K18 black gold debuts as a new base metal material to choose from!

K18 black gold debuts as a new base metal material to choose from! [A special gift commemorating the debut: March 16 (Thursday) to June 13 (Tuesday), 2023]

The custom-made workshop Atelier Cram [Atelier CraM
https://www.handmade-jewelry.jp/] operated by Sano Kogei Co., Ltd. (Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture, Representative Director: Tatsuto Hirasawa) has newly We have added K18 black gold (K18BKG) to the base metal materials that you can choose from.
Black Gold Debut!
Black gold joins the K18 gold of Atelier Clam.
Until now, you could only choose black gold based on the design of the forging manufacturing method, but now you can choose the base metal for all custom orders.
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■ What is black gold?
General 18-karat gold yellow gold is a gold alloy with 75% gold and 25% silver and copper. The gold alloy mixed with black color is called black gold. It is darker than platinum and has a cool nuance that is not as black as the rare metal tantalum.
[Image 2d83206-27-944369daad532c2f4229-1.png&s3=83206-27-4cc4b4ec512cc7d192cae848a2115873-650x397.png
* Left: K18BKG (honed finish) Right: K18YG + K18BKG combination ring (mirror finish)
A special gift to commemorate the debut!
To commemorate the debut of K18 black gold, an option for 11,000 yen for those who choose black gold and purchase a ring during the period from March 16 (Thursday) to June 13 (Tuesday), 2023 We present processing.
Please consider this opportunity.
* Eligible for purchases of 143,000 yen or more for wedding rings or engagement rings.
*May not be combined with other benefits.
■By the way…
In addition to K18 black gold, we also handle special metal materials such as K18 green gold, brown gold, and 22K gold. Please try it at the store.
Handling stores
・Atelier CraM Niigata store: 2-7-14 Atago, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
・Atelier CraM Nagaoka store: 5-1-10 Hasukata, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture ・Artisan Works by Atelier CraM: 3-5-1 Meike Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
At the above stores, it is possible to try on at the store, so you can check the actual color, texture, and weight.
▼Atelier CraM store list
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・Atelier CraM Online
Online, we offer a rental service for rings made of actual metal materials. ▼Bridal ring to choose at home
Atelier CraM
Engagement rings and wedding rings born from a historic workshop in Niigata. We carefully craft each and every engagement ring and wedding ring for our customers in our own studio, with the quality that is worthy of being worn for a lifetime, and the skills and intentions that have been handed down from veterans who are well versed in jewelry making to up-and-coming young people. We are here.
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