Ingredients for upcycled whole food unito “Sake lees glucoside” and “Sprouts aloe vera” won the Social Products Award 2023 “Social Products Award”!

Choju Nori Co., Ltd.
[Ingredients for upcycled whole food] unito “Sake lees glucoside” and “Sprouts aloe vera” won the Social Products Award 2023 “Social Products Award”!
– A new option for “choosing cosmetics from raw materials”, proposing the solution of constant skin problems and the creation of sustainable cosmetics –

“Sake lees glucoside” from “unito”
(, an ethical ingredient serum brand developed by Choju Nori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Representative Director: Seiji Miyata) ”, “Sprout Aloe Vera” is a free theme of “Social Products Award 2023” held by the
Association for Promotion of Social Products Promotion (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman Yasuhiro Eguchi) (Consumers create a “sustainable society” Received the “Social Products Award” for products and services that can participate in The award-winning products will be exhibited and sold at Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F from April 12 (Wednesday) to April 18 (Tuesday).
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▲ Unito “Sake lees glucoside” and “Sprouts aloe vera” won the “Social Products Award”
◼️Award Summary
The Social Products Award (SPA) is Japan’s first commendation system that sheds light on excellent “social products” that lead to the realization of a sustainable society and evaluates both sociality and marketability. Started in 2012, SPA2023 marks the 10th time. “Social products” is a general term for products and services that are friendly to people and the earth, such as “eco (environmentally friendly)”, “organic”, “fair trade”, “with donations”, and “rooted in local communities and traditions”. Purchasers can connect with actions and organizations related to the creation of a sustainable society. Received the Social Products Award for its theme of unique
manufacturing using unused resources and solving social issues. unito focuses on the “quality” of the “raw materials” that extract the “beauty ingredients” that are the source of the effects of cosmetics. Cosmetics that come into direct contact with the skin are also carefully selected for their variety, production area, season, and freshness. And we are thoroughly particular about the manufacturing method and extraction method.
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The concept of “whole food”, which means “getting the nutrition of the whole food”, has been applied to cosmetics, and the beauty ingredients contained in the skins, roots, stems, seeds, etc. of plants that are generally discarded are also used. We draw out the power of raw materials to the fullest, extracting all the nutrients without diluting or diluting them with water. It is a brand with the desire to create a bright future for skin together by finding “raw materials” rather than “cosmetics” that suit your skin, freeing you from skin worries and choosing cosmetics. Simple design regardless of gender or age, preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, additive-free manufacturing methods that do not use ethanol, adoption of containers using recycled materials, and requests. At the same time, it is a product that can be sold by weight to reduce surplus inventory and contribute to waste reduction at production processing sites through upcycling and whole food.
■ Award-winning products
[Sake lees glucoside]
Focusing on the fact that sake lees, a by-product of sake brewing, was an unused resource other than fertilizer for the fields. A raw material beauty essence extracted from the whole sake lees produced in Senkin, a sake brewery in Tochigi Prefecture that has been producing completely additive-free sake since the Edo period. A serum rich in moisturizing glucoside, which is abundantly produced by rice fermentation, and amino acids that approach moisture and firmness, leads to plump and moisturized skin.
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* Judge’s comment
A unique initiative that utilizes unused resources. While using sake lees as a raw material, it will be liked by many consumers as a cosmetic product with a soft fragrance. It is also unique and very interesting that the customer chooses from the raw materials. Discarded cosmetics waste ・Waste from production and processing sites and cosmetics manufacturing processes ・We take seriously industry issues such as excessive inventory and waste inventory of cosmetics, and the environmental impact of unused resources ・Marine pollution from microplastics and traditional manufacturing methods I am impressed by the company’s stance of trying to solve social issues such as inheritance. It is an initiative that is also useful for consumer enlightenment, and I would like to expect future
[Sprout aloe vera]
Aloe vera, which has been loved as a useful plant since ancient times, is often cultivated as food, and mature plants with thick mesophyll are preferred. In Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture, we focused on the new sprouts of aloe vera, which had been pulled out and discarded due to the growth of the parent strain, and extracted the whole, including the root and skin. Aloe Vera’s high water-holding power provides plenty of moisture to dry skin and prevents rough skin. [Image 5

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* Judge’s comment
An epoch-making serum that uses the entire raw material. It is attractive to be particular about uniqueness, such as upcycling discarded aloe vera “sprouts” and using the whole skin. Aloe is a material that many consumers are familiar with and easy to pick up, and the minimal package design is sophisticated and stylish. The company’s attitude of contributing to solving social issues from various perspectives, such as preservation of tradition, regional revitalization, and reduction of environmental impact, is wonderful. I would like to expect future developments, such as making efforts to sell by weight.
■unito “Sake lees glucoside” and “Sprouts aloe vera” Exhibition and sales ◎Period: April 12 (Wednesday) to April 18 (Tuesday)
◎Place: Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F
◎Business hours: 10:00~21:00
(Business hours are subject to change. Please check the Ginza Mitsukoshi website for the latest information.)
■ Exhibition and sales products
unito / Sake lees glucoside 10ml 5,500 yen (tax included)
unito/Sprouts Aloe Vera 10ml 4,180 yen (tax included)
■“Sake lees glucoside ver.02” will be released on April 12, the first day of the event.
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“Sake lees glucoside” was released on April 1, 2022, using sake lees from “Senkin Organic Nature 2022”. At the same event, we will sell “Sake lees glucoside ver.
What is unito
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I want to overturn the common sense of skin care that lasts more than 100 years. A skincare brand of raw material essences born from the concept of “choosing cosmetics from raw materials”. The experience of brand manager Yoshida, who has suffered from severe skin problems since childhood for more than 15 years and continued to deceive his skin and mind with heavy makeup, was the impetus for launching. I didn’t know what was right for my skin and what wasn’t. If you know what suits your skin at the raw material level, not as a finished “cosmetics”, you will not have to worry about choosing cosmetics, reduce the number of cosmetics you throw away, and change not only with different skin types but also with your age and environment. I started crowdfunding a skin care brand of raw material serum, thinking that it could solve constant skin problems.
* Brand manager Yoshida’s comment on the award
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I feel that we were able to receive this wonderful award because of the high-quality ingredients “sake lees” and “aloe vera” born from the tireless efforts and passion of raw material producers.
We will continue to explore wonderful raw materials and do our best to continue creating products and services that are good for the skin, people, and the earth.

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