HONMONO Co., Ltd. Started selling “anuCARE” anal care device that can be easily done at home

Started sales of “anuCARE”, an anus care device that can be easily done at home Approaching the troubles of hemorrhoids due to postpartum and age! Easy-to-use anal care device

HONMONO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hiroaki Toro) will start selling the anal care device “anuCARE” that can be easily used at home for postpartum hemorrhoids and age-related anal care (Scheduled to start sales in 2023. mid-May to around June). “anuCARE” is a device that allows people who suffer from hemorrhoid pain or those who are concerned about bowel leakage to easily take care of themselves. Anus care by EMS is possible, and it is the latest item that can approach the area around the anus with LED light, and has received a lot of feedback since its launch.

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Never before! Items that can care for delicate problems at home Many women are said to suffer from hemorrhoid pain after giving birth, and about 30% of them are known to have suffered damage to the anal sphincter muscle. In addition, there are many people who have problems related to the anus, such as loosening of the anus due to old age, fecal leakage, and the worries of LGBTQ people.
Problems related to the anus are very delicate, so there are many cases in which people are reluctant to talk to others and are reluctant to see a doctor.
“anuCARE” is a device that allows people who suffer from hemorrhoid pain or who are concerned about bowel leakage to easily take care of themselves. It is the latest care device that has never existed before, which allows anal approach by EMS and also provides care around the anus with an LED light at the same time, and is an innovative item that also has a massage function.
Recommended for those who have such troubles
・I have anal troubles that are difficult to talk to people about ・It’s hard to go out because I’m worried about stool leakage ・I’m worried about stool leakage, but I’m resistant to surgery ・ I want to do anal care
・ Pelvic floor muscle training is difficult and does not last · Biofeedback (biological self-regulation) therapy is difficult and unsustainable
Features of anuCARE
■ Anal care by EMS is possible
In fact, many people have problems with constipation symptoms. Fecal incontinence can be caused by a variety of factors, including aging and the wrong use of laxatives, but the most common cause in women is muscle weakness due to damage to the anal sphincter muscle due to childbirth.
Approximately 30% of parous women who have given birth are said to have damage to the anal sphincter muscle. This damage may appear as symptoms immediately, but in many cases, it appears as symptoms such as fecal incontinence from around the age of 50 as you age.
anuCARE provides anal care by EMS and can be expected to be effective around the anus.
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■ Blood circulation care around the anus with LED light
Many Japanese suffer from hemorrhoids. If the blood circulation in the buttocks is stagnant, blood tends to accumulate in the veins around the anus, making it easier for hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) to form inside or outside the anus.
In order to prevent and improve hemorrhoids, it is most important to have proper bowel habits and improve blood circulation around the anus.
anuCARE supports blood circulation care around the anus by irradiating LED light.
■ Safe and secure
You can use the anuCARE simply by inserting it into the anus and irradiating the LED. This LED is also used in the LED anoscope grip for observing the anus, and it is safe and secure because it does not have any adverse effects on the body.
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[Product price]
Body price: ¥ 89,980 (payment in 24 installments: ¥ 4,283/1 time) [Recruitment of distributors]
AnuCARE has already received positive feedback as an item that allows anal care by EMS even before the start of sales.
Therefore, we are looking for distributors who can support sales so that more people can experience the effects of anuCAR.
We hope that you will use our products to acquire new customers and increase sales. We will support our dealers as much as possible, so please feel free to ask for a quote and consult us first.
【Company Profile】
Company name: HONMONO Co., Ltd.
Head office location: WORKCOURT Shibuya Shoto, 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Hiroaki Toro
Business description: Medical media management business / vaginal hyphen anal hyphen, ED unapproved medical device individual import agency business / sexual wellness maker business /
HP: https://honmono.world/
E-MAIL: info@honmono.me
*We do not make inquiries by phone.
For inquiries, please contact us by email.

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