HANATABA Co., Ltd. The City of Kitakyushu has implemented a trial of “tender” as a dedicated tool for regu lar meetings.

Kitakyushu City has introduced “tender” on a trial basis as a dedicated tool for regular meetings.
Make meetings smarter with the Zoom auto-advance AI tool.

HANATABA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Keisuke Shibata), which provides the Zoom automation tool “tender”, has developed content for regular meetings between Kitakyushu City and COMPASS Kokura. By using tender to automatically advance meetings, it becomes possible to design meetings that generate important communication without depending on the facilitator, so we conducted a trial introduction to regular meetings. ■ “tender” used in regular meetings
We designed the progress script so that the person in charge could easily report on the 16 items on the agenda for the one-hour meeting. By automatically executing slides, audio, and timer functions and formatting the form of regular meetings, the progress of the meeting becomes smoother and participants can concentrate more on the conversation.
■ Kitakyushu City Hall staff comment
There are many people involved in the steering meeting, and it is necessary to discuss a wide range of subjects in a short time. With the introduction of “tender” this time, it is now possible to hold meetings completely online, and it is now possible to proceed with the meeting according to the agenda even when the facilitator is absent. In particular, I feel that there were merits in introducing time management, such as participants being aware of the progress of each agenda item within the time limit.
■Comment from representative of HANATABA Co., Ltd.
“I heard that you are working on a more efficient liaison conference between Kitakyushu City and COMPASS Kokura.
We are also actively involved in this project and will do our best to ensure that all conference participants have a better conference experience.”
What is Zoom automatic progress tool tender?
The Zoom automatic progression tool “tender” can design and
automatically execute the script of the meeting, and it is being used in various business scenes.
Example of adopting tender at a regular meeting
We will format the type of regular meeting that suits your
organization and proceed mechanically with automatic voice. Since the time allocation is set in advance, there is no need to worry about time management, and everyone can participate in the discussion. Leveraging frameworks such as KPT, tender’s meeting templates enable better meetings within your company.
・Meeting progress assumed in advance is forcibly carried out ・Eliminates the need for time management and allows everyone to focus on the meeting
・Efficient organizational communication can be realized by using it in regular meetings.
・It is not possible to proceed with the meeting flexibly.
・”Tender” can be used in situations where it is necessary to design a place for online exchange.
It is used in various business scenes such as online self-study rooms, engineer mokumoku meetings, and interviews.


■Company Profile
Location: 2-3-22 Jinyama, Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Hijin Palace Stage Kurosaki
Representative: Keisuke Shibata, Representative Director
Business description: Internet service planning, operation and system development
■ Contact information

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