Crevo Co., Ltd. Video production service “VideoWorks” registered by 13,000 professional creators announces “Creator 100 Best 2022”

Crevo Inc.
“VideoWorks”, a video production service registered by 13,000 professional creators, announces “100 Creators Selection 2022” – Top 100 creators highly rated by clients –

Crevo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kensuke Shibata, hereinafter referred to as “Crevo”), which operates Japan’s largest video production platform “VideoWorks”, will launch “Crevo” in 2022. 100 Famous Selections” was announced. This selection of 100 creators was selected from among the 13,000 creators registered with
VideoWorks, and 100 professional creators who were particularly active in 2022 and who are currently running at the forefront were selected and honored for their achievements.
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“VideoWorks Creator 100 Great Selection 2022” special site:
About the 100 Best Creators of VideoWorks 2022
“Creator 100 Best Selection” is an award that recognizes 100 creators selected by the video production platform “VideoWorks” based on its own index based on the concept of “supporting the brilliance of creators”. We make an announcement once a year in order to realize the philosophy of Crevo, which operates it, “to create a creator economic zone for the new era of video.”
This time, the second time since last year, the number of creators was selected from about 13,000, an increase of about 2,000 from the previous year. In 2022, VideoWorks will award 100 creators who have achieved many achievements and received high praise, with respect for creators who have created wonderful video works and heartfelt support for their further activities.
About selection
The top 100 creators are selected from the creators registered in VideoWorks by comprehensively quantifying the number of orders, order unit price, orderer evaluation, and quality of video production requests received on the platform.
The list of award winners is posted on the special site below. Special site:
Comments from award-winning creators
@m** (Director, CG/Animator)
It’s been 3-4 years since I started working with Videoworks. The best thing about Videoworks is that you can produce from the creator’s point of view.
The tools are much easier to use than those of other companies, and thanks to you, communication with the client has become smoother, allowing us to concentrate on production.
As various products and services are born, I would be very happy if I could continue to produce videos that meet the needs of companies and viewers through Videoworks.
@ayc*** (CG, animator, illustrator)
We are honored to be selected as one of the 100 Best Creators in VideoWorks 2022.
Thanks to VideoWorks, I was able to be involved in various projects even though I lived in a rural area.
An easy-to-understand animation that touches your heart.
I work while searching for the best way to express the request and what I think is good in the best balance. I would like to continue to create works that are useful to everyone while expanding the possibilities of animation expression.
@ste*** (Director, CG/Animator)
During the project progress, I sometimes worry about meeting the expectations of the client, but there are many cases that lead to learning, and I feel that I have grown each time.
We often receive orders for business animations (infographic videos), but we are particularly focused on scenario proposals. Recently, we are actively conducting research and analysis using AI. I feel the need to process more information as much as it has become convenient. We will continue to push forward so that we can acquire as many repeat projects as possible!
About VideoWorks
A video production platform that connects professional video creators and companies
[Image 2d6966-151-1c2021acf8b0c7d145df-1.png&s3=6966-151-b1165a69039379c92ddbfc14cc0ec5fc-3472x661.png
Japan’s largest video production service that enables companies to directly connect with professional video creators to produce “cheap,” “quick,” and “high-quality” videos. That is “VideoWorks”.
We have more than 13,000 professional creators in Japan and overseas. you can meet
Click here for a list of VideoWorks creators: In addition to the award-winning creators this time, a wide variety of creators are registered.
In the press release below, we introduce creators with specialized knowledge and skills in specialized fields such as “short videos” and “metaverse”, as well as their production achievements.
▶ Short movie: ▶ Metaverse: -Click here to register as a requesting company- -Click here to register as a creator-
About Crevo
[Image 3d6966-151-c7fd5241e4a7a4431549-2.png&s3=6966-151-816e716c1dabee980f76f9192734e6e6-278x66.png
Crevo’s mission is to create a creator economic zone for the new age of video, and we aim to build an infrastructure that maximizes creative value. As a comprehensive creative company with all kinds of knowledge about video, we provide production functions that boast a track record of producing over 7,000 videos for 2,000 companies, from TV commercials for major companies and startups to SNS videos. ■ About Crevo Inc.
Company name: Crevo Inc. (English name: Crevo Inc.)
Business description: Video production and operation of the video production service “VideoWorks”
Representative: Kensuke Shibata, Representative Director
Location: Frontier Nakameguro 3F, 2-10-15 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2012

Details about this release:

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