Ethical jewelry brand “YURI SATO” new collection is now available. Jewelry of a vow to oneself.

ON Co., Ltd.
Ethical jewelry brand “YURI SATO” new collection is now available. Jewelry of a vow to oneself.
“I do.” Collection inspired by “self-marriage”.

YURI SATO, operated by ON Co., Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo), is based on the concept of “cherish what you have now” and utilizes recycled metals and recycled diamonds from urban mines in Japan to create
“recycling-oriented manufacturing.” A jewelry brand that does A new design with the message “Treasure your partnership with yourself” has been released.
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YURI SATO expresses the message through jewelry design so that the wearer can “cherish who they are” and “live a way of life that respects their own values.”
The new collection I do. contains messages such as “Treasure your partnership with yourself” and “Pledge to yourself and wear jewelry.” Click here for the design story – Inspired by “Self-marriage”
In recent years, it is said that there has been an increase in the number of people, especially in Europe and the United States, who choose to marry themselves without a groom.
Although self-marriage is not legally recognized, it is a new style in which friends and family are invited to the ceremony, making a vow to themselves that they will “be happy in their own way” and “love themselves as they are.” is.
Through her own experience, designer SATO YURI was strongly inspired by self-marriage in terms of the importance of “building a good partnership with yourself” and “treating yourself as you are as the best partner.” I was.
And with such a message, “Jewelry of a vow to give to me -I do. Collection-” was created.

[Image 2d100784-4-5a719874ec29b93872b7-6.jpg&s3=100784-4-5c4d4b1a8e05c9608a032cb3a90af030-2146x1427.jpg
(Left photo) K18 I do. Hook earrings ¥ 126,500 / K18 I do. Ring ¥ 148,500 ~ / SV Mini I do. Ring ¥ 19,800 (Right photo) K18 I do. ALL COLLETION –
I do.
The vows exchanged by the bride and groom at a wedding.
At the end, in Japan, we say to the priest, “I swear,” but in America, we say, “I do.”
Usually this is a pledge of love to another person
YURI SATO’s “I do.”
I’m sure each one has a thought that they want to cherish.
We engrave the letters “I do.” on simple design necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings so that you can always wear jewelry with such thoughts and determination.
Each is available in K18 yellow gold and silver.

[Image 3d100784-4-66b410c09e8a7f8d39e5-7.jpg&s3=100784-4-c34b66d760b0b99e84aecdb4065ddd13-2146x1427.jpg
(Photo left) K18 I do. Bracelet ¥ 80,850 / K18 Mini I do. Bracelet ¥ 47,850 (Photo right) K18 Mini I do. Necklace ¥ 60,500 / K18 I do. Ring ¥ 148,500 ~ / k18 Mini I do. Ring ¥ 63,800 ~
Your best partner.
Jewelry of the oath to give to me.
When you build the best partnership with yourself, your smile will surely shine. We hope that through jewelry, many people will be able to accept themselves and choose their own way of life.
Ethical jewelry brand YURI SATO
[Image 4d100784-4-d7ebe4728c78029039c5-3.jpg&s3=100784-4-d7e357c6343102a035a733a51b57250f-2408x1248.jpg

YURI SATO ( is an ethical jewelry brand born in New York based on the concept of “valuing the mind and the environment and loving sustainable me.”
Behind the brilliance of jewelry, there are still various problems lurking, such as environmental pollution, health hazards for miners, poor working conditions, child labor, and outbreaks of conflicts over resources. At YURI SATO, instead of mining metals and gemstones from new mines, we are making things that recycle existing terrestrial resources, such as reused gold, silver, and diamonds, using urban mining materials.
Modern society tends to lose sight of what is truly important in its pursuit of economic prosperity and social correctness.
We value “what is here and now” and aim for a world where both the mind and the environment are sustainable.
About YURI SATO Sustainability: SATO Yuuri
Sato Yuri
Founder / Designer / Craftsman
[Image 5d100784-4-13f5cbb99c8db31a6d4d-4.jpg&s3=100784-4-dc6da91f2d0d5fa5dfde83560a8bce9d-1000x1012.jpg
Worked as a designer at a jewelry company in Tokyo.
Moved to New York in 2015.
He learned not only design but also jewelry making, and began to make his own jewelry. Started “YURI SATO JEWELRY” in New York.
Upon returning to Japan, he established a brand philosophy based on the motto of “cherishing what is here and now”, and will restart the brand in Japan in 2021.

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