Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd. Boulangerie Anne Wheat, yeast, and bean paste We are launching the “Hokkaido Plenty of Anpan” made with Hokkaido-grown ingredients.

Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd.
[Boulangerie Anne] Wheat, yeast, and bean paste We will be selling “Hokkaido Plenty of Anpan” made with Hokkaido-grown ingredients.
“Boulangeriean” operated by Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Hideki Nakamura) will start from April 1, 2023 (Saturday). We will release the product. “Hokkaido Plenty of Anpan”
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Price: Takeaway ¥292 (tax included)
A sweet bread dough made with Hokkaido wheat, white beet sugar, and Tokachi wild yeast, wrapped in red bean paste made with adzuki beans from Yotei.
Introducing the specialty part of this proud anpan!
“Use wheat from Biei, Hokkaido”
“Yumechikara” with a chewy texture and “Kitahonami” with a rich wheat flavor We use flour blended with the best balance.
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The sugar used in the dough is white sugar made from sugar beets from Hokkaido. Beet sugar is characterized by its mellow sweetness, flavor and richness among sugars.
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“Using Tokachi wild yeast”
Uses yeast born from Ezo Yamazakura cherries in Shimizu-cho, Hokkaido. It has a strong vitality that survived the harsh nature of Hokkaido and creates a gentle flavor.
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“Hokkaido Yotei Adzuki Bean Paste”
What is Yotei Adzuki Beans?
A climate suitable for adzuki beans
Adzuki beans have the characteristic of consuming sugar when the temperature is high at night,
Due to the effects of global warming in recent years, there is a tendency for the red bean production areas to move north from the original Tokachi area toward Abashiri.
On the other hand, at the foot of Mt. Yotei, the climate is cool due to the high altitude, the large temperature difference between day and night, and the well-drained soil.
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★Carefully selected raw materials
The number of cultivation is small, and it is harvested after full maturity. Precisely because they are fully ripe, the azuki beans have a strong flavor and become a delicious bean paste.
In addition, it is also characterized by the fact that there is little variation in size by collecting and sorting high-quality adzuki beans. [Image 6

We were particular about not only the azuki beans, but also the ingredients used to make the bean paste.
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“Rock sugar made with 100% Hokkaido sugar beet”
In addition to the characteristics of beet sugar introduced earlier, By using crystal sugar, it becomes an elegant and refreshing sweetness. The bean paste is finished to maximize the flavor of the ingredients without disturbing them.
“Salt of Okhotsk”
Seawater collected from the sea of ​​ice that comes ashore in the harshest of winters is cooked with larch pine cut from the mountains of Okhotsk.
We use Okhotsk salt that is boiled down slowly over several days. Salt with a lot of natural minerals.
Plenty of attention and bean paste! [Hokkaido Plenty of Anpan] Please try it once.

Boulangerie Ann Hankyu Umeda Main Store: Hankyu Umeda Main Store B1F *Business hours follow those of department stores.
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“Anne” means “1” in French. I named it with the thought that “I want to be your number one favorite”.
The gentle sweetness of wheat, the fragrant aroma of crispy toasted bread, and the deliciousness that lingers as you chew. In order for you to enjoy such comfort in your daily meals, we carefully prepare products that are particular about the ingredients.
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Representative: Hideki Nakamura, President and CEO
Official website: https://www.hankyu-bakery.co.jp
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