Discord Banned to all PlayStation5(R) users!! Discord voice chat available from PS5(TM) console

Ban on all PlayStation5 (R) users !! Discord voice chat available from PS5 (TM) console

Discord (Headquarters: San Francisco, USA, CEO: Jason Citron), which provides voice, video, and text communication services globally, will start today (March 8, 2023 Japan time) on the desktop, using PS5 (TM). We are excited to announce that Discord voice chat is now available on web, consoles and smartphones.
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For nearly eight years, Discord has been the go-to place for people to chat while playing their favorite games on PC, mobile, and consoles. And now, with Discord now available on PS5, more players around the world can connect with friends and play the games they love, wherever they are.
While playing on PS5, you can chat with your Discord friends about everything from daily life to games, and enjoy multiplayer with people playing on PCs, smartphones, and other Discord compatible game consoles. You can
Here are some things to keep in mind when using Discord voice chat on PS5. How to link your PlayStation Network account with Discord
Have you previously linked an external connection to your Discord profile, or have a “Linked Role”
(https://discord.com/blog/connected-accounts-functionality-boost-linked-roles) in the community you are participating in? For Discord users who have acquired, the method of linking the PlayStation Network account and the Discord account is almost the same.
First, let’s make sure your PS5 is fully updated to the latest system software. Please see here
(https://www.playstation.com/ja-jp/support/hardware/ps5/system-software/) for how to update PS5.
Discord users, whether desktop, web, or mobile, can initiate account connection from User Settings [Image 2d107564-6-9892e8c366bae2d42ff3-1.png&s3=107564-6-cfd001eb8b368a763928c12ac54ae23e-1286x780.png
“Connect” page for linking PlayStation(R)Network account and Discord account Once users have signed in and linked their accounts, they will be able to voice chat with their Discord friends on PS5, regardless of platform.
(If you’ve previously linked your PlayStation Network account to view the games you’re playing, you’ll need to link your account again on your PS5 to grant the necessary permissions. On the other hand, your PS5( TM) If you have already linked your account to use Discord voice chat while participating in the beta test, you do not need to link again)
How to Use Discord Voice Chat on PS5
Once you’ve linked your Discord and PlayStation accounts, it’s time to chat with your Discord friends on PS5.
In the Discord app on your phone, you’ll see a new button called “Join with PlayStation” when you slide the “Audio” control up, or if you’re opening Discord from the desktop app, you’ll see a button that looks like a phone and a game controller side by side. It shows.
[Image 3d107564-6-6385723bdda83dfbe71a-2.png&s3=107564-6-4fcfb35174e46a331b3e53181f31b0a4-1600x739.png
Next, you’ll be asked to select which game console you’d like to transfer your voice chat to, so select PlayStation.
Everything you know and love about Discord is available on the PS5 console. You can lower the volume of others, see the name of the audio channel you are currently on, or end the call. Furthermore, if you use the built-in microphone of the DualSense(TM) controller, you can start talking more quickly.
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Using Discord voice chat on PS5 while playing the game in the background If you need further guidance, please visit our Help Center page. https://support.discord.com/hc/en/articles/4419534960919
What is Discord
Founded in 2015, Discord is a voice, video and text communication service with a mission to create a space for everyone to find their place. With over 150 million monthly active users on 19 million servers, Discord helps friends and communities of all types—gaming, clubs, study groups, artists and creators—to come together and explore their interests. To do. Discord also offers a premium version of its subscription called Nitro, which offers users perks like higher quality streaming and fun customization.
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