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From April 1st (Saturday), the POPUP store of Korean cosmetics “ongredients” will land with the K-POP group “TREASURE” at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto”, the first in Kumamoto.

From April 1st (Saturday), the POPUP store of Korean cosmetics “ongredients” will land with the K-POP group “TREASURE” at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto”, the first in Kumamoto.
The POP UP store of the Korean cosmetic brand “ongredients”, which has been well received all over Japan since last year, will be held at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto” in Kumamoto from Saturday, April 1st.

DONGRAMY PROJECT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture) will hold K-POP at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto”, which will be held for the first time in Kumamoto from April 1st (Sat) to April 9th ​​(Sun). We will hold a POP UP store for the Korean cosmetic brand “ongredients”, whose ambassador is the idol group -TREASURE-. [Image 1d107950-25-1d740e99486a9a3fe45b-0.jpg&s3=107950-25-14aadf094aa33e98f165f7351ec975e9-800x600.jpg
butterfly pea line
From the end of last year to this year, we have been holding onredients POPUP stores for the first time all over Japan, including Tokyo, the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai, and Kyushu.
This time, as the conclusion of Japan’s first POPUP store of onredients, we will hold the first POPUP store in Kumamoto from April 1st (Friday) to April 9th ​​(Sunday) at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto”. Amu Plaza Kumamoto
onredients Dokudami Line
A new line-up,
Ongridionz’s Dokudami Line helps to balance the skin’s oil and moisture levels and remove dead skin cells and waste products. Due to healthy skin, the line is weakly acidic and hypoallergenic. [Image 2d107950-25-d4b339ef6f1d4d632018-1.jpg&s3=107950-25-607a53690c44851c6118816173c4b1fd-1080x720.jpg
onredients AC Balancing Serum
-Ongridions AC Balancing Serum
Dokudami ingredients that help balance oil and moisture in the skin provide excellent pore care.
Moisturizes inner dry skin with a refreshing moist texture.
[Image 3d107950-25-03679fc2af8accfd4f43-2.jpg&s3=107950-25-71f4a14400a10e36078bc55eaf13f024-1080x720.jpg
onredients fresh soothing cream
-Ongridions Fresh Soothing Cream
Dokudami ingredients that help balance the oil and moisture content of the skin, helping to condition the skin.
A hyaluronic acid complex that provides moisture from the outside to the inside of the skin.
onredients butterfly pea line
The butterfly pea line is a line that targets the causes of aging skin, improves the condition of tired and stressed skin, and finely prepares dry skin for smooth skin.
[Image 4d107950-25-f738488b8434c3d643f8-3.jpg&s3=107950-25-6de9e10a206f605bc8170a55205c2231-3900x2602.jpg
onredients RL serum
-RL Serum
It provides nutrients to the skin that tends to be deficient and finely adjusts the texture of the skin.
It has a smooth and moist texture that helps in moisturizing. [Image 5d107950-25-aa7685f62414dff4500e-4.jpg&s3=107950-25-ce3c449bd8925ef7c09aed10650a787c-1000x1000.jpg
onredients butterfly peak cleansing ball
-Butterfly peak cleansing ball
The cleansing power that removes skin wastes and 3 moisture energies help moisturize the skin.
It is a cleansing product with an unusual shape and natural ingredients. In addition to the above, we also sell various products.
POPUP stores held all over Japan from the end of last year to this year [Image 6d107950-25-f02721435fac34a63dbf-5.jpg&s3=107950-25-940dd7f235d5064f22023be81147b8e0-2364x1773.jpg
onredients Kashiwa POPUP store
The POPUP store, which started in Shinjuku at the end of last year, has been held in Namba, Omiya, Himeji, Kashiwa, Hakata, Nagasaki, and Nagoya.
In Aichi Nagoya, which is currently being held, it will be held at the department store “Kintetsu Passe” for the first time at this POPUP store (until April 2nd (Sun)).
POP stores across the country had a great success day after day, with many customers lining up before the store opened on the opening day. We are looking forward to seeing many visitors so that we can continue the excitement as it is and make it even more exciting with everyone. [Image 7d107950-25-9faf7efcc149d4860cf0-6.jpg&s3=107950-25-6c138849fddcdebf5cf5091d8b003a0b-1478x1108.jpg
onredients Nagoya POPUP store
POPUP store overview
[Image 8d107950-25-9d8637c2e2206549890f-7.jpg&s3=107950-25-f6dc43505af21d14f1198cd410a71080-1080x720.jpg
TREASURE X onredients
The Korean cosmetic brand “ongredients” will hold a POPUP store for the first time in Kumamoto from April 1st (Friday) to April 9th ​​(Sunday) at “Amu Plaza Kumamoto”. .
– POPUP store location
・April 1st (Sat) – April 9th ​​(Sun): 10:00 – 20:00 AMU PLAZA Kumamoto 2F north side 3-15-26 Kasuga, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto -POPUP store contents
・Sales of onredients products
・TREASURE video broadcast
・Treasure visual stand panel on display
・Privilege 1.: For every purchase of 3,300 yen (tax included) or more, you will receive one TREASURE NEW design original acrylic stand (random).
・Benefit 2: Follow onredients’ SNS account and receive 1 photocard (random) for every purchase of 2,200 yen (tax included) or more ・Benefit 3: Receive 1 TREASURE X ongredients original shopper when purchasing 5,500 yen (tax included) or more
・Benefit 4.: During the pop-up event period, 10 people will be presented with an autographed album by lottery for those who apply at the venue.
*For details, please check at the store.
*Please note that each cosmetic product may run out of stock. *Since each benefit is limited in quantity, it may end early. * Event contents are subject to change without notice due to the convenience of the store.
Official LINE: @ongredients
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram: Overview of Korean cosmetic brand “ongredients”
[Image 9d107950-25-f29ce9838c946491181a-8.jpg&s3=107950-25-fc5345b46807eafdc35ee67e05a70bf6-539x381.jpg
“ongredients” is a brand name that means “organic”, “original”, “one” + “ingredients”. An organic clean beauty brand made with plenty of good ingredients.
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