ieneko Co., Ltd. starts recruiting “official ambassadors” from Saturday, April 1st

ieneko Co., Ltd.
ieneko Co., Ltd. starts recruiting “official ambassadors” from Saturday, April 1st
We are looking forward to working with ieneko to disseminate information and enjoy PR together.

The brand “ieneko” (Representative Director: Yuki Shirai, hereinafter referred to as our company), which handles natural wooden cat cages, will start recruiting official ambassadors for our main product “Designer’s Cat Cage” from Saturday, April 1st. This recruitment is a new promotion of collaboration between companies and users, aiming to disseminate real and highly reliable information through SNS posts by official ambassadors who are users rather than companies.
▼Official ambassadors are corporate-certified influencers who transmit real information as user representatives.
The main activity of the official ambassador is to take pictures of the product and post the product’s appeal and real impressions as a user with the designated hashtag.
There are no particular restrictions on how to take pictures or send information.
The contract period is 6 months, and the posting frequency is scheduled to be 3 times a month.
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▼Not only PR, but also activities as a development member of new brands and new products scheduled to debut in the future
As an official ambassador privilege, we will give you a “Designer Cat Cage 2 Tier” free of charge.
In addition, the official ambassador will be a member of the development team of new brands and new products in the future, and will also provide opportunities to share opinions and provide prototypes.
Together with ieneko, we are looking forward to working on brand and product planning and information dissemination, and having fun together with PR.
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If you are interested in becoming an official ambassador, please send a DM to our official Instagram.
・Instagram (@ieneko_official)
▼Outline of official ambassadors
■ Activity purpose
・Communicate the appeal of our product “Designer’s Cat Cage” to your friends and followers through posting on SNS.
■ Activities
・ Posting content: Freely shoot photos and videos of products and share them with SNS along with the appeal of products and real impressions as users.
Post to
・Shooting example) Close-up photos of products, videos of cats relaxing in cages, photos of interiors including cages, etc. ・Posting frequency: 3 feed posts/month
・Activity period: 6 months
・ Designated hashtags: #ieneko # Designer’s cat cage # Cat and interior # Nyan terrier
・Free delivery of “Designer Cat Cage 2 Levels” to your home
・Provide opportunities to share opinions and prototypes as new product development members
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■ Matters to be handled at the time of posting
・Please share the photos and texts to be posted with the ieneko representative. (Photos and comments may be used on our SNS and official website) ・Set the brand content “Tag business partners” when posting
・Please attach the specified hashtag
・Please keep the number of posts during the activity period. ・Follow our official SNS account
▼ “Designer Cat Cage” to upgrade your home space
ieneko’s designer cat cage was born from the worries of owners who said “there are no stylish cat cages” and “there are no cat cages with excellent functionality”.
Unlike products called “wood” or “woody”, which are made of plastic or wood chips hardened with resin, ieneko uses “solid natural wood” to provide a luxurious and comfortable life for your family and your cat. I am committed to delivering.
▼ ieneko is a lifestyle brand [fulfilling your selfishness living with a cat] Ieneko was born from the desire to become a person who realizes the “ideal life” that everyone who owns a cat can realize. I was. In addition to cat goods, we are considering developing a wide range of products and services such as furniture, miscellaneous goods, and lifestyle services to realize an “ideal life”.
The designer cat cage is a product that was born to fulfill the selfishness of cat families who say, “I want a stylish and
easy-to-clean cat cage!”
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