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Beat Co., Ltd. The 4th official goods of the Japan Sumo Association produced by BE AT TOKYO are now on sale!

Beat Co., Ltd.
The 4th official goods of the Japan Sumo Association produced by BE AT TOKYO are on sale!
The 4th edition, which will be released on March 11, 2023, will release 4 types of T-shirts!

Based on the concept of “discovery, multiplication, and story”, the project “BE AT TOKYO” that creates a culture that has not yet been seen from Tokyo, and ABEMA Ozumo LIVE, which has been disseminating new ways to enjoy sumo and the charm of sumo through online
distribution, will be the Japanese sumo wrestling. Produced the official goods of the association. We aim to make sumo more accessible to young people by combining BEA AT TOKYO’s strength of cultural creativity that attracts young people. Beginning in September 2022, this time, which will be the 4th installment, a T-shirt collection focusing on 8 powerful wrestlers will be released!
BEA AT TOKYO will release the 4th official goods of the Japan Sumo Association in accordance with the March 2023 place.
[Image 1

At the first place, the third collaboration collection with the manga “Bakimichi” that uses newly drawn illustrations will be launched. The event was a great success, with the opening of a stand-alone booth at the Kokugikan for the first time, and the opening of a pop-up shop at Laforet Harajuku.
[Image 2

This time, the quartet of wrestlers Ozeki Takakage who challenges the “Tsunatori”, Wakataka Kageseki and Wakamoto Haruseki who are active as brothers, Shoen Seki, Midori Fuji Seki, Endo Seki, and Ura Seki won the November tournament. Aen Seki, who played the role, has been incorporated into a design inspired by culture such as HIP HOP and movies.
In addition, a pop-up shop will be held from March 11 (Sat) to March 21 (Tue) at “BEAMS Namba”, which is very close to the March place venue, Edion Arena Osaka. At the pop-up shop, not only the 4-type T-shirts that will be launched in March, but also some of the three collections so far, such as the “Bakimichi” collaboration goods that were released in January. You can see it.
In addition, BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU (Laforet Harajuku 6F) will also be available for pre-sale from March 11th. It will also be sold at the BE AT TOKYO online shop in Rakuten Fashion at a later date.
[Release location]
・Beams Namba pop-up shop
Date: March 11 (Sat) – March 21 (Tue/Holiday)
Business hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Address: Namba CITY Main Building B1F, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0076
Phone number: 06-6635-2601
・BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU (Laforet Harajuku 6F)
Sales start date: Saturday, March 11
Business hours: 11:00 – 20:00
Address: 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Phone number: 03-4400-6716
・ BE AT TOKYO online shop in Rakuten Fashion
*The release date is undecided.
[Special website] 【Product list】
March location collection

[Image 3d74688-59-6ddafcf5db2377773f00-2.jpg&s3=74688-59-11e7c960836cadfd00fb1e04432c1cf5-3000x1500.jpg
Left: Takakage Wakamoto/Haru Wakamoto T-shirt
¥6,600- (tax included)
Right: Ah T-shirt
¥6,600- (tax included)
[Image 4d74688-59-c006e508f82c9e18e580-3.jpg&s3=74688-59-914d2743df93796bdabb56c715bdf1b0-3000x1500.jpg
Left: Takakeisho T-shirt
¥6,600- (tax included)
Right: Midorifuji/Endo/Shoenaru/Ura T-shirt
¥6,600- (tax included)
■ What is Beat Co., Ltd.?
“BE AT TOKYO” started in 2020. By mutually utilizing the highly original know-how of both companies, such as Beams’ “connoisseur” and “culture creation”, and Flow Plato’s “implementation ability” and “creativity that crosses real and online”, Established with the aim of realizing a society where people can live by creating.
What is ABEMA?
“ABEMA” is a video distribution business that aims to innovate television and develop it as a “new future television”. No
registration is required, and about 20 channels in a variety of genres, including the only 24-hour news channel in Japan, original dramas, romance programs, anime, and sports, are broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition, the number of original episodes boasts Japan’s No. 1 (*) among domestic video services, and the total number of episodes is always over 30,000. In addition, we have a wide lineup of works such as hot new movies, popular domestic and international dramas, topical animations, and online live performances of various music and stage performances. In addition to enjoying works at any time, such as TV and on-demand, you can watch programs that suit your lifestyle regardless of location on smartphones, PCs, tablets, TV devices, Nintendo Switch, etc. In addition, if you register for ABEMA Premium for 960 yen per month, you can enjoy “ABEMA” even more by viewing limited content and using all functions of “ABEMA” such as “video download function” and “missed comment function”. (*) As of January 2022, in-house research
■Company profile
Company name: beat Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: Friday, January 8, 2021
Representative: Representative Director / Hiroshi Doi
Location: 4th floor, 3-24-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Capital: ¥10,000,000
Business: Media business / Product development and sales business in collaboration with companies and creators / Content planning and production / Support for creators
Instagram: @be_at_Tokyo
Twitter: @BE_AT_TOKYO

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