CBC TV Co., Ltd. An additional cast has been decided to appear in episode 5 of the ultra-private room conversa tion drama “Makura Kotoba” that unfolds only on the bed!

Dear Members of the Media,
CBC Television Co., Ltd.
The additional cast for episode 5 of the ultra-private room
conversation drama “Makura Kotoba” that unfolds only on the bed has been decided!

 CBC TV will broadcast a short drama “Makurakotoba” with the theme of “Pillow Talk” for 8 consecutive nights from March 20th (Monday) to March 27th (Monday), 2023. All eight episodes are composed of an omnibus style, and two people with different circumstances appear each time. We will deliver 15 minutes late at night that will make you want to think about the “conversation & voice of your heart” exchanged because of each relationship.
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Episode 5 will be a linked episode with the anime “X Anime Lonely Anata” that will be aired just before “Makura Kotoba”! The additional cast that you are interested in is Toshiki Seto (27), a handsome actor who continues to expand the range of roles from romance to Yankee comedy and BL works, and Akina Ikeda (21), who is also attracting attention for her natural acting and “reiwa baseball girl”. ) has been decided! The distorted relationship between Satoru Natsume (Toshiki Seto) and Satsuki Yoshikawa (Akuna Ikeda). What is the line between love and beyond?
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Toshiki Seto
[Image 3d15357-980-28593cead0054c32635a-2.jpg&s3=15357-980-93cd568dca1083225717a14f6a4a267e-1800x2700.jpg
Akina Ikeda
From Episode 5 “Robot and Two People”
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■ What is the CBC TV short drama “Makurakotoba”?
The smallest unit where you can’t hide your true feelings… that’s the bed! The minimum unit where the difference between men and women comes out… it’s on the bed!
Does a talkative man who usually talks a lot shut up?
Or a woman who talks like a dong?
A story of a super private room that unfolds only with conversations on the bed. A 15-minute pillow talk that unfolds on the bed.
There are comedy episodes, suspense developments, and serious episodes! ? Various combinations of two people are developed only with
“conversation on the bed & voice of the heart”.
We will show the course of the two people who will encounter misunderstandings and misunderstandings in the course of their search. Super private room conversation drama!
#1 Shotaro: Yuji Tsubone Yuri: Kaho Takada
#2 Shinjiro Oda: Shogo Hama Arisa Katano: Marin
#3 Taiki Yoshida: Takuma Izawa Mari Ito: Erika Denya
#4 Matsubara: Junki Totsuka Yumi: Airi Matsui
#5 Satoru Natsume: Toshiki Seto, Satsuki Yoshikawa: Akina Ikeda Broadcast date: March 20 (Mon) to March 27 (Mon), 2023 (scheduled) Broadcast time: 15 minutes from 25:00 to 26:00 (broadcast time changes daily) Broadcast Area: CBC Television Local Area Broadcast
Production cooperation: Kmax
Production work: CBC TV
Delivery: TVer · Locipo missed delivery decision
       U-NEXT All episodes unlimited viewing decision
HP link: https://hicbc.com/tv/makurakotoba/
■ “X Anime Lonely You” Official Page
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