Fukuoka NEW OPEN Hanamidori sister store will open on Saturday, April 1st! Torizen Dining, which operates Mizutaki Ryotei Hakata Hanamidori, has opened its second popular izakaya, Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjin!

Torizen Dining Co., Ltd.
[Fukuoka NEW OPEN] Hanamidori sister store will open on Saturday, April 1st! Torizen Dining, which operates Mizutaki Ryotei Hakata Hanamidori, has opened its second popular izakaya, Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjin!

The second store in Fukuoka, “Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjin”, will open on Saturday, April 1, 2023.
Torizen Dining Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City / President: Tomoaki Kawazu) has opened its second store in Fukuoka Prefecture, “Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjinten”. We will open at 2-chome Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
The company is a one-stop group company that handles everything from chicken farming to processing, product development, sales, and restaurant management for Hanamidori, a brand of chicken that represents Fukuoka. We have 31 stores in Japan and overseas. [Image 1

The charm of Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen
“Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjinten” is a popular izakaya where you can enjoy Hakata’s specialties such as mizutaki, motsunabe, and chicken skin all at once!
“Hanamidori no mizutaki” is made with the same pot, ingredients, and method as the mizutaki soup served at “Mizutaki Ryotei Hakata Hanamidori.” It is an exquisite mizutaki.
“Hakata motsunabe” can be enjoyed in 3 different flavors with a new menu. Among them, the “Miso Motsunabe”, which will be introduced for the first time, is a rich and elegant soup supervised by the head chef of “Mizutaki Ryotei Hakata Hanamidori.” .
And the specialty “Hakata chicken skin roll skewer” is crispy fried, marinated in a special sauce, and grilled again. 10 per person is a matter of course for the addictive taste! You can enjoy it without hesitation because it is a gem that you can convince both of taste and price.
[Image 2

■ Selected Ingredients [Brand Chicken “Hanamidori”]
The founder, Yoshiyo Kawazu, started selling chicken, and realized that the secret of deliciousness is the chicken itself, which was the starting point. rice field. In an open poultry house filled with clear air and plenty of sunlight, seaweed, herbs, grape lees, wood vinegar, and other feeds are given to improve the intestinal environment, and the chickens are raised healthily. It was named “Hanamidori” because the color of the meat is juicy and the thigh meat is bright pink. The odor peculiar to chicken is suppressed, and it has a distinct taste and a chewy texture.
[Image 3

[Image 4

These are the 3 major specialties you should try
▼ Hanamidori Mizutaki 2,068 yen (incl. tax)
Mizutaki is one of the traditional dishes of Fukuoka Hakata. We use our own brand chicken “Hanamidori”, and we are particular about everything from the soup, ponzu sauce, and condiments to the exquisite mizutaki.
[Image 5

▼Hakata Motsunabe
・Soy sauce motsunabe [garlic soy sauce] 1,650 yen (tax included) Hakata’s classic, soy sauce-based motsunabe is served with a touch of garlic for a taste unique to our restaurant.
[Image 6

・Mizutaki-style motsunabe [chicken dashi salt] 1,760 yen (tax included) We can do it because it’s our store! Based on mizutaki soup, it has a refreshing yet rich flavor, and it is also good to eat with ponzu sauce! !
[Image 7

・Miso offal hot pot [miso] 1,980 yen (tax included)
It features a sharp and rich soup that exquisitely blends several types of miso! It goes well with the umami that melts from the offal. Please enjoy the spiciness of your choice with chasing chili peppers. [Image 8

▼ Hakata Chicken Skin Roll Skewer
20: 2,915 yen (tax included)
15 pieces: 2,200 yen (tax included)
10 pieces: 1,485 yen (tax included)
5 pieces: 770 yen (tax included)
1 stick: 154 yen (tax included)
The more you order, the better!
Crispy fried, marinated in a special sauce, and grilled over and over again, this is an addictive dish.
[Image 9

[Image 10

[Image 12d63412-19-e95ae9b410dc927efb38-11.jpg&s3=63412-19-c4ef53b8d9d5e9a23e9c066fe757c92e-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 13d63412-19-312b89a5661c0ea7b782-15.jpg&s3=63412-19-ed4d54232012b2e316b73a233b35b687-2540x1905.jpg
[Image 14d63412-19-9e00f27210e05d10e8f7-12.jpg&s3=63412-19-2bcd72979b65ba3cdcd75f999999a452-3900x2925.jpg
■ Opening staff
Come to the Tenjin store and see you♪
[Image 15d63412-19-5fac5e7d0ecb7029392b-13.jpg&s3=63412-19-5a1acf125fb54f3127f2e951fe8ddca0-3900x2925.jpg
★★ Opening benefits! ★★
To commemorate the opening of the store, get a 10% discount on your bill! ! (Present the image below, available from 4 people only from Monday to Thursday. Until May 31, 2023)
[Image 16d63412-19-b8218e3153808eb19902-14.jpg&s3=63412-19-0cd78c6fcdd38c3634f907398ea56623-1268x1812.jpg
【store information】
Store name: Tori Sakaba Hakata Kazen Tenjin
Address: Shintenkaku Building B1, 2-10-20 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0001
Business hours: Monday-Thursday/Sunday/17:00-24:00 (LO 23:00) Fri/Sat/17:00-26:00 (LO 25:00)
Smoking: All seats allowed
URL: https://www.hanamidori.net/store/archives/80
*Business hours may change depending on the situation.

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