All new works regardless of body type or season! This season’s Dear Sisterhoo online order meeting will be held to enjoy fashion by wearing what you want to wear at any time.

ACROVE Co., Ltd.
All new works regardless of body type or season! This season’s Dear Sisterhoo online order meeting will be held to enjoy fashion by wearing what you want to wear at any time.

An online order meeting will be held from 3/9, an original new work of this season that reflects the voices of customers
Customers who ordered items will be invited to a cherry-blossom viewing picnic again this year.
ACROVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunsuke Arai, hereinafter ACROVE) is an EC service business that consistently supports the improvement of EC sales on a one-stop basis. An EC platform company that develops EC roll-up business aiming to maximize the value of
This time, ACROVE’s apparel brand “Dear Sisterhood” will hold an online order meeting for original new works that can be used daily regardless of body type or season from 3/9 (Thursday) to 3/13 (Monday). I will. As an initiative that was popular last time, we would like to have the opportunity to talk directly with customers who wear clothes on a daily basis. .
This new work was designed by reflecting the voices of customers who came to the 2023 Spring Collection exhibition, which was held for two days from Friday, January 27, 2023.
In addition to the T-shirts and caps that are easy to coordinate with the clothes you already have, while incorporating color schemes and graphics that make the person who picks them up feel gorgeous like the previous collection items, Dear Sisterhood’s select line “JUICE by DSH” (Juice by DSH) new items will also be developed at the same time. No matter what your body type or the season! We will hold an online order event for new items that are easy to wear all year round, filled with the desire to enjoy bright and fashionable everyday.
“Dear Sisterhood” original new concept
[Image 1d40239-62-d7238a130f2c5fb293cd-3.jpg&s3=40239-62-a3ade425c8e2097993a522e5fb875420-1801x2700.jpg
You Need Good Basics!
T-shirt, denim, sneakers and a cap.
The usual me that doesn’t decorate it.
It’s not boring, it’s what makes me shine.
put me at ease and relax
Something that gives you daily performance.
If you have excellent basic items
You get endless options.
put on a shirt
Wearing a sheer top inside
[Image 2d40239-62-9c3fa5d63f808150f764-2.jpg&s3=40239-62-4af6382d6efd150c3fcf4cd0f1b1eebc-1801x2700.jpg
It’s also nice to add some accessories
You can also wear a bandana around your neck.
Even bottoms, other than daily denim
Chino pants to the street
Sporty with a jersey
Like a holiday in sweatpants
School-like with a pleated skirt
Girly with a tiered skirt
Bicolor, point color, or one tone
You can enjoy it depending on your mood of the day.
With excellent basic items, I can be myself.
[Image 3d40239-62-ea76ea5397eba2cda4f4-1.jpg&s3=40239-62-5e6f6695af731b2588939bc870d3ff98-1801x2700.jpg
I think the usual me is you who should be loved.
It’s not boring, it’s what makes me shine.
Director Ayumi Seto’s comments about this collection are as follows. “We wanted you to wear a lot of Dear Sisterhood with your usual outfits, so we designed basic items. They are youthful yet playful, and you won’t get tired of wearing them every day. I want you to incorporate it in spring and summer and enjoy your daily fashion even more!”
Overview of the online order meeting
Date and time: 3/9 (Thursday) to 3/13 (Monday)
Campaign: Hanami Picnic Event
To customers who ordered this new DSH Basic & JUICE item,
Invitation to cherry blossom viewing picnic event by lottery! The application form is included in the order completion email. Get the new DSH Basic & JUICE items and enjoy the cherry blossom viewing event! Please join us!
Cherry-blossom viewing picnic event held
Date: 4/16 (Sun) 14:00-15:30 (scheduled)
Place: Shinjuku Gyoen
Participation fee: Shinjuku Gyoen entrance fee (¥500)
Dress code: Dear Sisterhood clothes
Dear Sisterhood is one of the first apparel brands to join ACROVE in December 2022 through its EC rollup business. We will carry on the spirit of the brand that we have inherited and carefully nurture it so that our customers will be more pleased than ever before. We will continue to strive to become a “bridge that connects people and things”.
“Dear Sisterhood” Director Profile
[Image 4d40239-62-ce3e48635395971ce70e-0.jpg&s3=40239-62-603e1f1b14468d12e1ed2e771577c26b-1800x2700.jpg
Ayumi Seto
The sense full of creativity is attracting attention, and has gained tremendous support from the same generation. Her hobbies such as traveling, watching movies, and interior design are constantly being shared through SNS. There are also many achievements in producing apparel and restaurants.
Dear Sisterhood
Based on the concept of “I want to be surrounded by things I like and things that make my heart flutter, no matter how much I grow up.” We are developing fashion items that express the colorful world of Dear Sisterhod without being bound by trends. .
◆ Overview of ACROVE Co., Ltd.
ACROVE Co., Ltd. is an EC platform company that develops EC service business and EC rollup business.
The “EC service business” provides one-stop, consistent support for improving the brand’s EC sales. We have supported more than 100 companies and achieved sales growth of about 300% on average. The EC Rollup Business aims to maximize brand value through EC brand M&A. Utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated through our EC service business, we have acquired EC and D2C brands that are suffering from lack of human resources, funds, marketing know-how, or business succession. It is a business that delivers products to many consumers. It is also called EC aggregator overseas, and many unicorn companies such as Thrasio have been born.
By simultaneously developing the EC service business and the EC roll-up business, ACROVE Co., Ltd. will provide services that are highly customer-friendly and support the growth of the brand through the synergistic effect between the two businesses.
Company name: ACROVE Co., Ltd. (
Established: November 15, 2018
Representative: Representative Director Shunsuke Arai
Number of employees: 66 (as of February 2023)
Location: Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen 5F, 22-1 Daikyocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015
Business description: EC service business, EC roll-up business

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