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General Incorporated Association Lauqhter We will realize the world of “laughter x education x welfare” connected by children’s rakugo and laughter

General Incorporated Association Lauqhter
We will realize a world of “laughter x education x welfare” connected by children’s rakugo and laughter
Children gain self-confidence by making others laugh, and create a system of “education x welfare” where laughter and liveliness fills the facility

We support April Dream, which sets April 1 as a day to send out dreams. This press release is a dream of “General Incorporated Association Lauqhter”.
Our corporation uses “laughter education” to combine educational settings and welfare facilities to realize a “strongly connected society” full of laughter and vigor.
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[Correct laughter]
In recent years, annoying videos have become a social issue, and major conveyor belt sushi chains are facing social problems that make it difficult to operate safely. Right now, the morality of the Japanese people is being questioned, but rakugo, which has been handed down from the Edo period, has the concept of “making misfits amusing.” Laughter is morally preached, and by popularizing rakugo education, the Japanese people’s morality, which was about to be lost, can be regained. “What is proper laughter?” and “What is laughter that pleases people?” One of the laughter that can be learned from correct laughter and rakugo, spread the “rakugo thinking” that turns even one’s own and others’ weaknesses into laughter, and acquire that laughter as self-expression.
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[Dilution of local communities]
Due to the nuclear family, children are less likely to create other communities by going back and forth between school and home. There is nowhere to run in an emergency, and it is conceivable that when bullying occurs, they will be held in their arms, and when disaster strikes, they may become isolated. In addition, we will revive the world where we lived by supporting each other with local people, and by connecting young and old people and local people, we will become a society that can be saved in times of emergency.

[Actual movement]
Implement “Rakugo and comic storytelling education” at educational institutions such as schools and children’s centers to express yourself through laughter, and cooperate with hospitals, nursing homes, child welfare facilities, and nursing homes to implement “community-connecting laughter education.” By doing so, we will realize a society where men and women of all ages are connected through laughter. Children gain self-confidence by making others laugh, welfare facilities are filled with laughter, and each worker is happy.
 Starting from April, we will go to school to give lessons and partner with a nearby welfare facility. We will hold a yose at a welfare facility once a month, and after that we will create a place to connect regularly.
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“What does it actually look like?” Please take a look at the effects of rakugo education, how children are dynamic with rakugo x education.
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General Incorporated Association Lauqhter Representative / Rakugo Educator Rakutei Jugemu
(Real name: Obata Nanami)
TEL: 080-7301-7373
“April Dream” is a project run by PR TIMES that sends out dreams that companies want to come true on April 1st. We are serious about making this dream a reality.

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