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[Heiwado] -Special brand E-WA! New product! -E-WA! School Children’s Umbrella 3 (mi) Mamoru-chan – School Children’s Umbrella with 3 Functions –
E-WA! brand site https://e-wa.heiwado.jp/

Heiwado Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, President and CEO: Masatsugu Hiramatsu) has released “E-WA! It will be on sale from February 21 (Tuesday) at 53 Heiwado and Ale stores. February 28, 2023
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This product was developed from the customer’s “I wish I had this!”. As for safety and security, the number of transparent tops on the front has been increased from the previous two to three, giving a wider field of view. Also, when you open the umbrella, the back of the umbrella extends about 11 cm, so you can rest assured that your luggage will not get wet. In addition, both the front and back have reflective tape on the edges, making it easier to see even on dark roads.
“3 (Mi) Mamoru-chan” watches over your child with 3 functions. Three colors are available: yellow, blue, and black. Recommended for commuting to school on rainy days.
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【Product Summary】
■Product name: E-WA! Gakudo Umbrella 3 (Mi) Mamoru-chan
■ Use: Jump (button), hand opening (with safety cover)
■Size 55cm in length of rib
■ Color: yellow, blue, black
■ Sales price  Main unit price 1,780 yen (Reference price including tax 1,958 yen)
* Sales prices are subject to change depending on leaflets, sales promotions, areas, periods, etc.
■Release date February 21, 2023 (Tuesday)
* The handling start date may vary depending on the store.
■ Dealing stores All 53 Heiwado Group stores
・Heiwado 51 stores
Kusatsu Heiwado, Al Plaza Tsuruga, Al Plaza Minakuchi, Moriyama, Al Plaza Hikone, Al Plaza Bell, Wakana, Al Plaza Seta, Masago, Al Plaza Ami, Ishibe, Al Plaza Komatsu, Al・Plaza Joyo, Aichigawa, Yell Higashi-Maizuru, Yell Mineyama, Al Plaza Kanazawa, Sakamoto, Al Plaza Kameoka, Al Plaza Yokaichi, Al Plaza Moriyama, Al Plaza Kashima, Al Plaza Ujihigashi, Al Plaza Kusatsu, Vivacity Heiwado, Al Plaza Sabae, Al Plaza Hirakata, Al Plaza Nagahama, Al Plaza Kosugi, Al Plaza Kaga, Al Plaza Kyotanabe, Al Plaza Korien, Al Plaza Kizu, Al Plaza Plaza Yasu, Al Plaza Takefu, Al Plaza Toyama, Al Plaza Ibaraki, Al Plaza Daigo, Al Plaza Tsubata, Al Plaza Ritto, Al Plaza Takatsuki, Al Plaza Tsukashin, Al Plaza Omihachiman, Al Plaza・Plaza Katata, Al Plaza Amagasaki, Adogawa store, Friend Mart development store, Friend Mart Hino store, Heiwado Ishiyama, Al Plaza Tsurumi, Ono store, Takatomi store, Konan store
・ All 2 stores
* The number of stores is the number of stores as of February 20, 2023. ■Sales target: about 1,500 bottles
■Product features
・Expand the front transparent frame from the conventional 2 frames to 3 frames! My field of vision has widened.
・When you open the umbrella, the back part extends about 11 cm! You can rest assured that your luggage will not get wet.
・Both the front and back have reflective tape on the edges! It is easy to see from the surroundings even on dark roads.
■ Introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA_evnpTU0o [Image 4

※The photograph is an image. The product design may differ from the actual specifications.
[About Heiwado’s commitment brand E-WA!]
Since April 2014, we have been developing E-WA! mainly for processed foods and daily items, and have been recognized by our customers as the Heiwado brand. Aiming to further strengthen the brand power, Heiwado’s most recommended products will be revamped into the E-WA! From August 28th, we started developing clothing and lifestyle items. [Image 5

・Key phrase: Give form to a lifestyle that you are particular about. ・Main message: This is a Heiwado specialty brand that responds to customer requests such as “I wish I had a product like this!”. We support our customers’ lifestyles with carefully selected products from all over the country and products we have developed ourselves! [Image 6

Heiwado’s commitment brand E-WA!
[Image 7

Environmentally friendly product Eco E-WA!
・ 2022 Heiwado Report WEB version “Product sales strategy Heiwado commitment brand E-WA!”
 https://www.heiwado.jp/assets/img/pages/hr/report/pdf/2022/report08.pdf ・Heiwado’s specialty brand E-WA! Website
[Notes on this release]
・All information is based on the information at the time of release. ・Perspectives, illustrations, photos, logos, signs, maps, etc. used are images and may differ from the actual product.
・Please note that the content and schedule may change without notice due to circumstances.
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