Japan Frescoball Association The Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) will hold a new life support New Year sale!

Japan Frescoball Association
Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) holds new life support New Year sale! Why don’t you try “Frescoball”, a beach sport that originated in Brazil and is currently gaining attention as a caring sport? Get rackets and cases during the sale period and get rid of the lack of exercise and stress caused by the corona crisis!

The Japan Frescoball Association (hereafter JFBA, Representative Director: Kenji Kuboshima), which promotes the communication design sports “Frescoball” in Japan, will run from March 8 to March 31, 2023. For a limited time, we will start a fresco ball new life support New Year sale at the official online store.
Frescoball that everyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Please take this opportunity to see it for the first time.
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Frescoball is also called a “sympathetic sport” because it involves “cooperating” to continue the rally, and it is also called a “communication design sport” because it encourages active
It’s a perfect sport for spring when the environment changes, and if you play frescoball, you’ll definitely get to know each other better. Frescoball rackets and cases can be purchased at a great price until the end of March as part of the New Life Support New Year Sale. Frescoball Official Online Store
[New life support New Year sale]
▶Frescoball complete set (March limited set)
8,000 yen including tax, save 1,700 yen from the regular price! (Normal price: basic racket set 6,900 yen, Blueman racket case 2,800 yen, total 9,700 yen)
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Basic racket set
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[Blueman] Frescobol Shoulder Bag
In addition to a basic racket set with 2 basic rackets and 2 balls produced under the supervision of JFBA for beginners, and an official rule book (limited to this site), Frescoball with a Blueman racket case is included. It is a complete set that you can get everything. The weight of the racket is also light (around 300g), so it is a model that can be used by children and women without any burden.
▶Blueman special set (March limited set)
9,490 yen including tax, 2,000 yen cheaper than the regular price! (Regular price: Blueman: frescoball racket 8,690 yen, Blueman racket case 2,800 yen, total 11,490 yen)
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Blueman: Frescoball racket
The popular product “Blueman Frescoball Racket” used by many Japanese national players and top players!
A racket with excellent feel and sound, and excellent ball control! The “Blue Man Special Set”, which is a set of Blueman’s racket and Blueman’s racket case, is now on sale for the New Year!
11,000 yen → 9,900 yen (tax included) Save 1,100 yen!
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A very popular handmade racket by Brazilian frescoball legend Luis Carlos. Color variations are abundant, too, and a lot of Japanese top players use it, too! All rackets are handmade, and the weight is reduced by providing a cavity between the faces, the sweet spot is wide, and the response is outstanding. It will be a competition racket suitable for Brazilian play style to swing with all one’s might.
\Introducing products in conjunction with the new life support New Year sale! / TIDA series
TIDA-Miyako Wood Crafts- INUMAKI
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TIDA-Miyako Wood Crafts- INUMAKI
From Okinawa-born fresco ball brand “TIDA -Miyako Wood Crafts-“, an original racket using Okinawan wood “Inumaki” has appeared.
“Inumaki” is a wood that was once obliged to be presented to the Ryukyu dynasty as a high-quality building material. It is
characterized by its firmness and durability, and its appeal is the pleasant feel of hitting it.
TIDA-Island strange tree- KUSUNOKI
[Image 7

TIDA-Island strange tree- KUSUNOKI
From Okinawa-born fresco ball brand “TIDA-Shimahenki-“, an original racket using “Camphor tree” from Okinawa Prefecture has appeared. A book that makes use of strong and durable materials. It has excellent durability and draws out the user’s intense attack. The wood grain is different for each piece, and it is also attractive that you can feel the texture of the wood.
TIDA special site https://www.frescoball.org/tida/
■ What is “Communication Design Sports” Frescoball?
Frescobol is a beach sport that originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Invented on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in 1945, it is now popular on beaches around the world.
The biggest feature of Frescoball is that it is a scoring competition in which two people facing each other do not compete, but cooperate to continue the rally. Generally, the competition time is 5 minutes, and the game is held at a distance of 7m. It is said to be a “caring sport” because of the way they continue to cooperate in the rally, and as of February 2023, 22 JFBA-authorized regional clubs and 1 official student group have been established throughout Japan, forming local communities through Frescoball. It has been.
The Japan Frescoball Association was established in 2013 to let more people know about the appeal of this sport, and is actively working to establish local clubs in all 47 prefectures of Japan by 2025. I’m here.
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