Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa x Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Starting a spectacular “bamboo light production” with a gentle light-a joint photo campaign will be held to share the sparkling moment! ~

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[Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa x Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo] Starting a spectacular “bamboo light production” with a gentle light-a joint photo campaign will be held to share the sparkling moment! ~ Japanese culture spun by two hotels with historic gardens

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa (3-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, general manager: Ikaki Inoue) and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (2-10-8 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, general manager: Nobunori Yamashita) will hold a “bamboo light performance” in each garden this spring as a superb view woven by gentle light.

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Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo “Take Akari” production Both hotels, which have historical gardens and deliver superb views that make the most of nature, celebrate the 70th anniversary of their opening, and will continue to aim to become legends of hotels with gardens.
In addition, we used bamboo lights produced by CHIKAKEN, resonating with the thoughts of CHIKAKEN, a comprehensive “bamboo lights” production group that spreads the idea that “bamboo lights” will be passed down to the future 100 years from now as a new Japanese culture. . You can enjoy a walk through the fantastic gardens of the two hotels, each with sparkling bamboo lights in the midst of nature. Bamboo light production Overview
■ Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
Period April 1, 2023 (Saturday) through the year
Time: 17:30-23:00
Place: Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, inside the Japanese garden URL: Contents: Starting from the cherry blossom season, throughout the year from summer to autumn to winter, there are 400 seasonal themes in various areas of the garden (Kannondo, a tangible cultural property designated by Minato Ward, near the temple gate, alleys, etc.). Produce more than bamboo light.
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Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa decoration image
■ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Period April 10, 2023 (Monday) to September 18 (Monday/holiday) Time: After sunset until 23:00
Location: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, 2 locations in the garden, the 5th floor aerial garden of the hotel building “Serenity Garden”
Details: During the seasons of fresh greenery, fireflies, and summer, bamboo lanterns and bamboo balls will create a soft lighting effect. We will deliver a healing moment where you can feel the tranquility and calmness with a production that complements the natural scenery of the garden.
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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo decoration image
◇ Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Bamboo Light Production
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black bamboo bamboo light
In spring, about 210 cherry trees of 17 varieties are in full bloom, and Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, which has a Japanese garden of about 20,000 square meters despite being in the center of the city, will celebrate its 70th anniversary this November.
It has been loved by many people for many years as a hotel that values ​​history and culture, such as the Kihinkan, the residence of the former imperial family that has been around for over 100 years, the Japanese garden, and historical assets.
During the Edo period, in Takanawa, there was an event to wait for the moon to come out and pray on the night of the 26th of January and July of the lunar calendar. In Takanawa, which has a great view, many people gathered and enjoyed eating and drinking at food stalls while waiting for the moon.
This time, “Takanawa Nijyurokuya”, which is a modern version of the moon-waiting culture, is expressed with bamboo lights that evoke the elegant Japanese culture.
A wave design that recreates the moon waiting for it to emerge from the sea, and a black bamboo design that harmonizes with the historic building designated as a tangible cultural property of Minato Ward. You can enjoy a fantastic Japanese garden illuminated by more than 400 bamboo lights, including a design inspired by the four seasons of the Japanese garden.
In the future, we will hold workshops, etc., and create memorable moments while inheriting Japanese culture from the past in the changing times.
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Utagawa Hiroshige “Tokyo Famous Places Takanawa 6th Night Waiting and Entertainment”
◇ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo bamboo light production and related products Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo celebrates its 70th anniversary in November 2022. The land around the hotel has been called “Tsubakiyama” since the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and is a scenic spot. In the garden that has been handed down for about 145 years, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the seven seasons, including the largest fog garden production in Japan, “Tokyo Sea of ​​Clouds”. When the garden and residence were built in 1878, Duke Aritomo was proud of the scenery of Tokachi. The atmosphere remains as “Firefly swamp”. The bamboo production, which leaves the remnants of the bamboo grove, transcends time and delivers a gentle landscape unique to Japan.
From the fresh green of sprouts to the summer season, we will be holding bamboo lights this time in the season when it is pleasant to stroll around the garden at night. About 40 bamboo lanterns and about 14 bamboo balls are decorated in the area of ​​about 25 meters from Choshu Falls to Kishundo in the garden. In addition, you can enjoy bamboo ball decorations in the camellia moss garden area behind the three-storied pagoda and in the hanging garden on the 5th floor of the hotel.
In addition, we will sell the original design “Bamboo Akari Lampshade” featuring the hotel symbol “Camellia” at the hotel shop and online shop so that you can enjoy the gentle light at home.
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bamboo light lampshade
“Bamboo Akari Lampshade”
Period April 21, 2023 (Friday) to September 18 (Monday/holiday) Fee: 5,500 yen (including consumption tax)
Location: Hotel shop “Selections”
online shop

Take Akari Glittering Instagram Photo Campaign Overview
[Period] April 10, 2023 (Monday) to September 18, 2023 (Monday / holiday) [Theme] “Gentle sparkle”
We are looking for photos and videos of gently sparkling bamboo lights on Instagram.
The fantastic bamboo lights, how you can enjoy and relax in the garden at night, and the heart shape hidden in the design of the bamboo lights. We will select the award-winning works from the photos and videos that will be available.
*Limited to photos and videos taken at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa. [Hotel official account & dedicated hashtag]
Hotel official account @hotelchinzansotokyo_official
Hashtag for photo campaign # Chinzanso bamboo light # Takanawa bamboo light # bamboo light # bamboolantern
・ Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Award 1 group of 2 people Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa “Invitation ticket for a pair of guests staying” ・ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Award 1 group of 2 people Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo “Invitation ticket for a pair of guests staying”
・Kiraki Award (3 winners) Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo original “Bamboo Akari Lampshade”
・ Hidden Heart Award (3 winners) Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Lounge Koumei “Cake Set” Kiraki Award (3 winners) Hotel
[Application procedure]
1. Follow the official Instagram accounts of both Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
2. Mention the hotel’s official Instagram account and post it on Instagram with the photo campaign hashtag.
* Both follow and account & hashtag are required.
[Announcement of winners] Scheduled for mid-October 2023
*Winners will be contacted via DM on SNS from the hotel’s official Instagram account.
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Heart-shaped bamboo light
About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
[Image 8d21564-311-96d9e65d15b23b3471a0-8.jpg&s3=21564-311-cf6b53df28187d2e5c4a5aae7f8a50ac-257x171.jpg
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which is located in the heart of the city but is built in a forest-like garden, celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 11, 2022.
Under the idea of ​​“continuing to be an oasis that each era needs”, we have created 7 superb views in 7 seasons, and “Tokyo Unkai”, one of the largest fog garden productions in Japan, and the 7 seasons will be held in 2022. Received the “Japan Kukan Design Award Silver Award” and “Prix Villegiature Awards Grand Prix” in 2016, it can be enjoyed all year round as a superb view of the city.
We offer a relaxing space and time where you can experience the spirit of Japanese hospitality and world-class service standards in beautiful nature.
Our 267 guest rooms are fully equipped with functions and amenities to make you feel like your second home, and you can enjoy panoramic city views or garden views. In addition, there are 9 restaurants in the garden and inside the hotel, a directly managed spa treatment facility where you can feel the natural light, 38 banquet halls including a large venue that can accommodate up to 2,000 people, a chapel/temple, a bar/beauty salon, and a photo studio. etc.
In the vast garden where you can take a walk, there are a
three-storied pagoda, a tea house, and historic sites designated as national tangible cultural properties, as well as cherry blossoms in spring, sparkling fresh greenery, fireflies in early summer, cool waterfall spray in summer, autumn leaves, and camellias in the snowscape. And you can spend a special time in the atmosphere of the four seasons that will make you forget you are in Tokyo.
Thankfully, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has been awarded 4 stars in the “Hotel Category” and “Spa Category” announced by “Forbes Travel Guide”. It also provides a memorable experience, especially with first-class facilities and services.
We are a member of the “L.V.X. Collection” of “Preferred Hotels & Resorts”. About Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
The Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, which is located about a 5-minute walk from Shinagawa Station, the gateway to Tokyo, but has a quietness that you can’t imagine being in the center of the city, will celebrate its 70th anniversary on November 18, 2023.
The symbol of the Takanawa area is the “Kihinkan”, a former palace residence completed in 1909, and the Japanese garden is dotted with the “Kannondo”, “Sanmon”, and “bell tower”, which are Minato-ku designated tangible cultural properties. We offer “Takanawa time” where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery interwoven with the historical buildings and the change of the four seasons in the tranquility.
Our 388 guest rooms include rooms with cherry blossom views, where you can enjoy private cherry blossom viewing in the spring, and classic suites, where you can spend a relaxing time talking with your loved ones.
In addition, in the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, there are 16 Japanese-style rooms, “Takanawa Hanakohro,” which has been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars in the hotel category of “Forbes Travel Guide” for 3 consecutive years as the world’s first inn. We have a good reputation for high service and Japanese hospitality.
On the premises, “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo”, which has won 4 stars for 5 consecutive years in the “Forbes Travel Guide” and is a member of Marriott International’s Autograph Collection, and the large banquet hall Hiten. , Adjacent to the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, which has banquet halls of various sizes and a variety of restaurants, and offers services that make the most of the characteristics of each hotel.
[Image 9d21564-311-637ac0220d84089a9073-9.jpg&s3=21564-311-a0935b6f761a1fac493c1fe3fbf81c47-3456x2304.jpg
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Lobby

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