Austrian Embassy Commercial Section Austrian meat products exports to Japan increase

Austrian Embassy Commercial Section
Austrian meat products exports to Japan increase
Introducing Austrian meat products at “FOODEX JAPAN 2023”

The 2021 import of processed meat products from Austria to Japan will be $1,790,461 (about 242 million yen) and 256,581 kg. The amount of imports has increased about 8 times from 5 years ago. Imports of beef have continued to perform well, doubling from last year.
Combined with the impact of import bans in Germany and Italy following the outbreak of African swine fever, it is expected that imports of high-quality meat products from Austria, sandwiched between the two countries, to Japan will continue to grow.
Austrian meat products are gaining popularity in Japan, as they are comparable in taste and quality to Italian meat products. At the exhibition “FOODEX JAPAN 2023” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 7 (Tuesday) next week, two such Austrian meat product
manufacturers will exhibit. Both companies have extensive experience in dealing with Japan and are looking for import partners.
[Image 1

(C) Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH
■ Greisinger / Greisinger (Booth number: 3C211)
[Image 2

Greisinger processed meat products (C) Greisinger

Austria’s representative processed meat product manufacturer that emphasizes tradition while incorporating cutting-edge technology. Our technology as a meat processing master has been highly evaluated in more than 40 countries around the world, and we are trusted as a reliable partner that can respond flexibly.


■Machya / Norbert Marcher (Booth number: 3C216)
A traditional family-run company and the largest producer of meat products in Austria. We manufacture a wide range of products, including beef and pork raw materials, processed meat products, and alternative meat products.
Annually, about 160,000 cows and about 1 million pigs are processed into about 40 million sliced ​​hams and sausages, and about 200 million patties and burgers, which are exported to 40 countries on four continents.

[Overview of FOODEX JAPAN 2023 Austrian Pavilion Exhibition] Date: March 7 (Tue) – 10 (Fri), 2023 10:00 – 17:00 (16:30 on the last day) [Image 3

(C) Norbert Marcher
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth number: 3C200 (East Hall 3)
Exhibit contents: Introduction of exhibiting companies and products, and tasting *FOODEX JAPAN 2023 pavilion exhibition information *FOODEX JAPAN 2023 Austrian Pavilion Exhibitor Catalog (PDF)
[Foodex Japan 2023 Austria Seminar Overview]
Seminar 1 “Rapidly expanding noteworthy production area of ​​Carinthia and representative production area of ​​the Danube river basin Austrian wine”
Date: March 9, 2023 (Thursday) 11:00 – 11:40
Seminar 2 “Organic advanced country Austria – high quality plant-based healthy ingredients”
Date: 1st March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) 14:00 – 14:40
2nd March 9, 2023 (Thursday) 14:00 – 14:40
Organizer: ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Tokyo (Embassy of Austria, Commercial Section) Common to Seminars 1 and 2
Venue: Foodex Overseas Exhibitor Seminar Venue (East Hall 3) Application: (FOODEX visitor registration required separately)
[ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Tokyo (Austrian Embassy Commercial Section)] As a trade agency of the Austrian Federal Office of Industry (WKO), which has about 100 offices in more than 70 countries around the world, we provide a wide range of support for the business activities of Austrian companies operating outside Austria and partner companies with Austria.
As an organization that represents Austria’s economy, we exhibit pavilions at various exhibitions in order to introduce Austria’s outstanding products, technologies, and services to the Japanese people.
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