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Ichinohashi Tourist Center Co., Ltd. First time in Koyasan, a sacred place in the sky and a world heritage sit e! Complex facility that also serves as regional promotion “Tempu Terrace” Grand opening on Sunday, April 30, 2023!

Ichinohashi Tourist Center Co., Ltd.
Sacred place in the sky, world heritage Koyasan first! Complex facility that also serves as regional promotion “Tempu Terrace” Grand opening on Sunday, April 30, 2023!
Rediscover the charm of Koyasan through healthy food and experiences!
Ichinohashi Kanko Center Co., Ltd. (Location: 53 Oaza Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture/Representative: Homare Baba) will open “Tempu Terrace,” Koyasan’s first complex facility consisting of a cafe, a workshop space, and a select shop of specialty products, in 2023. We will open on Sunday, April 30th.
“Tempu Terrace” has been a challenge to Koyasan until now. There are many customers who are in trouble with this.” 3, “There are few shops where you can actually experience the charm of Koyasan in depth just by eating and buying.” We will give you the time to experience it. [Image 1d117809-2-dff0d20fede7d6221ce6-7.jpg&s3=117809-2-08d61a0e589e0d8be408fb79009e5083-2048x2048.jpg
(On the photo is a perspective view of the appearance of “Tenfu Terrace”) ■ About “Tempu Terrace”
On the 1st floor, there will be a large terrace where you can feel the breeze of Mt. Koya, a select shop that collects specialties of Mt. Koya, and a work space. The 2nd floor will be a cafe with all seats, and we will propose a healthy vegan menu using vegetables from the foot of Mt.
[Image 2d117809-2-b2426e9ece68d483f60e-2.jpg&s3=117809-2-8571e078623efc19db428654156f6d83-3900x2600.jpg
(Roast beef lunch course of Kumano beef on the photo)
[Image 3d117809-2-46783909eff91615d970-3.jpg&s3=117809-2-df530830c7fc6446eadb442c40793030-3900x2600.jpg
(Photo above: Tenpu rice flour burger lunch set)
[Image 4d117809-2-c2dad7067a6f9c29ddda-4.jpg&s3=117809-2-8f900247540740cc60c7eb6517fa74ea-3633x2045.jpg
(On the photo, 1F select shop interior perspective)
■Many workshops will be held to convey the appeal of the region Original Shichimi seasoning using Japanese pepper from Wakayama Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan, seasonal medicinal tea blending experience, original recipes taught by local farmers, and original incense using 100% natural incense ingredients. It is a complex facility that connects visitors with the Koya region by holding workshops where you can learn about the climate and history of Koyasan through hands-on experience, such as a rosary making experience, and a history story of Koyasan by Mr. Hiroyoshi Kinoshita, who appeared in Bra Tamori.
[Image 5d117809-2-00ee0746d348834fe1c6-5.jpg&s3=117809-2-9b23836afd394669c2ec9e065b87294a-3900x2600.jpg
(Image of making original shichimi on the photo)
■ The meaning behind the logo and name of “Tempu Terrace”
[Image 6d117809-2-55e4793b8da52f534119-5.jpg&s3=117809-2-8e249fc4740d4fa0c9ded33e822bb226-693x628.jpg
Ichinohashi Tourist Center Co., Ltd. President Homare Baba
“Due to the corona crisis, many people have come to Koyasan in search of healing. Koyasan has been a place where people have been praying for world peace for about 1,200 years since its foundation. We have decided to build a complex facility that will be a new place of healing so that people can visit Koyasan.”
When Kobo Daishi was practicing Shingon Esoteric Buddhism in Tang Dynasty, he was given the name Henjo Kongo. Dainichi Nyorai is another name for Dainichi Nyorai, which means “a mercy that shines bright light like the sun, and a wisdom that is firm and unbreakable like a diamond, like a Buddha who makes people happy.” We wanted to be a place that shines brightly like the sun on the hearts of those who visit and those who are involved.
The thoughts I put into the logo mark are the image of a big sun shining, and the shape of a powerful and shining diamond.
In addition, the black circle, which looks like it is close to the sun, expresses the desire to always be close to customers, just like the word “two companions”, which means that they are always with Kobo Daishi. ■We received a lot of support through crowdfunding.
Due to the unstable world situation, the cost of raw materials soared, and because it was a wooden building designed for cold climates, it turned out that the construction of the “Tempu Terrace” would cost more than expected. We raised funds using crowdfunding, and by October 13, 2022, we collected 5,470,788 yen. This project has been certified as a “Crowdfunding Support Project” by Wakayama Prefecture and a “Koyasan Tourist Attractiveness Improvement Project” by Nankai Electric Railway. ▶︎▶︎Project page URL
[Image 7d117809-2-fe4544ab43f888585390-6.jpg&s3=117809-2-529037defa87ec1511a33e99057a9c51-1558x1771.jpg
“Ichinohashi Tourist Center Co., Ltd.” Senior Managing Director, Young Proprietress Asami Baba
Born in Tokyo. Moved to Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture after getting married in 2011. As the managing director and young proprietress of Ichinohashi Kanko Center Co., Ltd., she is involved in the operation of the souvenir select shop Koya Souvenir Tempu and the restaurant Shojin Dining Kirihoju, as well as the planning and development of specialties from Koyasan. In addition to holding regular incense workshops and being certified as a koji (incense blender), medicinal food coordinator, and oriental gourmet medicinal tea specialist, he also plans and develops vegetarian menus unique to Koyasan. In July 2020, we opened the “Koyasan Tempu Channel” on Youtube based on the voices of people saying, “I want to go to Koyasan, but I can’t,” while the number of customers is sluggish due to the corona crisis. start. Acting as a navigator himself, he has uploaded 174 videos so far and has 10,500 subscribers.
Ichinohashi Tourist Center Co., Ltd. (Ichinohashi Tempu)
737 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 648-0211 -Phone number-0736-56-2631 -FAX number-0736-56-3408

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