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Forth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. Concluded an alliance partner contract with “Higher Lou”, a coding test service operator

Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd.
Concluded an alliance partner agreement with Hiyaru, a coding test service operator
Appropriately identify the skills of engineers to prevent mismatches after joining the company

Force Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yohei Shibasaki, hereinafter Force Valley), which supports global recruitment across borders from all over the world, provides a coding test service “HireRoo”. We are pleased to announce that we have signed an alliance partner agreement with Hire Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kosuke Kuzuoka,
hereinafter Hire). The purpose is to create a synergistic effect by collaborating with two companies aiming to solve domestic and international problems in the engineer recruitment industry. On this occasion, we will hold an online seminar titled “How to Hire Overseas Engineers without Mismatches”, where the directors of both companies will be on stage.
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Purpose of Alliance Partner Agreement
Traditionally, when hiring engineers, it has been difficult to properly assess the skills of candidates, and in the selection process based on interviews, mismatches are likely to occur after joining the company. Declining team productivity and early retirement of human resources due to this have long been viewed as problems. Force Valley, which has a track record of supporting more than 1,000 companies, from startups to major Japanese global companies and IT companies, has taken many measures to address this issue.
HireRoo, which has signed an alliance partner agreement this time, develops and provides a coding test service “HireRoo” that prevents mismatches in hiring engineers. HireRoo has a wide variety of questions and evaluation functions for coding exams, and can quantitatively evaluate technical skills with all indicators. In addition, it is possible to view the candidate’s thought process because the process of solving the questions can be played back as a video.
By introducing HireRoo in the introduction of IT human resources on Force Valley’s human resource recruitment support platform “Connect Job”, we aim to solve problems throughout the entire selection flow, from supporting the recruitment of overseas engineers to preventing mismatches after joining the company.
Notice of online seminar
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With the conclusion of the alliance partner contract, an online seminar will be held by Mr. Takashiba, Director and COO of Hiyaloo, and Hashimoto, Director of Force Valley.
I would like to hear from companies who have the following problems. ・We are considering hiring overseas
・I want to consider hiring a foreign engineer, but I can’t take a step ・There is a sense of challenge in the mismatch in hiring engineers ■ Overview of the seminar
Title: A New Era of Hiring Engineers How to Hire Overseas Engineers without Mismatches
Date: April 19, 2023 (Wednesday) 15:00-16:00
Participation fee: Free
Venue: Online
▼Please apply from here.
■ Profile of speakers
Kazuhiro Hashimoto / Director, Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. After working at a management consulting company, participated in the launch of Force Valley in 2009. We support the recruitment of engineers for global companies and growing companies that represent Japan, including Rakuten, Mercari, and Yahoo. He has personally traveled to more than 10 countries around the world and has hired thousands of engineers.
Yoshito Takashiba / COO of Hire Co., Ltd.
Worked as a software engineer for 2 years and joined LINE Corporation in 2018. After working as a service planner, he became the business manager of commerce media in 2020. Joined Hiyaloo in 2022 after working as a Global PdM at a fintech company mainly in Southeast Asia. Appointed COO. Conducted interviews on hiring engineers from over 500 companies.
About hire
[Image 3d40269-68-cfe393d0a1a8997e6efd-2.png&s3=40269-68-df0051a22fff716fefc12bf31ad9daa7-1280x670.png
HireRoo Co., Ltd. develops and provides a coding test service “HireRoo” for hiring engineers. Preventing mismatches after joining the company, which has been an issue for many years, has become even more important with the spread of job-based employment in recent years. HireRoo is designed to be online and easy to use, so anyone can easily visualize the skills of candidates, while many recruiters are worried about the means and accuracy of identification. There are a wide variety of questions, from algorithms to practice formats and system design, and the functions necessary for technical evaluation are also covered, such as automatic scoring by AI and playback that can reproduce the answer process.
HireRoo has been introduced by about 100 companies, including GMO Internet Group Co., Ltd. and Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the total number of selections has exceeded 10,000. By linking with the recruitment management system “sonar ATS”, we are currently expanding the user base.
Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd.
Developing a cross-border global recruitment support business that connects human resources and companies around the world. A total of approximately 450,000 human resources in 186 countries and regions are registered in our self-developed database, and we have a track record of doing business with over 1,000 companies, mainly major global companies and IT companies in Japan. We have a new graduate student network at about 700 world-class universities, including the Indian Institute of Technology and the National University of Singapore. In addition, we are entrusted with projects from ministries, agencies, and local governments such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Okinawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagano Prefecture. In cooperation with government agencies, we provide employment support for young human resources in emerging countries. We welcome talented people from countries with a lack of employment to Japan, where there is a serious shortage of human resources, and contribute to solving social problems around the world with the power of business.
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