“Dual sword style of enka and shigin” Junko Ishihara “First Ginkai” held

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“Dual sword style of enka and shigin” Junko Ishihara “First Ginkai” held 35th anniversary of his debut as an enka singer, 5 years since he opened a shigin class.

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Enka singer Jyuko Ishihara held a shigin class in Tokyo and Osaka as the master of the shigin “Isui Ryujunpukai”, and held the first ginkai on February 17 at the Tokyo venue, 3. It was held at the Osaka venue on May 6th.
In the poetry class taught by Junko Ishihara as the head of the school, there are “hobby and health classes” for the purpose of maintaining health, “improvement classes” for improving skills and abilities, “development classes” for aiming to become masters in the future, and the corona crisis. There are a total of 5 classes, including the newly established “remote class” and “beginner class” that face-to-face classes are no longer possible, and on this day, the students of each class presented the results of their daily lessons. At the beginning of the first ginkai, Junko Ishihara gave words of encouragement to all the participating students, saying, “Please relax and enjoy yourself so that you can demonstrate your daily
achievements!” rice field.
More than 30 people participated in each venue, and each performed their own throat, and finally, the head of the school (Joko Ishihara) sang “Konan no Haru”, which is suitable for this time of year. Ginei was also performed, and the venue was fascinated by his skill. At the end of the meeting, all of the participants sang together the first set of shigin poems, “Kousei,” and the meeting ended with a solemn yet powerful rendition of shigin.
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We asked Ishihara, who finished the first ginkai, about his thoughts on shigin. ◆After the First Ginkai
Although we were unable to hold classes due to the corona crisis, thanks to all of you, we were able to welcome the 5th year since we opened the shigin class this year. Shigin has various forms of presentation such as solitary gin, gogin, rengin, composition gin. By continuing for 7 or 10 years, the range of shigin you acquire will expand. I hope you will enjoy it. From now on, I would like to create more lessons and presentations that will motivate everyone.
About coexistence with enka singer
At the time, I was in my mid-twenties, but before my father passed away, my health deteriorated. He told me, “I want you to revive Isuiryu when you turn 50,” and I casually promised him. I myself never imagined that I would be able to sing for 35 years, but I told the president of the agency, “It’s a traditional Japanese performing art, and it’s not a completely different genre, so why not try it within the scope of what you can do? and decided. I’m the only instructor, so it’s still a long way off to make it bigger, but I’m doing it carefully and diligently.
Seeing everyone’s hard work in shigin up close, I sometimes think of the word “starter” when I think of myself at the time of my debut. I’m spending my days thinking that I shouldn’t forget, but I’m inspired by everyone’s appearance, and I’m going to do my best.
◆What is Shigin?
It is an ancient Japanese traditional performing art that sings Chinese poems and waka poems with a unique melody.
I believe that reading the heart of poetry, such as the teachings of our predecessors or the scenery we see, and reflecting that heart in our own emotions will lead to good ginei.
By transferring the heart to emotions, rich emotions are cultivated, and by speaking out, health is improved. Also, you can learn the teachings of your predecessors and improve your education, so do your best! I would like everyone to experience the joy of listening once. ◆Things that are useful in the real life of shigin
Speaking out with abdominal breathing is good for your health, and speaking loudly clears your head and mind and relieves stress. You have to be conscious of maintaining a straight posture in order to produce a resonating voice, so your posture will naturally improve. Also, by speaking in front of people at lessons and first ginkai, you will get used to speaking in front of people and gain courage. 35th anniversary of debut as an enka singer, 5 years since opening a shigin class.
Please look forward to the activities of Junko Ishihara, who has achieved both two paths and celebrated her anniversary year as a “two-sword style”.
《Profile of Junko Ishihara》
Born in Gifu Prefecture. Born as the eldest daughter of the head of the Shigin Isu school, she became a substitute teacher at the age of 12. Debuted in 1988 with the song “Horemashita”. He has won numerous awards such as the Wired Music Award, and has twice participated in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen with the hit songs “Mirenshu” and “Futarigasa”. Entering the 35th anniversary of their debut, their first digital single “Premonition” is now on sale. In April 2018, while working as a singer, he launched the Ibusui-ryu Fufukai, and held poetry classes in Osaka and Tokyo. With the motto “Let’s convey more shigin! Let’s enjoy shigin more!” Gifu Prefecture “Hida Mino Tourism Ambassador”, Hokkaido “Esashi Town Tourism Ambassador” -Information about Junko Ishihara-
Digital single “Premonition” now available https://lgp.lnk.to/0F9RBBHe “Premonition” Image Video Short Version https://youtu.be/LfOJl8CySx0 [Image 7d20808-1375-c343299db63c9c687004-8.jpg&s3=20808-1375-19c7b41b33e3d5812b79c7b2ce0fbd2e-2051x2034.jpg
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