Al Co., Ltd. General sales of NFT “sloth” that can be dressed up have started. Aiming to revitalize the content industry by supporting the entry of companies and creators into NFT

Al Co., Ltd.
Started general sales of NFT “sloth” that can be dressed up. Aiming to revitalize the content industry by supporting the entry of companies and creators into NFT

Al Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kensuke Furukawa, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has started general sales of NFT “sloth” that can be dressed up from 12:00 on March 1, 2023 (Wednesday).
More than 3000 sloths have been minted (*purchase NFT) in advance sales. [Image 1d41122-45-1788e4f0e9ff7e8a92eb-0.jpg&s3=41122-45-86eee0ac21d61468d34a03ae4d31a653-1999x1050.jpg
What is sloth?
sloth is a new NFT project by Al Co., Ltd., which sold out 10,000 items in the NFT “marimo” (*) for beginners released in September last year.
Based on the knowledge gained from the development and operation of marimo, we have released it in the form of NFT that can be dressed up as an effort to spread NFT more widely.
*For details on marimo, please refer to the press release below. ・ 10,000 growing NFT “marimo” sold out in 7 minutes from public sale. Part of the sales will be donated to global environmental protection organizations: There are three types of sloth: a sloth character body NFT, a costume NFT, and an item NFT.
[Image 2d41122-45-22841f1988cc4b7ff102-1.png&s3=41122-45-ee6b5d9f6d590c5dcaf45ddcda50bb7f-1128x849.png
In addition, on the dedicated site, we are planning to implement a mini game function that allows you to change your sloth and go to work to grow your status.
[Image 3d41122-45-d137b78bbb0a972f5bbf-2.png&s3=41122-45-20a964da17ae77ad9986a3a5705b12fe-1216x1413.png
For costume NFTs and item NFTs, in addition to Al Co., Ltd.’s original NFTs, we plan to sell collaborative NFTs with various companies and creators.
Currently, multiple collaboration projects are underway, including “Poupelle of Chimney Town”, which has a picture book circulation of 720,000 copies and a movie box office revenue of 2.7 billion yen. [Image 4d41122-45-92d9727548c13d77941d-3.png&s3=41122-45-1095b1a03480dc7d4d371b874a986b4b-1600x900.png
■ Background of production
Existing NFTs tend to attract attention as speculation, but we are looking forward to the entertainment value of NFTs, which gives them a sense of ownership.
sloth was planned as an NFT that allows you to enjoy changing clothes, with the theme of having more people feel the fun of owning an NFT. For that reason, we do not dare to focus on marketing aimed at short-term sellouts unique to NFTs, and aim for an NFT collection that is easy for beginners to buy.
One of the purposes of sloth is to create an opportunity for creators to create NFTs and earn money.
In July of this year, we plan to implement a function that allows creators to freely sell costume NFTs and item NFTs, aiming for a situation where even creators who are unfamiliar with NFTs can easily sell NFTs. .
About sloth specifications
Body NFT & Costume NFT (set sale)
・Overview: 5000 types of main body and 500 types of costumes are randomly minted. Also, on March 15th (Wednesday), Reveal (*NFT pattern will be changed to a unique one) will be done.
・ Quantity: 5000 items * Up to 1 set can be purchased per wallet ・Price: 0.021 ETH *About 4600 yen at the rate at the time of publication ・ Release date: March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00
・Overview: 100 types of head items, 150 types of leg items, and 100 types of handheld items are randomly minted. It will also be Revealed on Wednesday, March 15th.
・ Quantity: 9000 items * Up to 9 items can be purchased per wallet ・Price: 0.02 ETH *The rate at the time of publication of this article is approximately 4,400 yen.
・Release date: Same as above
■ Link
・ Service URL:
・ About sloth purchase: ・ Official Twitter:
・ Official Discord server:
■ Supporting companies’ entry into the NFT market
Al Co., Ltd. has so far collaborated with several major publishers and major record companies, and has worked on projects to accelerate creative activities.
We believe that it is important to ride the waves brought about by new technologies in order to revitalize the Japanese content industry, and we are taking on the challenge of Web3/NFT.
While NFTs have great potential, the size of the domestic NFT market is still small, and it is necessary to create a mechanism that allows more people to participate.
So far, marimo, which was released as a project for domestic NFT beginners, has obtained the result that “about 40% of purchasers are users who purchased NFT for the first time”, and in January this year, the NFT marketing tool ” dango” (*) has been released.
One of the aims of sloth is to support the entry of companies into the NFT area and further expand the NFT market through collaborative projects of costume NFTs and item NFTs.
*For details on dango, please refer to the press release below. ・ Al Co., Ltd., which accelerates creative activities in Japan with Web3 / NFT, officially released NFT distribution tool “dango”:
■ Contact information for collaborations and interviews
For collaboration proposals, hearings, and interview requests, please contact us from the following page.
■ About Al Co., Ltd.
Al Co., Ltd. is a technology company that aims to realize a world where creative activities are accelerating.
Developed multiple services such as “Al”, a media and community site created with the love of manga fans, “00:00 Studio”, an online coworking space for creators, the growing NFT “marimo”, and the NFT marketing tool “dango”.・We operate.
For details, please see the following page.

Details about this release:

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