Convenience store specialized recruitment service “Shot Works Convenience Store” 1,000 yen gift certificat e gift campaign will be held from April 1st

Tsunagu Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Convenience store specialized recruitment service “Shot Works Convenience Store” 1,000 yen gift certificate gift campaign will be held from April 1st
-Increase the probability of winning by increasing the number of times you work during the target period! Presents to 500 people by lottery-
“Shotworks convenience store (, a matching service specializing in convenience stores operated by Tsunagu Group HC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tokihisa Kambayashi), our consolidated subsidiary. /?npr=1)” is a lottery campaign for those who applied and went to work through “Shot Works Convenience Store” during the period from Saturday, April 1, 2023 to Sunday, April 23, 2023. We will inform you that we will carry out.
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■ Campaign Overview
From “Shot Works Convenience Store”, 500 people will receive an Amazon gift card (email type) worth 1,000 yen by lottery from those who applied for a part-time job during the campaign period and “worked” at least once!
You can get a lottery right for each “work”, so the more you work, the more likely you are to win! Please take this opportunity to make the most of your experience working at a convenience store and try to work in your spare time★Please check the “Notes” column for the definition of “going to work” and other notes. ■ Gift contents
・Amazon gift card (email type) worth 1,000 yen for 500 people Lottery campaign target working days
April 1, 2023 (Sat)-April 23, 2023 (Sun) Campaign target
・ All those who have applied for a part-time job during the target period from “Shot Works Convenience Store” and have been certified as “working” at least once from the store. If you meet the conditions, you will be automatically entered into the campaign.
■ About lottery results and shipping
・Prizes will be shipped to winners by May 2023.・The result of the lottery will be returned to the e-mail address registered with Shotworks by sending the prize. ■ Notes (Please read carefully) ・ Apply through “Shot Works Convenience Store” and the “going to work” certification from the store where you work will be eligible for the campaign.・Certification of “late arrival/early departure” is not eligible for the campaign.・Please contact your employer directly regarding any errors in your attendance status.・It is not possible to change the attendance status of applicants at “Shot Works Convenience Store”.・You will not be eligible for the campaign if you fall under the conditions for suspending use of “Shot Works Convenience Store”, such as withdrawing from membership or absenteeism without notice during or after the period.・An Amazon gift card (email type) will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the Shotworks member information.・We cannot compensate for non-delivery of e-mails due to changes in e-mail addresses, reception settings, etc.・Rights will be invalidated if unauthorized use (fictional, impersonation, possession of multiple accounts, etc.) is recognized.・The announcement of the winner will be returned when the prize is shipped.・We will send an Amazon gift card (email type) to the winners who have been confirmed to work at the store at the time of tallying.・The lottery will be strictly conducted in-house, so we cannot answer the lottery method.・The contents of this campaign are subject to change without notice due to the circumstances of the campaign management office. * This campaign is sponsored by Tsunagu Group HC Co., Ltd. * Amazon does not accept inquiries regarding this campaign. Please use the “Shotworks Convenience Store” inquiry form
( * Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. ■ What is “Shot Works Convenience Store”?
“Shot Works Convenience Store” is a matching service specializing in convenience store part-time jobs that connects convenience store experienced people who want to work for only one day at any time of their choice and stores who want to fill their vacant shifts with immediate force.
(Exclusive site URL:
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Convenience store experience, no interview, no resume, 30 minutes before the start of work
You can apply up to More than 95% of stores will pay salaries in cash after work, so you can immediately convert your spare time into money. ■Company Profile
Company name: Tsunagu Group HC Co., Ltd. Location: 3-1-16 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061, Jimbocho North Tokyu Building 1F Representative: Tokihisa Uebayashi, President URL:

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