecture), which operates Japan’s largest EC site “cotta” (https://www.cotta.jp/), which handles over 20,000 items such as ingredients and recipes for confectionery and bread making. Tsukumi City, President: Akiko Kurosu) is a cotta correspondence course that boasts a total of 10,000 participants, and a bread course supervised by Chef Eitoku Go, the popular “BLUFF BAKERY” in Yokohama and Motomachi, “Rakufuwa! ” was newly opened. To commemorate this, we will be broadcasting live on cotta’s official Instagram from 21:00 on Friday, March 31, 2023.
“Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course”: https://www.cotta.jp/license/rakufuwapan/ [Image 1

The cotta correspondence course offers a variety of courses, from breads and sweets that you can enjoy at home to full-fledged professional instruction. This time, a new “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course” has started. Until now, bread making has had the problem that the kneading work is very difficult. Eitoku chef devised a
revolutionary method of making bread that does not knead to solve this problem. In this course, you can learn how to make all 8 recipes in a correspondence course while staying at home. To commemorate the start of the new course, we will be streaming live on Instagram from 21:00 on Friday, March 31st. Please take this opportunity to watch the demonstration by Chef Eitoku.
In addition, we will carry out a new application campaign for the “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course”. We will give away 1kg of “Cotta Bluff Blend for Bread Supervised by Chef Eitoku” developed by Chef Eitoku for this course. For those who want to start a new lesson in the new year, it is a course that you would like to consider.
Correspondence course details
A cotta correspondence course with a cumulative total of about 10,000 students. We have a wide range of courses, from breads and sweets that you can enjoy at home, to courses where you can receive full-fledged professional guidance. With corrections from professional instructors, you will definitely improve. After completing the course, you can acquire qualifications and work as a bread and sweets instructor. Correspondence course name: “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course”
Tuition fee: 16,500 yen (tax included)
Contents: A total of 8 recipes devised by Chef Eitoku, including cranberry yogurt bread and bread.
Corrected by a professional instructor.
URL: https://www.cotta.jp/license/rakufuwapan/
Instagram live details
From 21:00 on March 31, 2023 (Friday), “BLUFF BAKERY” Chef Eitoku will appear and will be broadcast live on Instagram.
Date and time: March 31, 2023 (Friday) 21:00 ~ about 60 minutes (planned) Contents: [128th] Chef Eitoku teaches! 2 easy breads made with Bluff Blend Chef Eitoku will demonstrate two types of recipes: “Cranberry Yogurt Bread”, which is excellent without kneading or fermenting, and “Bread”, which has a superb melt-in-your-mouth and fluffy feeling. Learn more about the chef-developed “Cotta Bluff Blend for Bread Supervised by Chef Eitoku Go”!
Delivery account:
・ cotta official Instagram: (@cotta_corecle)
・ cotta official Youtube channel: (@cottaweb)
How to watch live: You can view it on cotta’s official Instagram or official Youtube.
Please follow the Instagram account or subscribe to the official YouTube channel in advance.
When the delivery time comes, please access the above account. URL: https://www.cotta.jp/special/event/live128.php
Campaign details
During the campaign period, new applications for the “Rakufuwa! Bread Master Course” will receive a free gift of “Cotta Bluff Blend 1kg for exclusive bread supervised by Chef Eitoku Tsuyoshi”.
URL: https://www.cotta.jp/special/campaign/license_rakufuwabread_present_new_students.php -Campaign Period-
March 31, 2023 (Friday) 16:00 to April 14, 2023 (Friday) 16:00 -Present contents-
Chef Takeshi Eitoku and Nisshin Seifun Premix Co., Ltd. developed the “Cotta Bluff Blend for Bread Supervised by Chef Takeshi Eitoku”. It is an epoch-making flour that achieves both the exquisite
melt-in-your-mouth feeling and volume that are ideal for chefs. [Image 2d5892-23-7e5d5600605086ba064d-2.jpg&s3=5892-23-635c8e98f55b9e0d8cdcc690e632a821-1503x1002.jpg
・”Cotta Bluff Blend 1kg for bread supervised by Chef Eitoku Tsuyoshi” x 1 bag https://www.cotta.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=027980
[Image 3d5892-23-c70631f3518fa9e2662d-1.jpg&s3=5892-23-646df1a14b9d8ba759cc6ebf6d724ff4-452x578.jpg
■ Profile of Chef Eitoku Go
Owner and chef of “BLUFF BAKERY” in Motomachi, Yokohama.
Born in Yokohama in 1976 as the eldest son of a baker’s family that has continued for three generations with his great-grandfather, grandfather and father. After graduating from Tokyo Confectionery School, worked as a technical adviser for “Rami du Pain” in Honmoku, Yokohama and “Boulangerie La Terre” in Mishuku, Tokyo. Opened “BLUFF BAKERY” in Motomachi, Yokohama, which is a hometown with Mr. In 2014 “& Premium magazine”
(published by Magazine House), he has been selected as one of the “Top 10 Japanese loaves of bread”, and is active in many fields, including product development for the Jakarta branch of “Boulangerie La Terre” and bread-making instructor.
■ What is “cotta”?
“cotta” is one of the largest confectionery and bread making sites in Japan. Cotta Co., Ltd., the operator, operates a wholesale business that sells wrapping materials and confectionery and bakery ingredients to Japanese and Western confectionery and bakery stores nationwide, and cotta opened in 2007 as its B to C site. it was done. The appeal of cotta is its wide range of items and ability to propose seasonal trends. It is the largest platform in the confectionery and bakery industry, with a wealth of recipe-based content featuring famous pastry chefs, confectionery researchers, charismatic bloggers, and Instagrammers.
■Company profile
Trade name: cotta Co., Ltd. (TSE/Fukusho 3359)
Business description: Sales of confectionery ingredients and food packaging materials
Company HP: https://www.cotta.co.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cotta.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cotta_corecle/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cotta_corecle
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/cottaweb
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cotta_corecle
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