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April 16th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.5 ~Let’s hit Tokyo! ~] Yudai Shigeoka and Ginjiro Shigeoka aim to win the world championship simultaneously for the first time in history.

Kameda Promotion Co., Ltd.
April 16th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.5 ~Let’s hit Tokyo! ~] Yudai Shigeoka and Ginjiro Shigeoka aim to win the world championship simultaneously for the first time in history.

The boxing event “3150FIGHT” produced by Koki Kameda will be held on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium. ~” held a press conference to announce the main card.
At the press conference, it was announced that IBF world minimum weight 4th Ginjiro Shigeoka (Watanabe) and his brother, WBC world minimum weight 4th Yudai Shigeoka (Watanabe), will face the world title match together.
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In the IBF world minimumweight title match held on January 6th at “3150FIGHT vol.4”, Ginjiro Shigeoka challenged fellow class champion Daniel Valladares (Mexico) and advanced the match, but the match ended in an invalid match. rice field. There was a possibility of a rematch, but when it became impossible to participate in the match due to the injury of the left eardrum of Baladares, the IBF decided to compete with Rene Mark Cuarto (Philippines), who was ranked 3rd in the same class at “3150 FIGHT vol.5″. Decided to hold interim championship match.
Daniel Valladares said to Ginjiro Shigeoka and Japanese boxing fans, “Ginjiro is a worthy rival to me. (In the previous match) I could hardly show my true boxing.Next time, I will show the Japanese boxing fans my true ability.”
When Ginjiro Shigeoka heard this comment with a wry smile, he sharply replied, “I don’t think he’s a worthy rival at all. (He and I) have completely different perspectives.”
When asked about his enthusiasm for the interim championship, he said, “Even if I win the interim championship, it’s not a title that I’ll be happy and satisfied with from the bottom of my heart. I think it’s a passing point, and I want to beat him firmly in the next match and win,” he said, expressing his strong determination to win the world title.
My impression of my opponent this time, Rene Mark Quarto, is, “He has more punching power than Valladares, who I fought last time. It’s a boxing style, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I can beat him this time,” he said excitedly.
Founder Koki Kameda said, “The opponent, Rene Mark Quart, is a former champion and a strong player. I hope you will be able to do it.” [Image 2

Yudai Shigeoka, the older brother of Ginjiro Shigeoka, will make his world debut against Panya Pradhavsri (Thailand), the WBC world minimumweight champion and three-time defender.
Yudai Shigeoka commented, “I was able to watch my younger brother Ginjiro’s world war “3150FIGHT vol. 3150FIGHT”, I am very grateful to have prepared a world competition for my 7th professional competition. When asked about his impression of Panya Pradhavsri, he said, “I think he has accumulated several times more career as a professional than me, but I don’t really care about his career. He certainly seems to be a champion in boxing technically, but he is outstanding. It’s not like he’s strong, he doesn’t have the strength to punch, and he doesn’t have the strength to be hit.
He also said, “My brother Ginjiro and I have been practicing martial arts together for about 20 years. So,” he said, looking ahead to the first time in history that both brothers would win the world title at the same time.
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Younger brother Ginjiro Shigeoka said of his older brother, Yudai Shigeoka, “He’s strong as a person. He comes with a hunter-like eye and a strong feeling that he won’t lose to anyone. He has a big body and can’t be beaten, and in a word, he’s “strong”, emphasizing his strength.
On the other hand, the older brother, Yudai Shigeoka, commented on the strengths of the younger brother, Ginjiro Shigeoka, saying, “Compared to myself, my younger brother is doing boxing with a high degree of perfection without any gaps. He is stable without blurring. However, I think it’s a good place,” and evaluated the high degree of perfection. Founder Koki Kameda said, “Like the three Kameda brothers, Yuudai and Ginjiro have worked hard to become world champions, so we were able to create a stage where they could challenge the world together. It’s unprecedented for brothers to become world champions in the same weight class on the same day, so this April 16th, “3150FIGHT vol. I’m really looking forward to it,” he said.
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At the press conference, other cards from “3150 FIGHT vol. Ryuta Miyoshi (KWORLD3) is also a player who has made it to the top, so he has some ability, but his opponent Kotaro Sekine (Watanabe) is also strong, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the match will turn out.” I expected. Regarding Nakagawa Mucha (Ichiriki), he commented, “I had a great match last time and the venue was really excited, so I’m happy to be standing in the ring of ‘3150FIGHT’ again this time.”
As for Akari Oka (KWORLD3) and Hayate Hanada (KWORLD3), who will be making their debuts this time, “Both of them are amateurs with a proven track record and are strong players. ” and sent an ale to the “Golden Rookies” of “3150FIGHT vol.5”.
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The state of this press conference can be viewed in the missed delivery on ABEMA. “3150FIGHT vol.5” will be broadcast exclusively live on all matches for free on the ABEMA boxing channel.
Please look forward to “3150FIGHT vol.5”, which will be held in Tokyo for the first time. 3150! !
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[Table 4: ]
Date: Sunday, April 16, 2023
■ Doors open: 12:30; Scheduled event start: 13:00
■Venue: National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
■ Organizer: Kameda Promotion
■ Sponsors: Sponsor companies
■ Provided: Each participating gym
■ Certification: Japan Boxing Commission
■ “3150FIGHT” official page:
■ “3150FIGHT” Official Instagram: ■ “3150FIGHT” Official Twitter: ■ ABEMA viewing URL: Contact: “KWORLD3 Boxing Gym” 06-6652-4333 (12:00-20:00, closed on Sundays)
[Table 5: ]
[Image 7

●IBF world minimumweight interim title match
Red Corner IBF World Minimum Weight 3rd | Philippines | Rene Marc Quarto VS
Blue Corner IBF World Minimum Weight 4th | Watanabe affiliation | Ginjiro Shigeoka
WBC world minimum class title match
Red Corner WBC World Minimumweight Champion | Thailand | Panya Pradhavsri VS
Blue Corner WBC World Minimum Weight 4th | Watanabe affiliation | Yuta Shigeoka ● Light flyweight 6th round
Red corner KWORLD3 affiliation | Debut match | Shuri Oka
Blue Corner Thailand | Suriya Phetchum
● Super flyweight 6th round
Red corner KWORLD3 affiliation | Debut match | Hayate Hanada VS
Blue Corner Thailand | Surya Kaew Khao
●Super Bantamweight Round 6
Red Corner Esperanza | Ren Kobayashi
Blue corner Watanabe affiliation | Kenshin Hosokawa
– Super lightweight 6th round
Red Corner KWORLD3 | Ryuta Miyoshi
Blue corner Watanabe affiliation | Kotaro Sekine
●Super Bantamweight Round 8
Belongs to Red Corner | Nakagawa Barley Tea (Nakagawa Mugicha) VS
Blue Corner Philippines | Robin Langres
●Other players scheduled to participate Tsubasa Narai (from RK Kamata), Mitsuro Tajima (from KWORLD3)
[Table 6: ]
[Image 8d99967-35-a2d98e878b20cbb96a4d-8.png&s3=99967-35-618937ab04c2f087e68cc273eb5673a6-2477x2478.png
The professional boxing event “3150FIGHT” (Psycho Fight) was launched by Koki Kameda, a former professional boxing champion who won three weight classes in the world. The concept is “to revive the best boxing”.
“3150FIGHT” started in collaboration with ABEMA with the aim of becoming a “platform” where all players can participate regardless of the gym they belong to. All matches will be broadcast live on the ABEMA boxing channel.
“3150FIGHT”, which aims to create the best stage for boxers, aims to become a new era boxing business model by uniting all the dreams of fans and stakeholders.
■ Official website:
■ Official Instagram:
■ Official Twitter:
■ Official Youtube:

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