CyberAgent, Inc. Anime Business Headquarters July 2023 broadcast decision TV animation “Liar Liar”, the se cond special PV has been released!

CyberAgent, Inc. Animation Division
July 2023 broadcast decision TV animation “Liar Liar”, the second special PV has been released!
And we will deliver the state of the first event stage “TV animation ‘Liar Liar’ absolutely unbeatable stage in Anime Japan 2023” where the main cast gathered!

CyberAgent, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Susumu Fujita, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market: Securities Code 4751) is an absolutely unbeatable school brain that is being published very popularly from KADOKAWA’s light novel label “MF Bunko J”. The second special PV of the game & romantic comedy original TV animation “Liar Liar” was released on Sunday, March 26th. Also, on March 26th (Sunday), we will release the event “TV Anime ‘Liar Liar’ Absolutely Unbeatable Stage in Anime Japan 2023” held at the TOKYO MX special stage of Anime Japan 2023. .
[Image 1

■The 2nd PV of the TV anime “Liar Liar” has been released!
On March 26, 2023 (Sunday), the second PV of the TV anime “Liar Liar” was released. In addition to Noa Akizuki and Tsumugi Shiina, the moving figures of the additional characters that were lifted on March 20 (Monday) will be released. Please look forward to the anime broadcast in July while listening to the lines of Hiroto, Shirayuki, Sarasa, and the school principal Ichinose, who could not be heard in the first installment.
・ 2nd bulletin PV:
[Video 2:] ■The event “TV Anime ‘Liar Liar’ You Can Never Lose In Anime Japan 2023″ event has been released!
On March 26, 2023 (Sunday), AnimeJapan2023 was held at Tokyo Big Sight on the special stage of the TOKYO MX booth. rice field.
Genta Nakamura as Hiroto Shinohara, Shina Shuto as Shirayuki Himeji, Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji, Rika Tachibana as Noa Akizuki, and Yurika Moriyama as Tsumugi Shiina will be on stage. In addition to showing the charm of anime and the secret story of post-recording, a duel-game-that you can never lose, we also announced new information such as the lifting of the ban on the second promotional PV. On the stage, after talking about self-introductions, impressions of the work, and secret stories of dubbing, etc., we delivered a lot of things, such as the “ game corner ” that is the main event of this time.
Just like the main characters, who are engaged in a passionate duel – a game – in the work, we played a duel in a warm but friendly manner. The winner of the game played with the audience was Yurika Moriyama, who played the role of Tsumugi Shiina. “I’m so happy!”
The TV anime “Liar Liar”, which released additional casts and a new key visual on March 20th, was the first time that the event was attended by the cast, and the stage was filled with excitement from beginning to end.
[Image 2d85936-112-a062f7f8a3948af5c6d5-1.jpg&s3=85936-112-c9fc6b9ab9635da1f1dcf55af1acc6a6-1479x1109.jpg
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■ Enthusiastic comments about the cast’s anime
[Image 4d85936-112-05fa06f22fd4be3b8e65-4.png&s3=85936-112-89d1a376c2c86b3065bf40828f9c44ea-1180x1080.png
Yurika Moriyama: Actually putting it up in front of everyone as a “Liar Liar” event, I was able to realize that “It’s finally started!” From now on, I can’t wait for the anime to air! Let’s look forward to it together until July!
[Image 5d85936-112-264c17c063ebfd7d481b-7.png&s3=85936-112-0914f43200c287200535b26bada36c75-1180x1080.png
Rika Tachibana: When recording, I read over the original and the script a lot. It’s a very attractive and fun original, so please read it again before the anime broadcasts and prepare for it! We are looking forward to hearing your impressions of “Noa-chan is cute (heart)” on Twitter! Thank you!
[Image 6d85936-112-784083f2305ed89c38d7-6.png&s3=85936-112-8aa25150e2a4a36dc05ca5212eeccdd9-1180x1080.png
Wakana Kuramochi: I am very happy to be able to stand in front of everyone for the first time as Sarasa Saionji in “Liar Liar”. It was a lot of fun to be able to talk about the charm of anime! You can listen to the character’s voice ahead of time on YouTube, so please watch the video and wait for the anime to air!
[Image 7d85936-112-3f21019d62643d85cd8b-9.png&s3=85936-112-57733897131867ebf1853e65e27c83e9-1180x1080.png
Shina Shuto: Actually, it was my first time playing a heroine, and I was really nervous. I was very happy to be able to talk about the story of “Liar Liar” with the cast on this stage. The second PV was also unveiled for the first time today, so I can’t wait for the broadcast even more! Please look forward to the anime broadcast while reading the original! Thank you for your continued support of Liar Liar!
[Image 8d85936-112-65d68a69f80b2aabe264-5.png&s3=85936-112-d0501a9421d8edbb814e22a39562e547-1180x1080.png
Genta Nakamura: I want to watch the broadcast in July with everyone! I think. I’m looking forward to it too, so let’s look forward to the broadcast in July together! The original animation is really interesting! A new issue has also been released, so please read it to enjoy the anime! Let’s enjoy “Liar Liar” together!
■Start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from July 2023!
The TV anime “Liar Liar” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Asahi, Sun TV, and various distribution sites from July 2023.
Please wait for a follow-up report for the detailed broadcast schedule. ■ Synopsis of “Liar Liar”
A school island – academy – where students play a duel – a game – to decide their rank.
I, Hiroto Shinohara, achieved the highest score ever in the entrance exam to Gakuenjima, which is the most difficult exam in Japan. Seven Stars -Seven Stars-”.
–Oh, of course, that’s all a lie.
In order for me to fulfill my purpose on Academy Island, I must continue to reign at the top, even if it’s just a lie.
If that’s the case, I’ll use everything from the cheating of the beautiful maid Himeji who assists me as the master, to the accomplice relationship with Saionji, who was actually a fake young lady. Well then, let’s begin the lie that controls the world.
Win everything with lies and wit. The school brain game is about to begin! ■ TV animation “Liar Liar” work information
Original: Haruki Kuoi (MF Bunko J “Liar Liar” / published by KADOKAWA) Character draft: konomi (kinoko only) Yukina Funa
Director: Satoru Ohno Naoki Matsuura
Series composition: Momoka Toyoda
Character design: Yumi Nakamura
Color design: Yasuya Yuki
Art Director: Park Ji Woo
Technical Director: Bo-Lun Tsai
Editing: Keisuke Yanagi
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Music: Kuniyuki Takahashi (MONACA) Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA) Music production: MONACA CyberAgent
Animation production: GEEKTOYS
Production: Liar Liar Production Committee
Hiroto Shinohara: Genta Nakamura
Himeji Shirayuki: Shina Shudo
Saionji Sarasa: Kuramochi Wakana
Akizuki love: Rika Tachibana
Tsumugi Shiina: Yurika Moriyama
Ami Kagaya: Hibiki Yamamura
Natsume Ichinose: Houko Kuwashima
Maple Tatara: Momoko Seto
Yuki Tsuji: Mai Mochizuki
Seiran Kugasaki: Jun Fukuyama
Kazami Suzuran: Tokui blue sky
Shinji Enomoto: Junya Enoki
Nanase Asamiya: Saori Onishi
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube Channel:
Copyright notice: (C) 2023 Haruki Kuoi/KADOKAWA/Liar Liar Production Committee ■ The 13th volume of the original novel “Liar Liar” will be released on Saturday, March 25, 2023!
The latest volume 13 of the original novel “Liar Liar” was released on Saturday, March 25, 2023.
[Image 9d85936-112-5690c49899d31f749418-3.jpg&s3=85936-112-5ba3953b6f179bebbda151378267ae92-1241x1760.jpg

・ Volume 13 outline
I, Hiroto Shinohara, escaped from the worst situation of confinement by any means possible and made a last-minute entry to the 3rd semester school district competition.
Under the command of Enomoto, they joined Eimei Academy, which had managed to hold out, and finally raised the smoke of a counterattack. What awaits them is Ohka Gakuen, which has become super powerful with the addition of Saionji and the Izumi sisters, Nakiri Raika’s Amanezaka Gakuen, and Albion, led by Harutora Ochi, who is aiming for an 8-star promotion.
Honestly, they’re all too tough, but this time it’s all-out war. The time has come to turn the false strongest billboard into the true strongest of Gakuenjima using every possible means!
■ CyberAgent Company Profile
Company name: CyberAgent, Inc.
Location: Abema Towers, 40-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 18, 1998
Capital: 7,239 million yen (as of the end of September 2022) Representative: Susumu Fujita, Representative Director
Business description: Media business, Internet advertising business, game business, investment development business

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