Amazon Limited Time Sale Android 12 Cheap Tablet, 5,000 Yen Discount, Final Price 13,910 Yen!!

[Amazon Limited Time Sale] Android 12 Cheap Tablet, 5,000 Yen Discount, Final Price 13,910 Yen!!

AMAZON promotion 4,000 yen discount + discount code: “OM3CSI9U” 1,990 yen discount
The lowest price is only 13910 yen! ! !
Link: (There is also a promotional video at the end of the AMAZON product page)

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N-One NPad Air Android 12 Tablet 10.1 Inch Wi-Fi Model Tablet 4 Core CPU 4GB RAM+64GB ROM+1TB Expandable 1920*1200 IPS Ultra High Resolution Display, 5MP+2MP Dual Camera+6600mAh Battery+Bluetooth 5.0+2.4G /5G Wi-Fi Type-c + Google GMS certified tablet
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The Npad Air uses an immersive 10.1-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a screen ratio of 16:10 for video content, making the field wider and providing a better visual experience.
This large screen gives you a wider field of view. A wide viewing angle provides rich gradation and delicate colors. A beautiful picture was truly reproduced with little change in color even when the angle was changed.
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NPad Air is powered by Android 12, with a simplified system
interaction design and optimized underlying system code to make the tablet run smoother and faster. Experience a redesigned UI for all users, new security-focused privacy features for better privacy control, and the ability to install premium Google services and your favorite third-party apps.
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Link: Promotion Code: OM3CSI9U
Final price: ¥13,910!! (Heart)
Regular price: ¥19,900
AMAZON promotion: 4,000 yen discount
Limited time coupon: 1,990 yen [added] 2023/03/31-4/3

Details about this release:

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