Has Co., Ltd. New release Sweets and bacteria! A completely new “powder yogurt” created by Nattoya!

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[New release] Bacteria life with sweets! A completely new “powder yogurt” created by Nattoya!
Even though it’s delicious, you can take 5 types of 10 billion lactic acid bacteria! A new sensation of bacteria live food has been created.
“Shikoku Awa Hasuya” (operating company: Hasu Co., Ltd., Katsuura-gun, Tokushima Prefecture), which handles “powder natto”, has started selling a new product “powder yogurt”.
Rich in lactic acid bacteria than regular yogurt, it is a
groundbreaking powdered yogurt that can be dissolved in water or milk and used for cooking.
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●It is not just yogurt. “Bacteria special yogurt” that has never existed before! Hasuya advocates the creation of an ever-increasing intestinal environment in which good bacteria such as Bacillus natto and lactic acid bacteria help each other. However, the reality is that it is quite difficult to get a lot of bacteria from just your regular diet. Therefore, we developed a new yogurt that allows you to easily ingest a large amount of lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber, and
oligosaccharides at once. The sweets look delicious at first glance, but the contents are completely different. It is a special fortified yogurt.
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[Characteristics of powdered yogurt]
(1) 10 yogurt cups! 5 types of 10 billion lactic acid bacteria per serving. By powdering, we have achieved more than 10 billion lactic acid bacteria in one meal. You can easily ingest lactic acid bacteria equivalent to about 10 cups of regular yogurt*. There is more than just one type of lactic acid bacteria. It is also compatible with the Japanese constitution, which used to focus on farming, and contains 5 types of plant-based lactic acid bacteria, which are said to have a strong ability to survive in harsh environments.
*Compared to one cup size yogurt (112g) (calculated based on milk ministerial ordinance).
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(2) Further strengthen the “bacteria activity”! Plenty of dietary fiber and oligosaccharides.
In addition, it contains “dietary fiber (psyllium psyllium powder)” and “oligosaccharide (isomalto-oligosaccharide)”, which are said to have a good compatibility with good bacteria and improve the intestinal environment when taken at the same time. Even if you don’t get lost in ingredients, you can take in various “bacterial
ingredients” with one “powder yogurt”.
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(3) “Natural sweetness” that can be enjoyed by the whole family and safe “domestic production”
Aiming for a new fungus ingredient that can be enjoyed by the whole family, we have realized safe domestic production without using flavorings or artificial sweeteners. The natural sweetness of stevia and fructo-oligosaccharides, which are naturally derived sweeteners, can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly.
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(4) “Bacterial life” anytime, anywhere! Since it is a powder, it can be stored at room temperature.
Since powdered yogurt is powdered, unlike regular yogurt, it can be stored at room temperature. Also, since it is individually wrapped, it is perfect for traveling and outings! It’s easy to eat anytime, anywhere, so it’s easy to continue.
[How to make powdered yogurt]
It’s easy to make. If you dissolve it in water or milk and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, the dietary fiber of the psyllium reacts and thickens like regular yogurt. Of course, it is OK even if you increase the amount of water or milk and drink it.
In addition to being eaten as it is, it can be used in a wide range of ways, such as mixing it with drinks and dishes. Please enjoy it in various ways.
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[Hasuya’s thoughts]
We are proud that we were able to develop this product because we have been communicating the importance of “food” and “intestinal
environment” through “Kona Natto” for a long time. We will continue to help create an intestinal environment that is naturally filled with bacteria, and contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of everyone in Japan.
In order to start the new year with a refreshing and lively body, please use “powdered yogurt” for your “bacterial activity”.
【Product Summary】
Product name: Yogurt powder
Name: Food made mainly from milk, etc.
Contents: 1 packet 10g
Ingredients: skimmed milk powder (contains milk components)
(manufactured in Japan), isomalto-oligosaccharide, psyllium seed coat powder, lactic acid bacteria powder (dextrin (cassava, sweet potato), lactic acid bacteria (sterilized)), vegetable lactic acid bacteria (sterilized), dextrin (sweet potato starch) , tapioca powder), lactic acid bacteria powder, mandarin orange juice, fermented rice extract, plant lactic acid bacteria G15 strain, plant lactic acid bacteria SN35 strain, lactic acid bacteria fermented pineapple juice / sweetener (stevia), sodium glutamate, sodium citrate
Price: 5 packs 1,296 yen (tax included) / 20 packs 3,900 yen (tax included) Available at: Shikoku Awa Hasuya Official Online Store and Rakuten Ichiba -Reference URL-
Hasuya yogurt
Shikoku Awa Hasuya Main Branch
Shikoku Awa Hasuya Rakuten Market
Hasu Co., Ltd.
19-1 Toyokemoto Sankei, Katsuura-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima Prefecture 771-4307

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