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Gift selection that colors White Day and new life from Christian Louboutin Beauty

christian louboutin beauty
Gift selection that colors White Day and new life from Christian Louboutin Beauty
There is also a limited-time gift campaign!

A gift proposal recommended for White Day and the new season from Christian Louboutin Beauty. A reward for yourself or a gift for someone special.

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lip color
Tax-included price 13,750 yen each (body 12,500 yen each)
[Silky Satin] type with a deep and rich color with a smooth texture, [Velvet Matte] type with a suede-like finish and moist lips, and [Sheer Voile] type with a glossy finish with a sense of transparency and shine. A lip color that matches. Comes with a silk ribbon and can be worn as a pendant or bag charm.
Matte fluid lip color 14 colors
Tax-included price 12,980 yen each (body 11,800 yen each)
A matte fluid lip color with a fluid-like texture yet a comfortable velvety matte finish. From cool to warm, our liquid lip colors are long-lasting and non-drying, with nudes that complement all skin tones and tones. Comes with a velvet ribbon.
[Image 3d87463-9-0519dcf9baf345abb8d6-5.jpg&s3=87463-9-7880cc8def52025b9e53d45c596e7c16-1080x1080.jpg
La palette (refill) all 6 types
Tax-included price 9,680 yen each (body 8,800 yen)
La Palette Case All 2 types
Tax-included price 9,680 yen each (body 8,800 yen)
A total of 6 powder-type palettes, including 3 eyeshadows and 3 face colors. Six layerable, pigment-rich eyeshadows in matte, shimmer, satin and metallic textures. From casual to sophisticated, from light to bold, from classic to iconic.
Complete your palette with a rouge (red) or noir (black) clutch embellished with Louboutin spikes.
[Image 4d87463-9-cb2978df71cda6cf0dfc-2.jpg&s3=87463-9-1b2289f0701aae72d7a56c3dc68d90f9-1080x1080.jpg
Tan fetish La Poodle (refill) 2 colors
Tax-included price 6,710 yen each (body 6,100 yen)
Tan fetish lapoodle case
Tax-included price 9,680 yen (body 8,800 yen) 1 type
The fine, light powder is surprisingly soft and smooth. A face powder that spreads lightly and keeps you comfortable all day long. Contains ruby ​​powder to give the skin a radiant, luminous matte finish. Set in a hand-embroidered Christian Louboutin crest-motif design case. [Image 5d87463-9-0e5746c5cc807074b9df-3.jpg&s3=87463-9-310830fbecad79ef1f91be3ef8054b18-1080x1080.jpg
mini mirror gift
During the period until March 14, 2023 (Tuesday), purchase the lip color (velvet matte / silky satin / sheer voile) or the same case as the saw glow lip color (refill) and model the iconic Christian Louboutin lip. We will give you a mini mirror. (Limited quantity, beauty counter, some EC only)
[Image 6d87463-9-1c60fdca4afa9fe5c6ce-6.jpg&s3=87463-9-6d1b0757cb57b74349e52fdf9227a3b1-2500x2473.jpg

lipstick gift
During the period from March 15, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 11, 2023 (Tuesday), you will receive a lip case when you purchase Matte Fluid Lip Color. (limited quantity, beauty counter only)
[Image 7d87463-9-e965b08214182d71151a-4.jpg&s3=87463-9-1334ebf75b2e15e6ccb895ceb868e8b2-3900x2457.jpg
What is Christian Louboutin Beauty?
Launched in 2014, Christian Louboutin Beauty offers a bold collection of lips, nails, eyes, face and fragrances. An artist and craftsman with a passion for shoes, Christian Louboutin’s first beauty venture was nail color. In fact, the red sole, which is still a trademark today, was inspired by a single coat of red nail polish. Today, Christian Louboutin Beauty pieces reflect the same creative wit, passion and innovation as their collections of shoes and handbags. Christian Louboutin Beauty LINE Official Account Christian Louboutin Official Online Boutique

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