Grand opening of the renewed “The One Five Garden Kurashiki”, a hotel that offers afternoon tea as a welcome service!

Hakata Hotels
Grand opening of the renewed “The One Five Garden Kurashiki”, a hotel that offers afternoon tea as a welcome service!
Okayama Destination Campaign “Corporate Omotenashi Contest 2022” Grand Prix Winner

The OneFive Garden Kurashiki, an accommodation facility in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture where you can enjoy an afternoon tea-style welcome service operated by Hakata Hotels Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; President: Doken Kitazaki) ) will complete the renovation of all guest rooms and will open on Saturday, April 1, 2023 after a soft opening period.
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Hotel appearance

About “The One Five Garden Kurashiki”
“The OneFive Garden Kurashiki” is located a 2-minute walk from the entrance of “Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter,” a sightseeing spot that represents Okayama Prefecture. It’s close to the historic townscape, making your trip to Kurashiki even more interesting. The three-tiered “Welcome Afternoon Tea”, which is offered as a unique treat to guests who have made a reservation by the day before, can be enjoyed at the lounge seats in the lobby or on the garden terrace. In addition, at the “Corporate Hospitality Contest” held in 2022 by the Okayama Destination Campaign Promotion Council, it was selected as the Grand Prix in the accommodation and food category.
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【Equipment outline】
Store name: The One Five Garden Kurashiki
Phone: 0570-006-615
Address: 2-26 Chuo, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0046 Access: JR “Kurashiki Station” (Hakubi Line, Sanyo Main Line) 10 minute walk from South Exit (750m)
Number of guest rooms: 107
URL: renewal concept
By incorporating modern elements into the retro atmosphere, the hotel has a classical image that is full of emotions associated with Kurashiki and the Bikan Historical Quarter. I aimed for a design that would be
The color scheme is based on a calm monotone, with accent colors of green and yellow inspired by ivy leaves, creating a bright and soft atmosphere that is easy to like for those who enjoy traveling in Kurashiki.
In addition, the fabric expresses the healing of Ivy Square’s “green and shadow of leaves” and the stylishness of the beautifully lined sea cucumber walls. The carpet uses a design that evokes the image of the shadow of ivy leaves, giving the impression of strolling around Kurashiki from the ground up.
All water-related facilities such as bathtubs and toilets have been renewed, and the rooms have been reborn as guest rooms where you can feel the relaxation of blending into a clean space while retaining the uplifting feeling and afterglow of walking around the retro townscape. .
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Standard double 18 square meters, bed width 140 cm, with bath and toilet [Image 4

Standard twin 18 square meters, 100cm width x 2 beds, with bath and toilet [Image 5

Superior double 24 square meters, bed width 140 cm, with bath and toilet [Image 6

Superior twin 24 square meters, 140cm width x 2 beds, with bath and toilet [Image 7

Deluxe twin 38 square meters, 120cm width x 2 beds, with bath and toilet [Image 8

Public space (guest room floor)

Hospitality unique to The OneFive Garden Kurashiki
The welcome service provided to customers who have made a reservation by the day before is a three-tiered afternoon tea where you can enjoy a seasonal menu sprinkled with sweets and savory made by the hotel pastry chef.
[Image 9

Top Tier “Season”
Original sweets arranged in various shapes are lined up, making the most of the charm of seasonal fruits.
Middle Tier “Japanese”
It is a sweet with a new sensation that interprets “Japanese” with the ideas and techniques unique to pastry chefs, and is particular about materials and colors.
Bottom Tear “Savory”
Please enjoy the contrast between the saltiness of the finger food that incorporates seasonal ingredients and colors and the sweets. [Spring new menu introduction]
We used plenty of ingredients unique to this season, such as strawberries and bamboo shoots, so that you can feel the refreshing spring with your five senses. You can come across a beautiful contrast between the vivid red of strawberries and the fresh green of matcha. [Image 10

middle tier
The bright green color of the dish is impressive, and you can discover new tastes in terms of texture and flavor, such as the rare cheesecake that marries the aroma of matcha and the refreshing scent of bergamot. d52690-26-635c21a0b05f261f1ac4-18.jpg&s3=52690-26-b38be49a9468a6501a3211d55c99d6e2-1800x1200.jpg
bottom tear
We used seasonal ingredients such as a cherry-colored tartar sauce fish burger with pickled shibazuke as a secret ingredient, and bamboo shoots and bud miso that go well with each other.

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