Kakogawa City Start of operation of Kakogawa City’s original initiative “One-stop counter without writing” to greatly reduce the burden of creating application forms

Kakogawa City
Start of operation of Kakogawa City’s original initiative “One-stop window without writing” to greatly reduce the burden of creating application forms
– Using RPA in some operations to improve operational efficiency and strengthen smart city promotion –

Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture (Mayor: Yasuhiro Okada) operates a unique service of Kakogawa City called “One-Stop Window without Writing”, which completes procedures only by presenting identity verification documents and signing when applying for a certificate or moving in. increase.
At this window, the staff will listen to the needs of the visitor and prepare the application form necessary for the procedure. The person visiting the agency will check the contents of the pre-printed application form with the address, name, date of birth, etc., and will only sign.
In addition, as part of the smart city initiative, we will review the flow of clerical work after reception and use RPA for part of the certificate issuance work and resident transfer information input work, thereby improving the efficiency of work within the government office. increase.

[Overview of the one-stop window that does not write]
■ Eligible procedures
・Certificate issuance application (copy of resident card, copy of family register, seal registration certificate, etc.)
・Procedures for moving into Kakogawa City (only for those who applied online for moving out from Mynaportal)
*We plan to gradually expand the scope of procedures for notification of resident changes.
■ Purpose of introduction
◆ Improving citizen services
・By preparing the application form on behalf of the agency, it is possible to reduce the time and effort required for the visitor to fill out the application form.
・When moving in, you can prevent the visitor from missing procedures by outputting and handing out a “procedure guide” according to the situation of the household from the system.
◆ Efficient reception and post-processing work (smart city initiatives) ・By utilizing the application form creation function and guide function of the system, it is possible to create a highly accurate application form, and the reception work can be made more efficient by reducing postscripts, corrections, and supplementary notes.
・By utilizing the application data output function of the system and RPA, it is possible to automate the issuance of various certificates and input/update processing to other systems, making post-processing work more efficient.
[Introducing a one-stop counter that does not write]
At the conventional window, citizens handwritten application forms when applying for certificates or moving in. In particular, if you want several types of certificates at once, or if you have to go through procedures at multiple windows due to moving in, you will need to handwrite information such as your name and address on multiple application forms, which is a burden on citizens. It was.
 By introducing this “no writing one-stop window”, we aim to reduce the burden on citizens by using the system to create application forms on behalf of staff and accept multiple procedures on behalf of them. This service can be used by any citizen or immigrant, but we would like people who are unfamiliar with digital devices and services to make use of this service.
In addition, Kakogawa City is expanding the types of certificates eligible for online applications that can be used anytime, anywhere. ●Publication of press materials online●
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