Hicktown Crftsman Club is a brand that transforms your precious memories into hats.

Shimada Co., Ltd.
Hicktown Crftsman Club is a brand that transforms your precious memories into hats.
Memorable clothes, mementos of loved ones, favorite bags, and old uniforms.
HCC transforms your precious memories into hats.
This is possible thanks to the high level of sewing technology cultivated through the manufacture of straw hats that has continued for about 100 years.
You can use up your memorabilia without damaging or wasting it. Because it’s a precious memory
I want you to wear it on a daily basis without storing it in a closet. This is HCC’s thought.
This time, Mr. Kazuki Kato, who is active as an actor and voice actor mainly in musicals, is also active in music activities. I was contacted for an upcycling feature in Kif Magazine KEEFU published by Kif Create.
The item provided by Upcycle this time is the costume worn at the Shin-Yokohama live of “Kazuki Kato Live “GIG” TOUR 2018-Ultra Worker-“.
[Image 1d78288-14-2151d76a607b7ba6bd54-0.jpg&s3=78288-14-291405c7030bf20c3fd2ac580003bad2-2124x2700.jpg
[Image 2d78288-14-29ce6251aacd9ce00651-1.jpg&s3=78288-14-09f805608736f1eb31e5d69051f11f3f-1511x1832.jpg
This time, the part I’m particular about is the printed pattern on the left chest part of my favorite part. I received a request to make a metro hat using this print.
A print is used for part of the 6 tangs on the head of the hat, and the eaves are finished with fine stitching.
[Image 3d78288-14-9c453123901db898287e-5.jpg&s3=78288-14-8ae85c2265dd84ab51fe777a780fb4ec-3828x2553.jpg
[Image 4d78288-14-fa3a0ecb912f83324fc5-4.png&s3=78288-14-2ae286b0f1951ea48ee13103337055d8-1486x1080.png
HCC is developing an upcycle with an item called a hat. In addition, Kif Create, a general incorporated association that we talked to this time, is working on the theme of donations with the concept of “we define donations as a ‘small cycle of happiness'”. I learned that there are things that I can contribute to society.
[Image 5d78288-14-aa05a538ce88eaa8fc0b-6.png&s3=78288-14-4750b8345648a8b132cf15e63455eaf1-790x1125.png

[Image 6d78288-14-e68c2dbbc64fa0fc8ffb-2.png&s3=78288-14-ca00ae141af9568c6fe1cfcba026b921-787x1119.png
Kazuki Kato
Born in 1984, from Aichi prefecture. In 2005, he came into the spotlight as Keigo Atobe in the musical The Prince of Tennis, and made his CD debut in 2006. In addition to being active as an actor and voice actor mainly in musicals, he is also active in music activities. In 2021, he won the 46th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award and Drama Award. The stage “BACKBEAT”, in which he plays the role of John Lennon, will be performed in Hyogo, Kumamoto, Osaka and Tokyo after the Tokyo preview performance from April 23rd. This summer, from July 22nd, he will play the role of Phantom in the musical “Phantom” in Osaka and Tokyo.
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