Delivery starts on March 31 The 2023 Shichi-Go-San catalog with new costumes is complete! One book like an art photo book filled with the seriousness of the 100-year-old photo studio can be viewed on the web.

Lakan Studio Co., Ltd.
[Delivery starts on March 31] The 2023 Shichi-Go-San catalog with new costumes is complete! One book like an art photo book filled with the seriousness of the 100-year-old photo studio can be viewed on the web. We will give you a discount coupon for those who request the materials. Please pay attention to the latest Shichi-Go-San catalog that is worth reading. We are also looking for 2024 catalog models.
Rakan Studio Co., Ltd. (Location: 8-7-3 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo; Representative Director Kan Suzuki), which operates 26 photo studios nationwide, has released a 2023 Shichi-Go-San catalog “Little Star” delivery has started. At the same time, the WEB catalog is also published on the official website. This year’s theme is “Now, classics are new.” Along with dramatic and impactful photographs produced by comprehensive professional production, various reading contents are also posted. Please request a book filled with the seriousness of Rakan Studio.
Shichi-Go-San catalog like an art photo book, delivery start! Every year, the Shichigosan catalog “Little Star” contains many photos taken in new costumes. The 2023 version has been completed, and we have started shipping it to those who have requested the materials from March 31 (Friday). One book with an impact like an art photo book can also be viewed on the web. If you request it from HP, you can see it immediately.
[Image 1d87871-48-2cf396c5c50130ac387e-3.jpg&s3=87871-48-42502b481e3226b54c155fe8cb8e4e17-1300x900.jpg
The theme of this year’s catalog is “Now, classics are new.” Rakan Studio proposes “classic photos” accumulated over 100 years as “one-of-a-kind Shichigosan photos = new things.” Lighting that skillfully captures light and shadow, composition and poses that bring out the beauty of the model, and a three-dimensional studio set with a story. In addition, you can check the comprehensive production power of Rakan Studio, such as accessories, costumes, dressing, hair and makeup. A wealth of content is also available, such as family kimono coordination photos, shooting experience reports, and corridor studio exploration. You can enjoy it as a reading material.
■ WEB catalog form
[Image 2d87871-48-a0de1a439527f31ad56a-2.jpg&s3=87871-48-fc0ec9707d1f092af9b9d47b3cb77335-1300x900.jpg
[Image 3d87871-48-a1a933a27ed1d23f988e-5.jpg&s3=87871-48-dee1b3c8b3d1f0257cfe0363076ba8ca-1300x900.jpg
[Image 4d87871-48-e7e1bb15fc87dee3c785-0.jpg&s3=87871-48-6e04826d7018b12393c3272d2adde099-1300x900.jpg
[Image 5d87871-48-056a57c8c7c2a08db9a6-1.jpg&s3=87871-48-f37a7682439c19b7f492c10a74c04d1d-1300x900.jpg
We are looking for 2024 catalog models!
Looking ahead to 2024, we have started recruiting models for the Shichigosan catalog “Little Star”. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear the latest cute kimonos and dresses, get your hair and makeup done, and have your photos taken by a professional photographer. A special model experience is likely to become a lifetime memory. Please check the latest catalog and website for application requirements.
[Image 6d87871-48-d66ff35efbd3bf0f407e-13.jpg&s3=87871-48-a9671dc5f57321039bc04bc2cd0ade72-1300x900.jpg
[Image 7d87871-48-01bc5e209cca03f19a0f-15.jpg&s3=87871-48-29cc76ac4d16062aae0d0bbeb3838cae-900x1300.jpg
[Image 8d87871-48-b528ed21ee538b3c9d9d-14.jpg&s3=87871-48-c84241f73db986d44533b9edac0c16dc-900x1300.jpg
Request materials and get discount coupons
Kimono rental for the Shichi-Go-San festival will start in the fall of 2023. New costumes are arriving one after another, including the popular brand Jill Stuart. When requesting materials, we will give you a discount coupon that can be used for Shichi-Go-San photography, so please take advantage of it.
[Image 9d87871-48-7ee1c3979b2cfc68ce22-7.jpg&s3=87871-48-5ac70011d5dfdce60af3f34fee7294b9-900x1300.jpg
[Image 10d87871-48-8e3b8a8a23f7e60e319d-6.jpg&s3=87871-48-9d83fc0e4fc6f1a167e871e67de9a1df-900x1300.jpg
[Image 11d87871-48-feeb91c632bcdffbef78-8.jpg&s3=87871-48-8b779e01a7c325a129387d1206059447-900x1300.jpg
[Image 12d87871-48-96d1cd43b5567a545a13-9.jpg&s3=87871-48-eae012410042997b7345f87e99a7e28c-900x1300.jpg
[Image 13d87871-48-3fa7162f456c7e818465-11.jpg&s3=87871-48-324aaa2d4c6f48359ee7ee6222651342-900x1300.jpg
[Image 14d87871-48-14965f29e66ada457863-10.jpg&s3=87871-48-e99448faa5201b9aceaa3500e96bf983-900x1300.jpg

Company Profile
Company name: Rakan Studio Co., Ltd.
Location: 8-7-3 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo
Representative name: Kan Suzuki, Representative Director
Established: February 1965
Business: Photo studio business, costume rental and sales business, digital lab ●Related sites
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